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The magic of co-operation

Selected quotes on the importance of co-operation replacing competition, from Maitreya, Benjamin Creme's Master, and Benjamin Creme's writings. 

There is a gradual realization in the world that war, conflict and the harbouring of ancient or recent resentments serve only to tie us into a cycle of never-ending violence and tension. Increasingly old enemies are turning to reconciliation and forgiveness, compromise and co-operation. Benjamin Creme's Master has written: ìUnity and co-operation are the springboards to the future and the guarantee of achievement for all men. Great reservoirs of power lie untapped within humanity waiting for the magic of co-operation to unleash.î We present a selection on the theme of co-operation which includes quotations from Maitreya (Messages from Maitreya the Christ), Benjamin Creme's Master (A Master Speaks), and Benjamin Creme's writings.


I shall show you that the way for man is the way of brotherhood, close co-operation and mutual trust and service. This is the only way. All else has failed. My friends, unless man can do this, man on this Earth will cease to be. I threaten not, but simply state the truth. There is but little time left to restore the balance of nature and the world. (Maitreya, from Message No.12)


Little by little, a new consciousness is awakening humanity to its inner needs. The old, competitive spirit dies hard, but nevertheless a new spirit of co-operation is likewise to be seen. This augurs well for the future for it is by co-operation alone that mankind will survive; by co-operation alone that the new civilization will be built; by co-operation only that men can know and demonstrate the inner truth of their divinity. Co-operation is the natural result of right relationship: right relationship likewise follows wise co-operation. Co-operation holds the key to all successful group effort and is a manifestation of divine goodwill. Without co-operation nothing lasting can be achieved, for co-operation brings into synthesis many diverse points of view. Co-operation is another word for Unity. Unity and co-operation are the springboards to the future and the guarantee of achievement for all men. Great reservoirs of power lie untapped within humanity waiting for the magic of co-operation to unleash. Competition strains the natural order; co-operation liberates the goodwill in men. Competition cares only for the self, whereas co-operation works for the highest good of all. Competition leads to separation, the origin of all sin; co-operation seeks to blend and fuse the many-coloured strands of the one divine life. Competition has led man to the precipice; co-operation alone will help him find the path. The old and backward-looking love competition; the new embrace with joy divine co-operation. The people of the world can be divided into two kinds: those who compete, and those who co-operate. Cleanse the heart of the stain of competition; open the heart to joyful co-operation. (The Master –, from ëCo-operation')


The soul does not know what competition is. It knows only goodwill, and it is through goodwill that co-operation comes. (Benjamin Creme, The Art of Co-operation)


As soon as we accept the principle of sharing, and create justice in the world thereby, we will come to the end of competition. The scourge of competition is based on two things: greed and fear. Greed is the outcome of fear. Fear is the basic, fundamental expression of that which is against life. When you take away fear you release the energy of life. This is why the capitalist system is based on freeing people to explore their creativity. However, it is seen in purely individual and materialistic terms; it leaves out the soul aspect which expresses itself collectively. The individuality of which everyone is so proud has to be put at the service of the group. When this is done, individuality changes its nature. Instead of being competitive, it becomes co-operative. It expresses divine goodwill. (Benjamin Creme, The Art of Co-operation)


Now, as we enter the time of renewal, men should understand the principles on which a correct advance can be made Ö Co-operation is the key to the new relationships. When co-operation reigns, the iniquities and inequalities of the past will cease. The fires of competition, fanned by selfishness and greed, will die down, enabling men to live in harmony and trust. So will it be. And so will the Plan, which is the Purpose of God embodied, be fulfilled. Many are the steps which must be taken towards that blessed state, but already men's minds are turning hopefully in that direction.

