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Special articles for US mid-term election Nov 2018


“Cast your vote for justice, sharing and peace”

As the United States approached important elections in 2004, Benjamin Creme dealt with reactions at the time; we reprint his ‘Letter from the Editor’ written before the election because, unfortunately, its message is now more relevant than ever, although the details and actors have changed.

Now, as the USA again faces a crucial decision in its political, social, economic and judicial life, one which will affect its standing within the community of nations, Share International takes this opportunity to make a further plea to its divided people for sanity and for a withdrawal from further extreme separative and destructive behaviour.

As will be understood from the reprinted articles from Benjamin Creme’s Master below, political decisions taken in the USA inevitably have repercussions throughout the international community. This fact still holds true and its implications cannot be overstated.

In October 2004 Benjamin Creme’s Master wrote ‘A call for sanity’ in which He pointed up the interdependence of nations:

“The citizens of the United States of America are approaching a time of critical decision. On their decision, in November, this year, may depend the future happiness of many millions, not alone American, but of many other countries.” He ends the article with this call: “Our appeal to you, citizens of the great and blessed United States of America, is to think carefully, and from the heart, as is your wont, when you deliver your vote. Cast your vote for peace, justice and the rule of Law.”

Letter from the Editor, Benjamin Creme (SI, November 2004)

It would seem that some readers are concerned by our degree of interest in, and the amount of space devoted to, the American presidential election in November. Surely, they seem to think, it is not the place of a spiritually based magazine to concern itself with politics, especially American politics, when everyone knows, do they not, that both parties are corrupt, with nothing to choose between them. This is certainly not the case.

I must confess to being puzzled by such a response to the events which have shaken the world for several years. Share International exists to make known the fact of Hierarchy, its return to the everyday world and its plans and concerns now and in the future. In relation to the coming US election, these concerns have been cogently expressed in recent articles by my Master. Let me quote from His article in the current issue. Nothing could be clearer or less ambivalent. Why should the voice of Share International be less honest and true?

“When American citizens go to the polls in November, they will have the opportunity to change the course of history…. As the day of destiny approaches…. We, your Elder Brothers, cannot stand aside and watch while the very future of the world is under threat…. This election can be a great turning point in the affairs of men.”

The following two articles written by Benjamin Creme’s Master in November and December 2004, gave further advice and insight.

America’s choice

by the Master —, through Benjamin Creme ( SI, November 2004)

When American citizens go to the polls in November, they will have the opportunity to change the course of history. On their decision largely rests the style and structure of the immediate future. If they choose wisely, they will elect a President committed to fostering the well-being of all who long for peace and justice in our troubled world; who realize that peace and justice are the outcome of trust, and who are prepared to share the vast resources of their country to create that trust.

The alternative is too terrible to contemplate: a mounting programme of war and terror and counter-terror; a tightening grip on the traditional freedoms of the American people; a breakdown of relations with other countries; and a ‘pariah’ reputation among the nations for the proud United States. Who would knowingly make such a choice?

As the day of destiny approaches, the minds of many turn to the beleaguered people of America whom, now, so many despise and hate. They pray for the deliverance of its people from the cruel and crude exponents of illegal, usurped power. They call for every peace-loving American to raise their voice against the war-mongering of the present administration, and to cast their vote in like fashion.

Of course, America is not alone at fault for the inequalities of the world, the basic canker in our midst, the source of all our troubles. It shares the blame with all the developed countries who ride roughshod and cavalier over the poor and struggling, and must awaken to this main source of tension – and terror.

Therein lies the fault of the Western world: these ‘successful’ countries owe their wealth and dominance largely to history, and their ability to manipulate the world’s economy to their own advantage through aggressive ‘market forces’.

The world’s poor and destitute now demand their share. If this simple right of justice is not addressed and remedied, the world will know no peace. Terrorism will fester and grow into war, which will threaten the future of the people of Earth.

We, your Elder Brothers, cannot stand aside and watch while the very future of the world is under threat. America is a great nation with much of good to give the world. It must now awaken to its soul’s longing to serve, to live in peace and justice, and, together, in harmony and co-operation, to work with all nations to remake this world.

This election can be a great turning point in the affairs of men. Cast your vote, We beg you, for justice, sharing and peace.

America adrift

by the Master —, through Benjamin Creme ( SI, December 2004)

…. the USA taken a huge step backwards, isolating itself from the true concerns of much of the world: environmental pollution and the demands of a planet suffering under the strain of impending disaster.

The United States will find that the world will not stand still. With or without American co-operation the nations will proceed as best they can to deal with the many ecological and social problems which beset us, and which so urgently must be addressed. America will find itself left behind and ignored, and only then will it be prepared to ‘lead’ the way.

This administration is, even now, relishing its victory, and weighing the pros and cons of subsequent action. Thwarted and taken unawares by events in Iraq, it must pause awhile before considering further violence. But the bravado and rhetoric will doubtless continue, hoping to bully and conquer by threats alone.

Meanwhile, great changes in many countries are under way, leading to a profound shift in the balance of power in the world. China and India, South America and Russia, are finding their feet and economic potential. Africa is beginning to receive, at last, the concern and goodwill of powerful governments and agencies, and can look forward to better times.

