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The environment will become 
the number one issue

Discussion of the impact of Maitreya's work on the planet.

The new energy sweeping through our world will make the land more fertile. People will experience greater health, and we shall see many diseases begin to disappear. As a result of the energy of equilibrium, people will be able to live in closer contact with nature, and there will be greater harmony between the plant, animal and human kingdoms. Destructive forces (the effects of human behaviour) are being reversed in such a way that they will become constructive. Because of the greater harmony between nature and humanity, people will be happier: to disturb the environment is to disturb your own nature.

Maitreya has energized the planet and generated warmth so that enough food can be grown to meet the new demand for food grown naturally. Changes in weather patterns are already occurring and will continue as a result of the earth's warming. Across the globe, the days and nights will be warmer, and we shall see changes in human behaviour as people spend more time resting and less time working. They will enjoy more recreational activities.

The plant and animal kingdoms will also be affected, with a number of species disappearing. We shall find that society will think in global terms, and policies will be developed globally. People will draw closer together, learning to share and live together in harmony. Even mind, spirit and body will be changed, Maitreya tells us.

Nature will respond positively in terms of new vegetation. The earth will be full of food, and no one will be able to understand the process fully. The necessities of life will be on hand. The environment will become the number one issue throughout the world. Even a few years ago, no politician took the environment seriously; now the concern is there. This growth in concern is the result of increasing Self- awareness. There is a link, Maitreya says, between the inner and the outer environment: the moment you become aware of yourself, the environment within your mind, spirit and body is under your control. This awareness then leads you to look into the outer environment.

Turn of the Wheel

Maitreya says that a decisive change has occurred in the rate of the earth's rotation. The speed of the earth's rotation has slowed. As a consequence, the forces surrounding the planet have been made to slow down. These are not blind forces but the effects of man's activities.

This momentous event occurred at the end of July 1988, and will result in decisive changes, both in the short term and the long term, in the earth's atmosphere, in the air, on land and in the seas. Some have already begun. This can be understood as the 'turn of the wheel' which marks the end of an era (that is, the Piscean age) and the beginning of a new era (Aquarius). "The wheel governs all creation. When it turns, no one can escape transformation." Naturally, this process will occur gradually during the whole Aquarian cycle, but some changes are imminent and observable.

This end of an age inevitably produces a certain number of natural disasters such as floods and earthquakes, and we are seeing a dramatic climax in the number of disasters taking place around the world. All this energy has been released because of man's inhumanity to man. The greed of those in power has condemned their fellows and nature itself. The environment has been polluted and has reacted. Maitreya says: "The last time I came, as Jesus, it was written in the Bible that when I appeared again the very elements of nature would be disturbed."

Human suffering during this process of adjustment is inevitable, but in suffering, the destructive forces are released from their natural pattern and dissipated. Anything which operates by imposition of force will not survive.

This period is not, however, one of cataclysmic destruction. This adjustment is a matter of degree, and the portents of doom generally offered are exaggerated. Maitreya points out that when disasters occur on an international scale, people await a second coming. But, he says, "The Lord has been here since the morning of time. When I am with you, there is no question of a second, third or fourth coming."

When there is a calamity, he continues, the Lord is always with the soul. He gives it strength, comfort and bliss at that time, although with our minds we perceive only suffering. In crises, people will be brought closer together and will help each other. Through our own free will we can lessen distress by responding with alacrity to human need.

After the disasters have peaked, there will come a period of calm -- the violence and destruction will come to an end. As people gain awareness their guilt will recede and they will realize that it is not the Self that is causing all this mayhem. This has been created by an outside force of destructive energy which has sucked them into the storm of chaos and confusion. The new feeling will be like rising in the small hours of the early dawn when you are surrounded by a sense of tranquility and calm.

Maitreya points out that these are not predictions, but the fulfillment of law.

Questions and answers with Benjamin Creme

Q. Please explain the reason for disasters such as floods, earthquakes and the like. Must they happen before the good times arrive?

A. Many of the disasters are the direct result of our wrong thought and action. For example, most of the earthquakes which occur do so as a result of underground nuclear tests which are carried out by several nations. An earthquake, not necessarily in the vicinity of the test, is the inevitable result of such activity. Furthermore, the pollution of our atmosphere, of the oceans and rivers, upsets the balance of nature. The nature elementals respond, through floods, hurricanes and so on, to purify the planet of these destructive energies. I am afraid that more such disasters are forecast as the purification process reaches a peak.

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First published April 1999, Last modified: 15-Oct-2005