Sharing is the key of keys. Through sharing men will come to know the meaning of God's love. Without sharing there can be no future for man, for the time has come to manifest God's love – or die. Sharing provides the answer to all man's problems and a sure entry into the New Age. Through sharing, peace will prevail. Through sharing, justice will be won. Through sharing and co-operation, brotherhood will flourish, and a new and glorious future open for man. (The Master –, from ëThe future')


Right co-operation makes for right outer, and therefore efficient, action, just as focused business efficiency makes for more effective competition. When you replace competition by co-operation, you bring in the techniques, the awareness, the creativity, the imagination of a bigger group of people. If you work in that way, you are a much more effective group. You get more ideas. You have to see that everyone has a right to their ideas. The ideas are not all of equal merit, perhaps, in relation to the problem, but by co-operation, by trial and error, you arrive at the ideas which are the most effective. (Benjamin Creme, Share International, January/February 1998)


Each day, man looks anew at his life and fails to discern the causes for his discontent Ö Thus stands man at the crossroads of his life, awaiting a new dawn or a fateful and final slide into catastrophic war. Into this scene emerge Maitreya and His group of Masters carrying with Them the Banner of Peace and Love. Round Them are gathered Their disciples, ready to do battle in the cause of Justice and Peace. Their war cry is UnityJustice and Freedom for all. They know the rules of combat – conquer by Love and Service. They know the needs of the time and are ready for every sacrifice. They know Their tasks and wait, impatient for action. Listen for the sound of Their music – Beauty and Truth. Watch for signs of Their hand – Co-operation, Sharing and Joy. Make ready to recognize and work with these Warriors of the New Time and fulfil the purpose of your incarnation. (The Master –, from ëLove – the way forward')


The desire principle is very powerful, and instinctively expresses itself through competition. It could co-operate, but grasping, fighting for what it feels it needs, certainly for what it wants, it competes, kills if necessary, hurts, destroys. That is the story of humanity's life until it reaches the stage at which the soul, the divine aspect whose nature is goodwill, demonstrates. As the Master says: ìCo-operation is the demonstration of divine goodwill.î It is the soul which demonstrates goodwill, which makes us want to co-operate. (Benjamin Creme, The Art of Co-operation)


In an age of competition the old adage holds. Work alone confers the right to eat. But man is ready to experience a new relationship; a new and caring co-operation beckons him to be his brother's keeper and to safeguard the right of all to the necessities of life. (The Master –, from ëLeisure is the key')


[According to my Master] ìThe people of the world can be divided into two kinds: those who compete, and those who co-operate.î That is an extraordinary statement. It seems to me to be the crucial statement about our time, and an extraordinary measure of the state of play in the world, the readiness of the world for change. Two great forces exist today: the reactionaries, looking backward, because they love the past, grimly holding on to the old, the useless, that which is breaking down, falling apart; and those who see that the only way forward is through co-operation, who come into incarnation ready to co-operate because they are disciples and initiates. It is in the hands of these disciples and initiates, who make up the New Group of World Servers, that the future of the world depends. (Benjamin Creme, Share International, January/February 1998)


Men must release themselves from the poison of competition, must realize it for the glamour which it is, and, seeing the Oneness of all men, embrace co-operation for the General Good. Only co-operation and justice will save men from a disaster of their own making; co-operation and justice alone will guarantee their future. Considering that this is so, man has little option but to accept co-operation as the key to his salvation.

When men co-operate rather than compete, they will find a magic potion entering their lives. The ease with which long-lasting problems will be solved will astonish, the impossible will yield to the lightest touch, and, through co-operation alone, men will learn the true art of living. Thus will it be, and thus will men learn to appreciate the beauty of relationship which only co-operation can bestow. Through co-operation the new civilization will be built, the new science revealed, the new understanding manifested. Thus will men grow together in the discovery of their divinity. Thus will they know the joy and happiness of such togetherness.

