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The need for synthesis
by the Master –,  through Benjamin Creme

When men and women realize the unity behind all things, and focus on that wholeness, all will become possible.

It is strange that, despite the lip-service paid to the ideas of unity and brotherly love, so few of the groups involved with New Age concepts do in reality demonstrate an inclusive attitude. Far from doing so, they tend rather in the opposite direction and are among the most separative and exclusive of all the groups engaged in the education of mankind.

Their role is to hold before the peoples the vision of a better world in which separatism has no place, in which each is seen as contributing something essential to the Whole and of equal value. Yet, almost everywhere, the accent is on the superiority of a particular teaching or point of view. Rare indeed is it to find the actions of Cooperation and mutual understanding which hold so proud a place in their vocabulary.

An ancient rhythm still dominates the thinking of these groups, and much needs to be learned and changed if they would truly represent the ideals of the coming time. That such changes will come is inevitable but for many the process will be difficult and long. Many see the need but cannot find within themselves the ability to relate to others on equal terms, so deeply ingrained is the habit of competition and exclusiveness. Furthermore, for some, the need to be seen as leaders of thought is a dominant factor; with them, the glamour of personal ambition has a powerful hold.

Such is the situation today, yet the need is for a growing sense of identity with one another, an apprehension of the underlying synthesis which unites the endeavors of all such groups. Moreover, it is only when that synthesis is grasped ad presented to the general public that the educational role of these groups can be fulfilled.. At the moment, the average seeker is confused and baffled by the competing claims for his attention and allegiance.

Soon, the world will know that the many teachings and formulations of truth stem from one source; that the same divine stimulus flows through all; that the varied interpretations result from the fact that mankind has diverse needs and stands at many stages on the ladder of ascent. Not for nothing has Hierarchy worked to present the needed teachings and ideas on the broadest front, on many different levels and in a multitude of ways.

The synthesis of ideas underlying Our multifarious presentation springs from Our sense of the unity of all things, from Our constant awareness of the Whole and of the indivisibility of that Reality. When men share this experience all things will become possible.

When men see the Christ and His Disciples, the Masters of Wisdom, they will come to understand how needed are the many presentations of truth, for they will come to realize how old is man, how varied his experience and expectations down the ages, and how different are the ways in which men absorb ideas. They will come to grasp, too, something of the inherent unity behind the outer diversity.

Men will see for themselves that behind the ideas and teachings stands a Plan; that every teaching is the formulation of but one fragment of the Plan; that the Plan is the expression of the creative Will of God and as such is in process of constant change. How then could one group, society, or institution embody the Truth for all time?

Many, of course, believe that even now they work for synthesis and unity, but this is largely an illusion. Little credit should be taken for forming links with those of like mind; that is useful but relatively simple. More difficult is it by far to link arms across a sea of differences and to embrace as equals those with whom you disagree.

Seek that which unites in your brother's presentation. Know that behind all stands the Christ and His Disciples. Remember that the one Truth informs all approaches and that naught divides but the minds of men.

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First published April 1999, Last modified: 15-Oct-2005