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Breath of life
– Letter to the editor from Diane Sharp


Dear Editors,
I have had respiratory problems since childhood – 50 years ago – due to several bouts with pneumonia. I am also a life-long smoker. Because my portable oxygen unit is supposed to provide only seven-and-a-half to eight hours use, I had not ventured away from home for more than eight hours since January 1995 when I was put on 24-hour supplemental oxygen. However, when my daughter showed me information that she had taken from the computer about the crosses of light in Knoxville, I felt compelled to go, even though it was 1,800 miles round trip by car.

I am blessed with a very supportive friend, Mary Jane, who agreed to attempt this ëoxygen-dependent safari' with me. We decided to take two large tanks of oxygen in the car. Each tank held a supply which the oxygen supplier said would last a maximum of three-and-a-half days. I was to fill my smaller, portable unit at night from the larger supply, and use that to sleep. I felt sure that by cheating a bit on my oxygen usage, I could stretch the two tank supply to the eight days we wanted for the trip.

However, when the tanks were strapped into my car we found that the portable unit was too tall to be filled in the car. I was then given a smaller portable unit with a conserver switch. This would extend the three-and-a-half to four hour capacity of the small unit to seven-and-a-half to eight hours. I had filled my large portable unit at home for the first night, so we were 650 miles away when I first tried to use the small unit the second night. I filled it and pushed the switch to use the conserver. But the conserving feature would not work. We tried and tried but the unit would only work on full which meant it would last only four hours at most. It occurs to me as I write this that the logical thing would have been to set the alarm for four hours and get up and refill. But neither MaryJane nor I thought of that. So I went to bed thinking that I would wake up when the oxygen ran out, or my breathing would become so noisy that MaryJane would be awakened by it, or I'd just survive without the oxygen.

When I awoke it was morning – seven hours had passed. I was breathing fine and the unit was still delivering oxygen. This puzzled us but we continued on our way and didn't really discuss it much.

The next evening we spent at Copper Ridge Baptist Church. We were amazed at the magnificence of the crosses that suddenly appeared there. They were huge and beautiful. We stayed three hours and decided to return the next evening. That's when we saw the ìspiritsî as we looked out the windows. We saw vividly three figures walking back and forth in mid-air. Occasionally, the third figure would come close to the window in a friendly way, to the delight of all. In the background, transparent adults floated around watching.

During each night of the trip, I would fill the small oxygen unit before going to bed, and it would still be giving oxygen in the morning. Actually, it was silly of me to fill it from the big tank because it was never empty. The gauge always read full. While in the car I used the big tanks. I was to switch to the second tank when the first tank ran out, but it never did. It was still giving oxygen seven-and-a-half days later when we returned home.

I had both tanks brought into the house when I got home, and I used them nearly six days before they were empty. The supposed six to seven day supply had lasted over 12 days. I have talked with my oxygen supplier about this and the only comment was, ìThis is not possible.î

I feel like someone was helping me during the trip. After my return, I attended a Transmission Meditation group, and the people there suggested the help might have come from a person I had never heard of at the time – Maitreya. Was it?

Diane Sharp, New York, USA


(Benjamin Creme's Master confirms that the oxygen miracle was made by Maitreya.)


From the January/February 1997 issue of Share International.


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First published April 1999, Last modified: 15-Oct-2005