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The new education
by the Master –, through Benjamin Creme 

True education is the process by which an individual, through gradual expansion of consciousness, contacts, knows and is able to express his or her inner divinity.

In seeking insights into the direction which education in the new age might take it will prove useful to establish the basic purpose which education serves and so throw light on the inadequacies of present educational approaches. Firstly, it must be understood for whom education exists and the process by which it carries out its function. This may be less obvious than at first sight may seem to be the case, for man has long been ignorant of his true nature and constitution, taking the part for the whole, and ignoring, to a large extent, his essential being.

Man, as a soul in incarnation, is an emerging God, and, through the Law of Rebirth, is advancing slowly to the demonstration in full splendour, of that divinity. Education, in its true sense, is the means by which an individual, through a gradual expansion of conscious awareness, is fitted and fits himself for that goal. All that aid this process is education, however formal or informal the method may be.

In today's sense, education is a feeble thing indeed, ensuring only the minimum requirements for an understanding and control of man's environment. Few there are who learn more than the rudiments of life's meaning and purpose, caught up, as most people are, in the daily struggle for existence.

Whole nations, today, are all but illiterate still. Elsewhere, facts-full minds stand idle for lack of meaningful work. Education for jobs has replaced education for life while, more and more, the stresses and strains of such imbalance erupt in violence of all kinds.

Education should be understood as a means by which the indwelling God is contacted, known and given expression. Traditionally, religion has been seen to serve the purpose and religious education remains a bulwark in many countries today. However, religion is but one of many paths to God, and ways must be found which will allow men to know and to express their experience of divinity.

To this end the new education should address itself. The fact of the soul, the Divine Intermediary, must gain general acceptance, and techniques of contact with this higher principle attain common usage.

When the ray structure, evolutionary development and purposes of the soul are known and documented, a more scientific approach can be made to the education of both children and adults, and a new meaning given to the process by which men learn to become Gods.

All of this awaits the earnest endeavors of those working in the educational field. Fitment for such tasks should be the aim of all aspiring to teach the young. Never has a better opportunity for service presented itself to those ready for the challenges of education for life in the new age which now opens before us all.

A new vista of possibilities will soon appear as men grapple with the problems of separation and division. This will release the forces and inspire the techniques of training and teaching which will bring men in due course to the feet of God.

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First published April 1999, Last modified: 15-Oct-2005