The Masters, your Elder Brothers, are not strangers to co-operation. In all that They do, co-operation plays a central role. It could not be otherwise in the manifested Brotherhood where the canker of competition is unknown. It is Our earnest desire that men learn the art of co-operation, and to this end shall We act as mentors, teaching through example. So liberating is co-operation it is surprising, is it not, that men have been so tardy in learning its joys. The era of competition is fast coming to an end. With its demise, violence and war, starvation amid plenty, greed and separation, will likewise fade from the memory. To replace these sorrows will emerge blessed co-operation, to guarantee to men their essential divinity. Thus will it be and thus will men come to understand another facet in the nature of God. (The Master –, from ëThe art of co-operation')


We live in a society in which competition has become like a god. It is accepted as an essential quality of life needed to increase the production and sale of goods. In economic life it has no other function. There is no place for competition, in economic terms, unless it is to produce more goods, more cheaply, and to sell them more cheaply and more consistently than your competitor. What it really means is that we have replaced our sense of ourselves as human beings, as souls in incarnation, with a mechanistic view of the meaning and purpose of life. (Benjamin Creme, Share International January 1998)


When men realize the urgency of the task, they will unleash upon the iniquities of the present a force for good unlike aught seen before. The transformation of the world will proceed apace and men will work together as brothers for the good of all. Thus will it be. Thus will the New Age be built by man himself under the guidance of Maitreya and His Group. The separation of the past will give place to co-operation and sharing; the selfishness and greed to a new sense of justice. From within man himself will come the urge for betterment, a testimony to the divinity inherent in us all. That divinity will Maitreya show to be the nature of man, and He the Agent of its manifestation. (The Master –, from ëThe emergence of Maitreya')


There is only one way to come to a consensus: co-operation. As soon as you co-operate, consensus becomes possible. While you have competition in presentation of points of view, you get no consensus, because everyone wants their point of view to be taken up and made the general view. Then it becomes a majority, which has nothing to do with consensus. Consensus is the intuitive, and therefore soul, understanding that a certain process, realized and acted on by a group, is the one and only action for that time and place. In this way consensus becomes a very dynamic force. As soon as you have true consensus you have the entire energy – the will, love and intelligence – of the group as a whole behind it. It is as if something new, a synthetic voice, has been created, that brings together all the disparate points of view, all the different nuances, reservations. All of these suddenly coalesce in an intuitive way in the group that is working in total co-operation. The end view is known, accepted and realized in the same way by everyone, and consensus suddenly descends into the group with all the energy of the soul behind it. The action coming from consensus does the work.

That should be the aim of all the actions of the group: to make them so fused and blended together that they produce, as it were, a rod of steel, hard and sharp, which goes straight to carry out its task. Otherwise it is a question of trying a little bit here and a little bit there. It is diffused, and therefore relatively ineffective. From time to time a kind of inspiration acts as the synthesizing fire which brings about a red-hot, natural action which goes straight to the target. You can recognize it when you see it. You cannot think it up; it simply happens when the group co-operates to such a degree that their minds and intuition fuse together in an action which is self-evidently the natural, best way to proceed. This leaves out the entire question of criticism or questioning. The action itself becomes a crucible in which all the ideas, the intent, the intelligence and creative ability of the group fuse together. That is a group thought, a group action, and nothing can compare with it. (Benjamin Creme, The Art of Co-operation)


I know that within men sits a Divine Being, Whose Plan it is that Love and Justice should triumph. This being so, the end is assured. But not all see the necessity for change, for the transformation of this world, for the implementation of sharing, co-operation and trust. When My simple Law, the Law of Love, is obeyed, all of this will ensue. Therefore, My friends, I speak simply of Love and Trust. (Maitreya, from Message No. 77)


The task ahead will be to create conditions on a worldwide scale whereby all men will have a voice in creating the future society. Only thus will the present divisions be resolved. This is not as difficult as it might seem, for the key rests in man's hands. The key, as always, is the principle of sharing. Once implemented, this principle will remove the obstructions which prevent co-operation between different social and national groups and will thus prepare the way for more harmonious forms through which humanity can express itself.

