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Health and healing (part 2)
by the Master –, through Benjamin Creme

Misuse of soul energy and wrong relationship cause disease. The Masters will point the way forward to vitality and health.

Every few years, a further advance is made in the understanding and control of disease, as we call that state of dis-equilibrium of mind and body which so troubles mankind. Each new advance pushes back a little the limits of man's knowledge of himself, and opens the door to further illumination. As we stand on the threshold of a new era, humanity is poised, as never before, to receive new light. Quickened by the stimulus of the Christ and His Masters, man is ready to discover the truths of his existence which, eventually, will free him totally from disease.

The first step in the eradication of any disease must be an understanding of its cause. Hitherto, the cause of most disease has eluded man's search, so ignorant has he been of the nature of his constitution and the laws under which he functions. From now on, as man proceeds along a more correct course and grasps the necessity of right relationship, this will begin to be remedied. Disease is ultimately the result of wrong relationship: to our higher self, the soul; to our brothers and sisters throughout the world; and to the Whole of which we are a part. By the misuse of soul energy we set in motion the causation. By wrong relationship to our fellows we bring about dis-equilibrium and dis-harmony, and illness of all kinds. Through our sense of separation we cut ourselves off from the healing potencies which everywhere surround us.

A mighty task awaits humanity at this turning point in its life: to cleanse the world of the age-old habits of wrong thinking and living; to change entirely its manner of social living in such a way as to make possible a new freedom from fear: fear of want, of war, of disease and death. An enormous task, indeed, but one worth all the effort involved, for it will lead to a new livingness, a new and sweeter relationship between men, and to a world governed by the principles of justice and brotherhood, sharing and love. What finer goal could there be for humanity than to create such a world? No-one can gainsay the benefits that such a transformation would bring, and We, the Masters, will help you in your task, revealing to you the best paths and possibilities.

Science, today, stands poised to contribute its share to the conquering of disease. The etheric planes of matter await man's exploration and study. Therein will be found the origin of that dis-equilibrium of forces which manifests itself as the body's ills. The treatment of disease will take on a new dimension when the function of the force centres (chakras) as receivers and dispensers of energy is understood and when their connection with the major glands of the endocrine system is known. Already, of course, there are those few practitioners who know this and who do valuable work, but not until this knowledge is general shall we see much advance in the understanding of the mechanism of disease.

It will not be long until this research into the etheric fields begins in earnest. When it does it will transform the therapeutic situation. The new psychology, the coming science of the soul, will throw much light on the nature and cause of disease and point the way to its prevention. In time, man will learn to approach and work with the deva (or angelic) evolution, many aspects of which are deeply engaged in the healing process.

Thus, stage by stage, disease will be eradicated from the world, to be replaced by a vitality and well-being seldom seen today but which is man's birthright, did he but know it. The stage is being set for this transformation. The Masters, on Their return, will point the way, and under Their wise guidance all shall be made new.

The Master – is a senior member of the Hierarchy of the Masters of Wisdom. His name, well-known in esoteric circles, has not yet been revealed for various reasons. Benjamin Creme is in telepathic contact with this Master who dictated this article to him.

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First published April 1999, Last modified: 15-Oct-2005