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Crosses of light bring hope and healing

  • Crosses in Louisiana 

  • Letter to Share International 

  • Crosses of light in the Philippines

  • Excerpt from video documentary on crosses of light

Crosses In Louisiana

In a suburb of New Orleans, four foot-tall crosses of white and gold light appeared suddenly in the bathroom window of a 61-year-old pipe fitter who had been praying to St Jude for help with his failing eyesight. The man and his wife have had to set up evening viewing hours to accommodate the hundreds who come to see what they believe is a miracle. There are no internal or external lights which could be casting the images against the glass, and the pipe fitter reports he has regained part of his sight since the crosses appeared, although he readily agrees his doctor's injection also helped.

In a related development, television producer Dan Meenan of the US tabloid program Hard Copy, told Share International contributor and video producer Frances Robinson that, after filming a story about a previous manifestation of a cross in Louisiana, a cross appeared on the videotape which had not been present during the original shooting. Meenan said that on a production which attempted to document an alleged cross appearing in the Louisiana sky in l989, they were not able to see the cross in the sky on tape, but that they did an interview with a Catholic priest who was at the scene of its appearance just outside New Orleans. It was later in the studio that the cross appeared, superimposed on the image of the priest, stated Meenan. He saw it while they were editing. It was as clear as could be and had nothing to do with the image of the priest; it hadn't been there when we interviewed him; we went over it five times to be sure it was there, and it looked exactly the same to me each time, even though the editor he was working with couldn't see it.

(Share International, January/February 1991)

Letter to Share International 

Dear Editor,

It was early in the morning and Hughette was getting dressed. She had been working as a masseuse for several months, but now all she really wanted to do was to serve people. She needed help; what should she do?

Three days before, she had seen a photo of a miraculous cross of light in the home of a French family outside Paris; people thought it was a sign of the return of the Christ. She prayed to the Christ to help her be sure what she should do with her life.

Suddenly, a beautiful cross of light appeared one arm at a time. She looked all around to see where these rays of light could be coming from, but there was no light source at all. The cross was manifesting by itself, and stayed there for several minutes before disappearing.

At work, with the first massage, she felt something different in her hands... a heat, an energy, something connected to a new joy which she felt in her heart. Day after day, until the present, this energy and this joy have continued.

She knew now that she was really helping people get well. Often, her hands seemed to know that an organ needed treatment. She didn't say anything to anyone but many of her clients noticed that their illnesses were very much improved after a treatment.

Hughette felt that she was truly being of service for the first time. Moreover, she was sure that she didn't need other training. Although inexplicable, this gift has continued to give her a profound joy.

She knows that since she was the only one to see the cross of light there is no exterior proof that it was a sign, but she feels in her heart that it was a miracle, that her life has been completely transformed and that it is very possible that the Christ is about to present himself to everyone very soon.

Frances Robinson, Paris, France

(Share International, October 1991)  

Crosses of light in the Philippines
by Estrella Narvadez

Crosses of light with miraculous powers of healing are appearing in many different parts of the world. People take the crosses as a sign of divine promise; many believe they signify the return of the Christ.

From the moment he first saw a cross of light on display in Manila, the Philippines, Dr Ching, a medical practitioner specializing in acupuncture and also a student of a school of esoteric studies, the Divine Wisdom Lodge, has cherished the hope that perhaps one day he, too, would be granted such a cross.

The phenomenon of the appearance of crosses of light in window panes is not limited to any one particular place nor is it an entirely new occurrence. Crosses first appeared in 1988 in El Monte, California, and in increasing numbers since then.

Brilliant even-armed cross

The crosses all seem to conform to a particular pattern: a brilliant even-armed cross within a diamond shape. They appear in frosted glass and give the impression of floating suspended in mid-air, between the glass and the light source. The first such cross in the Philippines, appearing in a small piece of glass, was given to the Divine Wisdom Lodge by Michiko Ishikawa, who brought it with her from the USA. Ms Ishikawa is a volunteer who works in both the US and Japan to help make known the reappearance of Maitreya. It was in March this year, when this particular cross was on display in Manila, that Dr Ching first saw it.

Inspired and moved by the crosses of light, and knowing of the healing and miraculous powers attributed to them, Dr Ching freely admits that he often went cross hunting. He and his fellow students kept a look-out for crosses and always checked their own windows. At the clinic where he works, Dr Ching began sensing a different kind of energy which, he believed, explained the sudden, unusually fast rate of recovery of their patients. What normally took an average of 20 treatments before would just take about five to 10 treatments now, he said. I know it was not any effect I was having; I have been practicing medicine for 16 years and I have never seen such results so quickly. This holds true now for all our patients, and it happens all the time, explained Dr Ching. However, despite this unusual development there was still no sign of any cross.

Then, while one of Dr Ching's associates, Nieves Taguinog, was locking up at the clinic one night, she noticed a cross on one of the windows. To make absolutely sure, Ms Taguinog waited until the next night to see the cross again before telling Dr Ching. The cross seemed to be the same image as had appeared in other window panes, in California, for instance. All the windows in the clinic were then checked and, to their surprise, almost all windows held the image of the cross. The other windows, where no crosses had appeared, showed the usual reflection of a squarish pattern. More crosses were discovered in neighboring houses.

Meanwhile, more apparent miracles and mysterious events unfold around the first cross of light in the Philippines that was given as a gift to the Divine Wisdom Lodge by Ms Ishikawa. During Holy Week, the piece of glass with its radiant cross was put on display for the public in the home of Juanito Crisostomo, a teacher and leading figure of the Divine Wisdom Lodge. Many photographs were taken of the cross, all more or less from the same angle. However, one of the photographs is quite different from all the rest. Amazingly, a hand held up, as if in the act of blessing, can be seen shining through the cross.

In a telephone interview with Newsday, Benjamin Creme (on a lecture tour of Japan at the time) said that his Master had confirmed that the hand in the photograph is that of the Christ, blessing the world through the cross, blessing the Philippines through that cross. (From: Newsday, 26 September 1991, Manila)

(excerpted from Share International, November 1991)

In the video documentary Crosses Of Light, Benjamin Creme offers the following explanation:

The crosses are manifestations by the Christ. They are radiating spiritual energy into the surrounding area, and they are part of the signs, for those who have eyes to see... one of the many signs of his presence in the world. In this way the Christ is making known that he is in the world and very soon will appear before the world. My Master told me in April [1988] that very soon the Christ would manifest crosses of light all over the world in such numbers that they would draw enormous attention. People would not be able to understand their source but there would be so many it would not be possible to ignore them. People would see that they represented something very important that had a significance altogether unusual in the world.

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First published April 1999, Last modified: 15-Oct-2005