Leisure, available for the first time to millions, will provide the opportunity, hitherto denied them, for a close involvement in community and national life and organization. When men have the leisure to participate, they will find within themselves the answers to the problems which now beset them: the problems of sectarian hatred and division, of injustice and poverty, crime and war. (The Master –, from ëThe creation of new structures')


Co-operation has to be shown as the only way forward, and not simply as an unfortunate necessity: otherwise we would have revolution. We have to want the changes for themselves. We have to want co-operation. We have to see and accept the rights of every human being, from the youngest and lowest on the economic scale to the princes of power in the mansions of the developed world. That is essential. Competition, as my Master says, ìstrains the natural order; co-operation liberates the goodwill in menî. (Benjamin Creme, The Art of Co-operation)


Co-operation is the keynote. Today's emphasis on competition, allowed to flourish unchecked, would lead to ultimate destruction. Thus will you see the banner of co-operation raised on every side, inspiring men to work together for the restoration of our world. Naught but co-operation can solve men's problems, manifold and complex as they are; naught but co-operation can heal the old and still-tender wounds inflicted by men on men; co-operation alone can guarantee a sane and peaceful future acceptable to all. (The Master –, from ëCo-operation – the keynote')


The soul has total, absolute goodwill. It knows only divine intelligence, divine love, and divine purpose or will. Goodwill is an aspect of love, the purpose of God and the love of God together, and is essential love. The soul tries to inculcate this in its vehicle, which inevitably leads to co-operation. When you co-operate you express the quality of goodwill. The more co-operative you become the more goodwill you express. The more goodwill you have, the more you will want to co-operate. It is easy to co-operate if you have goodwill. It is difficult to co-operate if you are working under the desire principle, and wanting what your ëintelligence' tells you is needed. The brain intelligence is often at variance with the insight and intuition coming from the soul which always leads to goodwill, to the expression of right relationship. The soul only knows right relationship. That is what it wants to produce on the physical plane. This of course is difficult since for long ages, and especially now through our modern political and economic structures, we have created a world whose essential nature is competition. (Benjamin Creme, The Art of Co-operation)


When Maitreya appears before the world He will outline the programme for its renewal. He will show that the present methods of coping with our many problems are deeply flawed, relying as they do on rivalry and self-interest; that the present tensions and dangers are a direct result of the imbalances created by complacency and greed; that by co-operation alone will the problems of the world be solved, the poor and starving fed, the health of the planet secured, war a forgotten nightmare of the past. (The Master –, from ëHumanity's choice')


My Teaching, simple though it is, will show you the necessity for sharing, for the creation of a pool of resources from which all men may take, the substitution for greed of co-operation and trust, the manifestation of the inner divinity of men. This manifestation, My friends, must proceed, for without it, the future for man would be black indeed. A crisis of decision awaits mankind. My Love creates a polarity of viewpoints; that is the Sword which I wield. My friends, know well where you stand and receive My Light. Take care where you place your feet: on the steps which lead to tomorrow or – oblivion. Men and women of the world, My brothers, My children, I appeal to you: take the upward path into the light of the Truth which I bring, and be enabled to manifest the Gods which you are. Many there are now who know this to be the only path for man. Make it known where you, My friends, stand at this time. My Blessings go with you all. (Maitreya, from Message No. 64)


Although not openly, We are here in growing numbers. Soon you will see Us and be inspired to emulate Our ways: Our co-operation will replace your competition, Our breadth of view your intolerance, Our love will overcome your violence and hate. Thus will it be, and thus will you turn again to the Plan and make it your own. (The Master –, from ëOpportunity and challenge')


[Maitreya] has come into the world with the knowledge that there is a large body of people who are longing, and able, to co-operate, whose view of life is one of co-operation, justice and freedom for everyone. He is here to inspire and confirm those who see co-operation as the way forward, and awaken those who are holding on to the old competitive modes. Maitreya comes in the nick of time to prevent humanity from destroying itself. If we do not co-operate, we will destroy our life, but Maitreya says that He knows already that we are ready for sharing. (Benjamin Creme, The Great Approach)


... the energies of Aquarius are, indeed, bringing the peoples together, creating the ties of co-operation and understanding, and, albeit slowly and gradually, welding the disparate forces of the present dispensation into a synthetic whole. The New Age is truly upon us. The imminent advent of Maitreya and His Group will signal its inauguration. (The Master –, from ëThe New Age is upon us')

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First published April 1999, Last modified: 15-Oct-2005