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The Master Jesus 
by Aart Jurriaanse

Discussion of the current status and present responsibility of the
Master Jesus.

Although the Master Jesus (J) is an adept on the Sixth Ray of Devotion and Idealism, and thus resides in the department of the Lord of Civilization, he has been seconded to serve under the Christ, the World Teacher, to promote the welfare of Christianity. He is at present the inspirer and director of the Christian religion throughout the world.

In collaboration with the Masters KH and M, the Master Jesus is deeply interested in unifying the religious thought of East and West. According to the Plan, this will lead to the One Universal Church, uniting all peoples into the One Humanity.

The Master J is well known from biblical history, making his first appearance as Joshua the son of Nun, and subsequently, 2,000 years ago, as the young initiate Jesus, who surrendered his body for the use of the Christ. This culminated in his fourth Initiation at the time of the crucifixion. Still later he was reincarnated as Apolonius of Tyana, and took the fifth Initiation to become a Master of the Wisdom. Since that time he has been moving in the world of men, but beyond the public eye, continually fostering the germ of true spiritual life wherever possible, irrespective of sect or religion, by assisting theologians and churchmen to adhere to the indicated path. Europe is his special field of endeavour and, although he has a number of pupils, his main task is to influence the masses, and gradually to guide public opinion towards better relations, and the recognition that all religions are invoking the help of the One God, and that through tolerance and goodwill this should lead to a single World Religion. The beauty of this Universal Religion will lie in its being coloured and diversified by the many languages, characteristics and customs of the constituting nations of the world, without these factors in the least detracting from its unity of motive and objective, and the close synthesis on spiritual levels.

With regard to that well-known biblical era when the Christ made his fateful appearance in Palestine, man cannot yet understand that when mention is made of Jesus Christ, this refers to two separate entities temporarily functioning as one. Firstly, there was Jesus the disciple and initiate, whose personality was born of Mother Mary, and secondly, there was the Entity whom we know as the Christ and whose spirit temporarily overshadowed and took complete charge of the personality of Jesus, whose soul during that period withdrew from the body and stood aside. With the crucifixion, it was merely the physical body of Jesus that was crucified. The Spirit of Christ had departed from this body, and as this corresponded with the time when Jesus took his fourth Initiation (the ├ČRenunciation├«), the body being crucified was that which had been renounced by Jesus.

Present responsibility

The present responsibility of Master Jesus is to raise Western thought life out of the existing morass of uncertainty and fear, where mankind has landed itself through fraud, treachery, cruelty, hate and covetousness, and a constant striving for dominance and power. It will be his task to bring about a change of heart. There are already many who through suffering have come to see that the old way of life cannot lead to peace and happiness, that selfish grasping should make way for selfless giving and service, and that hate and fear should be superseded by loving cooperation, wisdom and compassion.

All this is the responsibility of the Master J – and what a task! But there is no doubt that progress is being made, and he hopes to achieve greater success through a new approach from the Christian Churches, paving the way in both Europe and America for the return of the Christ.

Master Jesus is also striving for union between science and religion, through which he hopes to counter the extremely materialistic attitude of many people, and also to break down the unreasoning, sentimental devotion to religion so distinctive of a large section.

It is forecast that the Master Jesus will yet occupy the chair of the Pope of Rome, and that from that seat he will then be able to re-inspire and re-orient the whole field of Christian religion, diverting it from its present political and temporal trends, towards a more spiritual approach.

Excerpted from the book Bridges by Aart Jurriaanse, ISBN 3-929345-11-0, further info:

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First published April 1999, Last modified: 15-Oct-2005