Thus the world is turning away from the dominance of American power and wealth, and charting another path to fulfil its destiny.

If the United States insists on its right of unilateral action, it will find itself neglected and ignored in international plans and projects, its economy will further decay, and its people will lose confidence and trust in government action. Without friends, and with ebbing strength, it will be forced to change, and to renew dialogue with its former friends.

The emergence of Maitreya will speed the process of this transformation and assure its welcome completion.

From the inception of Share International magazine, Benjamin Creme’s Master provided articles to be published not only at the time they were written, but also whenever appropriate according to world circumstances. Indeed, many of these articles seem more relevant now than when they were first published.

[These articles from Share International magazine, November 2018, are by a senior member of the Hierarchy of Masters of Wisdom. His name, well-known in esoteric circles, is not yet being revealed. Benjamin Creme, a principal spokesman about the emergence of Maitreya, was in constant telepathic contact with this Master who dictated his articles to him.]

Benjamin Creme, SI, January/February 2001

There is a strong fascist-type element in the US who are watching events and waiting for their opportunity. That opportunity would come when the changes are taking place to a certain degree, but they will find that the more educated elements of the public will take sides which they would not expect. They will take the side of change. You will find in the event that the soul quality of America, which is the second ray of Love-Wisdom, will be evoked by Maitreya, and will come into effect as it did after the Second World War with the Marshall Plan. The Marshall Plan is the greatest achievement of modern America, bar none…. Those against change will find themselves more and more limited, more and more pushed back into their strongholds, which not for long will be able to withstand the decisions of the majority. (From Q/As at the Transmission Meditation Conference Keynote Talk, in The Great Approach.)


“Whenever there is a withering of the law ... and an uprising of lawlessness on all sides, then I manifest Myself.” (Bhagavad Gita) This promise made by Krishna, the Avatar, to return when lawlessness prevails seems particularly apt now. It is to keep that pledge that Maitreya, the Avatar for this age, is now here at a time when lawlessness is so prevalent.

“When a nation comes to adulthood, to maturity, it relates to other nations in a completely different way than hitherto. It begins to respect the Rule of Law, which binds all nations together in mutual responsibility and need. The sign of a growing maturity is precisely this respect for the laws which men have found necessary to living together in peace. … When, among nations, the Rule of Law is ignored, the whole world suffers.” (The Master —, SI April 2004)

Respected veteran journalist and author Dan Rather:

“But I will not stand by and let the forces of small mindedness, prejudice, or sanctimony tell me or, more importantly, those who have stood up with far greater courage, that our voices don't matter. I will not allow truth to be obscured, gaslit, or mocked. This is not about politics... or policy... It's about decency and the common bonds of humanity. And in the end, I believe that justice will prevail once more and trample out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored.”

“Journalists are under attack, here in the US, and especially around the globe. That's because truth and justice are under attack. The courage of women and men refusing to cower in the face of violence and power cannot be highlighted enough. Their deaths cannot go unanswered.”

“Are you angry? VOTE, and mobilize others to VOTE. Are you despondent? VOTE, and mobilize others to VOTE. Do you believe the brave women and men who have come forward with stories of sexual violence? VOTE, and mobilize others to VOTE.” (Source: Facebook, October 2018)

Historian Doris Kearns Goodwin on how Americans can weather a crisis:

Everywhere I go, people stop to ask, “Are these the worst of times?” No, they’re not. History reassures us. Imagine Abraham Lincoln entering office with the country about to rupture into a civil war that would leave more than 600,000 dead. Imagine Theodore Roosevelt thrust into office when conflict between the rich and the poor had grown so intense that talk of revolution filled the air. Imagine Franklin Roosevelt coming into power when the Great Depression had paralyzed the economy and the spirit of the country. Imagine Lyndon Johnson taking office in the wake of Kennedy’s assassination, when a civil rights bill was mired in Congress and racial issues seared the country.

Although these four leaders possessed skills and strengths uniquely suited to guide us through, leadership in a democracy requires a two-way street. At each crisis, healing change percolated from aroused citizens joining together with their leaders toward a moral purpose. The anti-slavery movement, the Progressive movement, the civil rights movement all laid the foundation for enduring change.

While today’s disunity is not as dire, it is potentially deeply damaging. Theodore Roosevelt warned that the rock on which democracy would founder would be when regions, classes, races and parties regarded one another as ‘the other’ rather than as citizens marked by fellow feeling, banding together for the best interests of our country. We must remember, as Franklin Roosevelt insisted, that problems created by man can be solved by man so long as we pull together toward a common end.

And there are many encouraging signs of healing – a wide and deep burst of citizen activism, young voices, a diverse raft of new candidates, including record-breaking numbers of women.

Whether the change we seek will be positive and inclusive depends not only on our leaders but on us. What we as individuals do now, how and if we unite, can make all the difference. It is time for us to heed Abraham Lincoln’s plea that we engage together in “calm and enlarged consideration ranging far above personal and partisan politics”.

I believe the renewal of the moral vision and purpose that built and sustained us in past turbulent times can do so again. (Source: cbsnews.com)

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