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Our voyage on the sea of life
by Rev. Howard Ray Carey

Our life experience here in the flesh is portrayed in beautiful symbolic form in the fourth chapter of the gospel according to Mark. There, as well as in Matthew and Luke, we have the account of Jesus and His apostles in a ship or boat, crossing the Sea of Galilee. It is reported that such a fierce storm arose that the boat was rapidly filling with water, and the disciples were afraid they were going to sink. At that critical point they woke their sleeping Master, calling insistently for His help. By the power of His word He stilled the storm on the waters, and also calmed the fears of the disciples. Then He questioned them: ''Why are you so fearful? How is it that you have no faith?''

Bible scholars on the exoteric level of investigation hold conflicting views about this biblical narrative. Some explain it away as a natural happening. They say that such storms on that body of water arise very quickly, and subside as suddenly. Fundamentalists, on the other hand, insist that Christ used supernatural or magical powers to still the storm.

But esoteric students of the Bible, such as Geoffrey Hodson (see The Hidden Wisdom of the Holy Bible, Vol. I) help us to see the hidden meaning of this and other biblical allegories and dramas unfolding in our own lives. Hodson suggests four keys for understanding this and many Bible passages.

  • The first key: interpret such passages as dramas within us.
  • Second, see that each character in the drama represents some level of our consciousness.
  • Third, look for progress from one level of consciousness to another (e.g., the ancient Hebrews leaving slavery in Egypt, wandering in the wilderness, and later crossing the Jordan river and entering the promised land ---- progress indeed).
  • The fourth key: many words in sacred literature have specific symbolic meanings; for instance, mountains signify high levels of consciousness.

If we will use these keys, very many passages in the Bible will have new and greatly enhanced meanings for us. Let us apply some of these keys to the account of the storm on the Sea of Galilee. Let the boat represent the outer vehicle in which we, incarnate in physical form, are taking our voyage across life's sea. We can readily perceive that the sea symbolizes our emotions, where fierce storms so easily arise. Consider the disciples as portraying many levels of our consciousness. We could have a field day considering the Simon Peter aspect within us, and that of John, the beloved disciple, and others. But what about Judas? Is he also there somewhere within us?

The most important voyager on our ship of life is, of course, the Christ. But why are we so hesitant to call to him for help? Why do we wait until such a severe storm or crisis arises? Is it because we are so insistent that we can 'make a go of it' on our own personality resources? So it seems to be. But when the crises we face get serious enough, then ---- provided we have had some Soul contact with the Christ consciousness ---- we may turn in desperation, like the disciples of old, to that higher Power.

When we earnestly call to him with all our being He never fails to come to our assistance. And He never fails to come to the assistance of humanity when the call is insistently and persistently made. Today it is evident that humanity has voiced that call. Some have done it consciously, loud and clear; others somewhat unconsciously. But the fact that the call has been made, with strength and persistence, makes it possible for this great Being to be in our world now, in an indestructible body, so constructed as to last him all through the Aquarian Age now dawning. Thankfully, He is here to help us banish our fears and hostilities and pilot our space-ship earth across the present troubled waters ---- and then across the calmer waters of Aquarius.

Indeed, He has assured us that He has heard our widely-voiced plea for assistance, and is here in response to our cry for help. Let us listen to His words, which come to us through the loving service of Benjamin Creme, who has permitted himself to be overshadowed by the Christ, and thus has become the channel for 140 of His Messages.ëëMany there are throughout the world who call Me, beg for My return.  I answer their pleas. Many more are hungry and perish needlessly, for want of the food which lies rotting in the storehouses of the world.  Many need My help in other ways: as Teacher, Protector, as Friend and Guide.  It is as all of these I come. 

"To lead men, if they will accept Me, into the New Time, the New Country, the glorious future which awaits humanity in this coming age.  For all this I come.   I come, too, to show you the Way to God, back to your Source; to show you that the Way to God is a simple path which all men can tread; to lead you upwards into the Light of that New Truth which is the Revelation that I bring.  For all of this I come.   Let Me take you by the hand and lead you into that beckoning Country, to show you the marvels, the glories of God, which are yours to behold.'' (From Message No. 2)

Let us rejoice in gratitude for His great sacrifice in responding to our call. He has repeatedly made it clear that He is calling to us to respond on every level to His voiced need for our cooperation and assistance in the great Plan of God which unfolds before us ---- the divine Plan of love, of sharing, of justice, and brotherhood for all. So let us give ourselves unstintingly in service. Then under His banner, in willing service to the Plan, we will find our fears giving way to glad assurance and life's voyage becoming ever more beautiful, with new hope and deep fulfillment for all ---- even those who have mistakenly been called 'the least, the last, the lost'.

This article is a chapter from The Joy of Christ's Coming This book by the late Rev. Howard Ray Carey was published by Share International Foundation in 1988. It is not currently available in hard copy form. Copyright © Share International Foundation.  Biblical quotations are taken from the Revised Standard version unless otherwise indicated. 

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This book is not currently available in hard copy form.

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First published April 1999, Last modified: 15-Oct-2005