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Political forms in the New Age
by the Master –, through Benjamin Creme

The three major political forms, Democracy, Communism and fascism will reflect aspects of God, as they were intended to do.

Present day political structures are of three main types, reflecting, however imperfectly, three separate aspects of the Divine intention. To these three forms we give the names of Democracy, Communism and Fascism. However distortedly, each embodies a divine idea; however corruptly, each is the expression of a divine energy, and each is related to a major planetary centre.

That which we call Democracy is a reflection, albeit inadequate today, of the love nature of God, exemplified by the Spiritual Hierarchy, the centre where the Love of God is expressed. That to which we give the name of Communism is an expression, as yet imperfect, of the Intelligence of God, centred in humanity itself; while Fascism, today in a totally distorted manner, reflects the energy of will from Shamballa, the centre where the Will of God is known.

Each of these three forms of organization and relationship is in a state of transition, more or less, and in their gradual transformation into a fuller expression of the divine idea behind them lies the hope of future peaceful co-operation.

Each of these forms today is characterized by a spirit of intense rivalry and exclusiveness. The followers of each are convinced that they alone have the answers to man's need for structure and organization and are ready, if need be, to plunge the world into catastrophic war to uphold their particular system.

The first step

What of the future? How can we ensure that these apparently disparate and opposing modes of political thought do not overwhelm humanity? Very little foresight is needed to see that without a change of direction mankind faces terrible dangers. There is no need to elaborate; the nuclear threat is clear to all.

An immediate first step is the realization that humanity is One, its needs are the same, everywhere, however varied and apparently conflicting the outer forms. The enormous discrepancies in living standards between the rich and poor countries make mockery of this essential Oneness, and have within them the seeds of war. The answer therefore is simple: the implementation of the principle of sharing provides the solution to the divisions in our planetary life. Nothing less will do. Sharing is divine, part of God's Plan for His children, and must one day become manifest.

New modes

And when men share, the divisions will grow together, the separations will be healed; and through the three major political structures the love, the will and the intelligence of God will find a truer reflection. A true Democracy in which all men participate will take the place of the present sham. A new spirit of freedom will invest the Communist ideal with warmth and love. A truly spiritual hierarchy embodying the beneficent Will of God will one day replace the present authoritarian regimes.

Thus will it be. Thus will the outer forms reflect the inner divine life and purpose and so present to men new modes of expression and relationship through which their growing sense of the nature of God can be realized.

All awaits the acceptance of sharing -- the key to justice and peace.

From the December 1982 issue of Share International

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First published April 1999, Last modified: 15-Oct-2005