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At the door of initiation
by the Master –, through Benjamin Creme 

Individuals and humanity as a whole experience the sense of unease and inadequacy which attend readiness for initiation.

The purpose of Hierarchy is to implement the Plan of God. In this endeavour, They utilize all means open to Them. Among the many procedures of which They make use, that known as Initiation is the most important. It takes precedence over all other measures, and contains within it the requirements for all progress on this planet. Each initiation confers on the initiate a deeper understanding of the meaning and purpose behind God's Plan, a fuller awareness of his part within that Plan, and an increasing ability to work consciously and intelligently towards its fulfilment. There is no process on this earth that can take a man so swiftly and so surely to the mountain top of Liberation.

Ancient Origin

The process of Initiation is of ancient origin. For millions of years, it has been the main stimulus behind man's evolution, and for those ready to accept its rigours and disciplines has provided a sure path of unfoldment of the inner divinity. Many today press close to the doors of initiation, and for humanity as a whole this fact is of great moment. It represents an enormous step forward in the slow advance towards a full expression of that divinity, it is a guarantee that the Plan is working out, and is the sign that the methods used by Hierarchy for millennia are successful and are bearing fruit.


Perhaps a slight digression here would be in order. Over the centuries, it has been the habit of Hierarchy to work from behind the scenes; seldom has a Master functioned openly in the world. Through Their disciples alone has the main task of stimulus been made. Now, all is changing. More and more, the Senior Members of the Hierarchy will take Their places among you and give you the benefit of Their wisdom and experience. Thus will be brought to bear on humanity an enormous spiritual stimulus which will sweep through the Gates of Initiation millions now treading the first steps of the Path. To help prepare the way for this time, much information has been released about the requirements for each initiatory experience, and aspirants should acquaint themselves with the details of the various stages and grades. It is not for nothing that this information has been given and much may be learned of this deeply esoteric process by careful study and reflection.


The Christ stands ready to begin His work. As the Hierophant of the first and second initiations His task will be to perform the esoteric practices and ceremonials connected with this ancient science and to reveal to the astonished eyes of the initiate the secrets hidden therein. This He performs today on the inner planes, but from this time forth He will gather together in groups all who are ready to receive the 'fire of the rod' on the physical plane, and thus set the seal on their achievement. In this way, humanity will merge with Hierarchy and in the fullness of time these two centres will become one. Thus will be completed the task of the Christ: the outer manifestation of the Kingdom of God. Thus will He be enabled to contemplate His handiwork and be satisfied.

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First published April 1999, Last modified: 15-Oct-2005