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The future role of the United Nations
by Bette Stockbauer

Number 3 in a series of columns about Maitreya and the changing of the age. How the UN will help implement the idea of sharing.

This column seeks to convey the ideas of Maitreya, a Spiritual Teacher who lives in London. The unique vision of Maitreya lies in his teaching that each area of human endeavor – its rich cultural heritage, its political and economic institutions, its vast diversity of religious expression – is inherently spiritual. An ideal future would see the light of divinity shining equally through all. In our time, Maitreya is focusing on the political and economic fields, where he inspires world leaders to implement policies that will lead to an equitable distribution of planetary resources.

Maitreya says, "When you share, you recognise God in your brother. This is a truth, simple, but until now difficult for man to grasp. The time has come to evidence this truth."

Behind this statement there lies a great plan taking form for our future civilization--a plan which posits the promise of universal fellowship, a discovery of our ancient common ties. It is a physical as well as a spiritual truth that all of creation is connected at its most essential atomic level. Because all life has its origin in the very dust of the planet earth, we are quite literally the sisters and brothers of one great mother. Maitreya is urging us, at this crucial turning point in our planetary existence, to acknowledge and act upon this fact.

If we can understand ourselves in this way, then when we see the faces of starvation that populate our world, we will know that we are, in a literal sense, watching our own family suffer and die. When we read the cruelties of oppression and torture that fill our newspapers, we will begin to see that those victims are our very siblings.

To find a way out of the present morass and into the shining new world that Maitreya envisions, we must begin again at the very basics. The first step will be to insure every citizen of the earth the simple necessities of life--food, housing, health care and education. To achieve this action we must transform the political and economic institutions which hamper its manifestation.

How to begin? That is the difficulty, for often we lack not in vision or willingness but only in clarity of implementation.

Maitreya and his group of spiritual co-workers have designed a plan that is brilliant in its simplicity and insight. They visualize a world organization, administered by the United Nations, which will completely restructure our economic systems. Instead of the present system of domination by market forces which has led to the complete polarization of wealth, we will see an equitable distribution of planetary resources. Instead of a world in which the richest societies blindly ignore the total degradation of countless millions, we will see the greatest solicitude for human suffering.

We will return to a more fundamental economic system based on barter. The central department will act as a Ć«resource director,' recording the assets and needs of all the countries of the world. If one country has an excess of a certain product, then it will be matched with a country in need of the same item. Similarly, if a country is in crisis, if its grain crop is destroyed by drought, then others will offer food from their own stores to fill the demand. Every country will eventually be both recipient and donor in this program. Disaster relief will be instantaneous and so prevent the moral degradation that comes when such distresses are left too long unattended.

In this way our economic structures will begin to serve the people. The focus will be on human need, not blind profit. The present systems which have so crippled our Third World brothers and sisters, will rush instead to their succor and aid. Thus will the hearts of humankind everywhere be opened, for as Maitreya says, it is only "when man discovers in himself the ability to share, to love, to trust, from that moment begins his ascent to God."

"My plan is to release into the world my simple teaching of truth:
that men are one, brothers all;
that God loves all men equally;
that nature provides the sustenance for everyone to share;
that, coming as I do from mankind's past,
I know the answers to man's dilemma.

I shall show you the simple ways of change, of correctly relating
one to another, of correctly manifesting the will of God." – The Lord Maitreya

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First published April 1999, Last modified: 15-Oct-2005