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A new energy pervades the planet

The energy of equilibrium is bringing people together, creating harmony in mankind and in nature.

A new energy pervades the planet now. Scientifically, this is the energy which creates equilibrium between positive and negative currents. When positive and negative currents merge, light is produced. This energizes all life and creates harmony. We will see a new equilibrium in nature, and both people and nature will respond constructively. The sun has been brought closer to the earth, symbolically speaking. That is, its radiation has increased, and this will energize the earth.

The energy of equilibrium affects human affairs, as well as the world of nature. Maitreya is using the energy of equilibrium to stimulate the urge towards greater harmony between man and man and between man and nature. Prior to the achievement of this equilibrium there is an inevitable period of adjustment with its attendant difficulties. But through this process, Maitreya teaches, the world's current spiritual crisis will be resolved, and, in Maitreya's words, "this planet will come close to the Lord."

Effects on Human Affairs

Nations around the world have been filled with this new energy, and more and more people are responding to it, becoming more aware, realizing a new livingness and becoming free. When the energy of equilibrium is brought into play, nothing is immune from the transformations which take place.

All these changes are creating awareness, and people have decided that enough is enough: they have a right to be free and to enjoy life. They no longer want to be conditioned by politics, religion or commercialization. It is the younger generation which is experiencing the effects of this new energy, and this gives them the strength to change the old systems which have imprisoned people. Today, the voice of realism is found among the young, free as they are from ideology, philosophy and theory. They are realistic about life and meet it as it comes.

The Politics of Harmony

The response to this energy of equilibrium will be increasingly constructive. Conflict between governments and guerrilla forces the world over will begin to decrease, and people will come to the negotiating table. Rule by force will disappear, and politicians will become the servants, not the masters, of the people. Governments will be spending more money on the welfare of the people for social programmes such as education, medicine, and recreation -- rather than on destructive weapons. The role of monarchies around the world will change now, and monarchies will be, in Maitreya's words, "positively active."

These changes are not a matter of individual countries only: policies are being forged globally. Says Maitreya: "History will not be repeated."

Judicial systems around the world are undergoing rapid change; ideological struggles are beginning to decrease between East and West -- and will also decrease between North and South. Government hypocrisy is being challenged everywhere, and in this breaking down process things formerly hidden from the people will come to the surface.

Current political systems are losing power and credibility throughout the world, and will eventually give birth to new systems of government which will be much more representative. In the new era, the people themselves will come to the fore and be able to express all of their social, political, religious and educational needs. They will express themselves and their compassion through aid to others. Ordinary citizens, intellectuals, educators, and others from a variety of walks of life will find they have a genuine voice in government.

No politician on earth will now be able to repeat past history. The old politics of divide and rule are finished. The divisive art of politics has come to an end, and a new one that respects harmony will soon succeed. The new politics will no longer be moulded by the 'isms' of capitalism or socialism, but created from self-respect in individuals and nations.

The new politician will be an intellectual, an experienced person who knows the laws of evolution and will wisely guide his fellow beings. The process of inculcation, of imposition, by forcing ideologies into the minds of people, is beginning to dissolve, both in religious and in political fields. Consensus will replace it. The voice of the people is already beginning to be heard, and this representative form of government will replace control of the masses through ideology. Everything is moving so fast now that events are beyond the control of the politicians. A new political era has begun. Awareness awakens people to their basic human rights, their liberties and their responsibilities to themselves and each other.

The constitution of every nation will ultimately be based on the three principles of freedom, liberty and salvation. Freedom operates on the individual level, liberty operates on the national level, and salvation operates on the spiritual level.

The reality of global interdependence will become an established fact in our awareness, and as it does so, the fact that all men are brothers will be increasingly translated into structures and practical programmes of action that reflect this reality. Nations can and will experience brotherhood, common goals and common aspirations.

National governments will still be with us in the long term, but responsibility will increasingly be carried by the United Nations, which will become the most powerful political force in the world. It will be the agency through which all major international problems will be resolved. The United Nations will play a very effective role in making sure that arms and ammunition do not filter through and thereby aggravate conflicts. It will act as an observer and a watchdog. The UN is becoming a powerful center and is no longer just a name.

All of these changes are taking people by surprise. These are historic times, and as each day passes, a new awareness becomes ever more apparent. People will more and more be talking of peace, of living together in harmony. This is a turning point in the history of mankind.

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First published April 1999, Last modified: 15-Oct-2005