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Healing water and the science of light
by Bette Stockbauer

A report on the newly discovered sources of water having healing properties as a result of being energized by Maitreya.

In 1858, 14-year-old Bernadette Soubirous of Lourdes, France claimed that a manifestation of Mary, the mother of Jesus, appeared to her many times warning her of future perils for humankind and instructing her in the ways of spiritual truth. In the grotto where she said this occurred, there flowed a spring which came to be known the world over for its healing properties. Today it is accepted as authentic by Christians everywhere. Millions of pilgrims a year drink from its waters, receiving partial and total cures of physical and emotional ills. In Christianity, faith healings like these are part of a long accepted tradition, and such "gifts of the spirit" date back to apostolic times.

In our own decade similar stories of totally new healing waters are being reported from several corners of the globe. Wells, long run dry, are gushing forth with water of sparkling purity, underground springs are bubbling to the surface. People who use the waters speak of chronic illnesses suddenly eased. Believers and non-believers alike relate similar beneficial results. Here we tell some of the stories we are beginning to hear, and offer at the end a possible explanation, one person's idea of a link connecting all of the phenomena.

The 'Lourdes' of Mexico

One of the earliest reports came from Tlacote, Mexico, a small village 150 miles north of Mexico City. There in 1991, on a chicken ranch belonging to Jesus Chahin Simon, his dog, Lucas, was cured of wounds after drinking from a well. Chahin tested the water, with great success, on his ranch workers and farm animals, then decided to make it available to everyone, free of charge. With government help he set up a modern storage, pumping and purifying system.

Though the number of visitors has now declined, four or five years ago as many as10,000 people a day often lined up at his gate, some in wheel chairs or walkers, patiently waiting their turn. Chahin has kept scrupulous medical records, and cures of diabetes, high blood pressure, glaucoma, arthritis and many other ailments are well-documented. In addition, the water has increased the productivity of the ranch. Plants and trees bear extra crops, an unusual occurrence for an area with a cool climate.

According to a CBS report, 'Up to the Minute' (KENS-TV, Aug. 5, 1993), the water was found to be 44 grams lighter than conventional water, measured in kilograms per liter. Scientific tests are continuing, but as yet scientists are unsure what is causing the benefits of 'Mexico's Lourdes'.

The Illumined Cave

In 1992, Mrs. Theo Tommes of Nordenau, Germany was investigating an abandoned slate mine, seeking a place to store wine for the family hotel business. When she entered the cave she was amazed to see it was illumined by a brilliant white light. Also she saw small crosses of light within the glow. Experts were invited to study the phenomenon, and they not only recorded a high level of energy in the cave, but noticed in addition a spring with remarkably pure water.

Two German labs analyzed the water and found it to be 8 percent lighter than ordinary water. Numerous visitors who have used the water claim healings and cures. Now busloads of pilgrims arrive daily. A German reporter with the Bild, Guido Brandenburg, tested the water for himself. "After five minutes my fingertips vibrated," he said. "I felt as if an electric current flowed through me."

Nadana Village, India

Also in 1992 came a report from Nadana, a small village in India, about 90 miles north of New Delhi. There water began to spontaneously gush from a deserted well. Local villagers who bathed in the water said they were cured of various skin diseases. In a short time the news spread throughout the area, bringing a constant stream of visitors, sometimes 20,000 a day. Most people using the water claimed physical benefits; a five-year-old polio victim was reportedly cured.

Mr. Mamraj, who owns the well, says he was offered a large sum of money for it. This he rejected, saying he wanted to use the well for the people, not for making money.

Russian Teetotalers

Itar-Tass news agency reports on another dried up well, in a northern Russian village, that suddenly began to flow again. It is unique in its alleged ability to cure drunkenness. According to Tass, "The water rose to the surface, acquiring anti-alcoholic properties. Despairing wives are leading husbands on drinking binges to the mystical source. The rumour goes that some people have even managed to turn themselves into complete teetotalers."

Fountain of Youth in China

The German newspaper, Die S¸ddeutsche Zeitung, reported in 1994 on a Chinese couple, Zhou Lianghua and his wife Li Guirong who think they have discovered a fountain of youth. Both are over 80, but claim to feel 10 years younger since drinking the water from their courtyard fountain. Li says that her formerly gray hair has regained its black color, and Zhou, who was almost bald, now has a thick head of hair. They report they can also hike in the mountains without losing their breath.

Is There a Connecting Thread?

Mr. Benjamin Creme, London esotericist, author and artist claims that all of these events are related. He says that for the past 20 years, a number of highly evolved spiritual teachers, whom he calls the Masters of Wisdom, (known to others simply as 'Angels') are beginning to take an active part in our daily lives. Their leader, named Maitreya, has been appearing to individuals and groups throughout the world. One such appearance, on June 11, 1988, at a church meeting in Nairobi, Kenya, was documented by CNN. Creme says that Maitreya has appeared to many such groups all over the world – usually he will materialize out of nowhere, address the group for 15 or 20 minutes, then just as suddenly vanish.

Of relevance to the present topic is Creme's statement that Maitreya is 'energizing' water sources close to the places where he is appearing. This energizing, he explains, means that part of the physical atomic matter of the water is actually transformed into sub-atomic matter (or light). When weighed in a large quantity (a liter or more) these charged waters are lighter than ordinary ones by 4-8 percent. Creme claims that in time Maitreya will create a world wide network of healing water sources, numbering 777. They will become more potent over the coming centuries, leading to a greater vitality and longer life span for the human race. In the USA, Maitreya is reported to have appeared in San Antonio, New Orleans, Phoenix, Kansas City, Denver, Washington DC, Flagstaff, Richmond, Vir., and Elko, Nev.

The Technology of Light

Scientists today are just beginning to probe the nature of the mysterious phenomenon that we call light. Some postulate that matter itself is a construction of light waves in motion, that the material worlds are born from an invisible matrix in space and will ultimately again vanish into its web. Such theories parallel teachings that have been accepted for millennia by the esoteric traditions of many of the world's religions. A close study of the Buddhist tradition, Hinduism, the shamanic practices of indigenous groups or early Christian Gnosticism all reveal a belief that matter itself is an illusion and will eventually be transmuted to light, its underlying spiritual nature.

The energizing of the 777 water sources is just part of a larger undertaking that Maitreya plans, a scientific advance which he calls "The Technology of Light." This technology is a direct and practical application of the above described scientific and religious ideas positing a coalescence between the world of spirit and the world of matter. Already, he says, in Russia and the US, the "Space Brothers" – highly advanced beings from other planets – are inspiring scientists to discover a means of worldwide surveillance which can make our present armament system totally unnecessary and obsolete. This same technology can revolutionize our present transportation and communication systems. It can cure our environmental ills and transform medical science.

In the coming times this profound spiritual knowledge could give humanity a way to lift itself into a more spiritual realm of existence. Maitreya and the group of Masters with whom he works stand ready to help the world find solutions to its most pressing problems of starvation, disease, and environmental degradation. All that is needed is a willingness to build a global vision, to make changes that consider the good of every kingdom in nature and every society on earth – to think, not only of the present generation but, like the Native Americans, of seven generations into the future. In this way, Maitreya says, we can reverse our present destructive course and construct a future society of equitable, peaceful and creative endeavor.

[Note: More information about the healing waters and homeopathic preparations made from the waters is available from Tara Center, P.O. Box 6001, N. Hollywood, CA 91603]

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First published April 1999, Last modified: 15-Oct-2005