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Healed by the crosses of light


Dear Editors,

In the July/August 1996 issue of Share International, Buddy Piper told of visiting Copper Ridge Baptist church near Knoxville, Tennessee. Crosses of light have appeared there every day since 8 November 1995. There have been over 60 reported healings as a result of these beautiful manifestations. I am one of the people that received the healing touch of God after viewing this spiritual phenomenon.

From April 1995 until 27 May 1996, I experienced excruciating pain in my head that lasted without any relief, for as long as six days at a time.

During the 14 months of illness, I sought the help of herbs, a dentist, two allergy specialists, my family doctor, a gynecologist, and two neurosurgeons. It was the second neurosurgeon that informed me of my brain tumor. It was located in a very delicate position of my brain. After receiving the diagnosis on a Friday, I was invited to go south the next day for a short vacation. I was very anxious to go, and to fill my mind with beautiful scenery.

Arriving in Tennessee, we were told about the beautiful crosses appearing at this little country church. Not much more was told to us. We stopped by the Copper Ridge Baptist church at 2.30 am. I immediately jumped out of the truck, with camera in tow, to position myself in a location to view the crosses. I stood outside the church looking [through a window] across the auditorium to the windows on the opposite side. The view I witnessed would alter my life! There, before me, was a golden cross filling the entire window. The energy coming from this manifestation was invigorating. I hurriedly ran to the other two windows on the same side of the church. The exhilarating view was the same. The entire episode lasted only a few minutes, as we had to leave. Pulling out of the church driveway, the hair on my arms stood straight up. Someone mentioned we had just seen a miracle.

Within two days, I knew God had touched me. For the first time in over a year, I came out of my deep depression, my debilitating pain, and my reclusiveness. I was healthy and pain-free again!

That evening of the second day, on 29 May 1996, I made an anxious call to the little church that sat upon a knoll in the foothills of Tennessee. The Reverend Joe Bullard was giving a Wednesday evening sermon, so I talked with a member of the church. I quickly explained my viewing of the crosses of light two days before. I said that I only had one question to ask: ìHave there been healings reported by those seeing the crosses?î ìOh my, yes,î he enthusiastically replied. I said: Well, then you can add my name to the list.î

It is now nine months after my healing by the crosses. I've returned to them four more times, and have told literally hundreds of people of God's miracles. My story has been told in the local paper, to a European journalist, and to anyone who will stand still long enough to listen. I've received many calls and letters from out of state, from those who need inspiration or want to tell about their experiences with the crosses of light...


Joan Anderson, Indiana, USA.


From the April 1997 issue of Share International.


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First published April 1999, Last modified: 15-Oct-2005