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Share International magazine December 2005

Share International magazineThis is an abridged version of
Share International magazine.
Through these electronic files, the magazine Share International makes available a compilation of its contents.
Permission is granted to reproduce these articles in magazine, newspaper or newsletter format, provided that credit is given to Share International and clippings are sent to: PO Box 41877, 1009 DB Amsterdam, Holland. Copyright (c) 2003 Share International. All rights reserved.

Master's article

The beginning of the new time

by the Master —, through Benjamin Creme

Patiently, We, your Elder Brothers, await the response of men, knowing, as We do so, that the vast majority of people, when they know and understand the true situation now present on Earth, will agree that only radical change will forestall calamity.
One problem has been that the average person knows little of the enormous vested interests which control the affairs of men, and which, for the most part, work against the needs and rights of countless millions. At the moment, 80 per cent of the world’s wealth is owned by a small number of families and institutions. Much of that wealth is ‘static’, invested in estates, ships, gold, jewels and works of art, benefiting thereby but few. Such imbalance confounds the efforts of governments everywhere to establish societies based on relative social justice.
So old and so entrenched is this imbalance that only a Herculean effort or world economic disaster will shake its hold. Faced with this situation, governments are at a loss to manage their nation’s affairs and, simultaneously, compete with others for markets. The result, inevitably, is recurring chaos, instability, and a chronic lack of money for essential services and foreign aid. The world’s poor continue to suffer, therefore, and pray silently for change. Some, less silent, join the growing number of the world’s terrorist groups.
How then to break this vicious circle of inherited wealth, stagnation and revolutionary hatred and violence?
Maitreya, on His emergence, will address this problem and show its mechanism and negative effect on all aspects of life, national and international. He will show that only a just and fair distribution of the world’s wealth will realize the peace that all desire. That sharing alone will create the trust that makes such a distribution possible. That men have no alternative: all other ways have been tried and have failed — and the sands are running out.

The Great One
Thus will the Great One speak. Thus will He raise the consciousness of men and help them to understand the reasons for their plight. He will show that such imbalance is insupportable in a world so interdependent and facing so many perilous problems. That only a rational transformation of our now defunct structures will allow men to advance into the future and to build a civilization worthy of the name.
When men hear His words they will divide into three groups: one will, with full heart, respond to His thoughts and answer His appeal for their engagement. One will form a blockade of opposition and affront. A third, smaller, number will sit, anxiously, aside.
Gradually, it will become obvious that change must be tried, at least, and some experiments will be undertaken. This will convince many of the feasibility of sharing and lead to the Day of Declaration, the signal that the New Time has begun.

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Questions & Answers

Q. (1) The UN investigation into Rafiq Hariri’s death implicates Syria; was the investigator ‘leaned on’ and if so, by whom? Is Syria being ‘set up’ to make it look as if it is hostile to the West? (2) At the same time Iran is being bated and badgered with regard to its nuclear programme. Could you please comment?
A. (1) Syria is certainly being pressured by the US which put pressure on the United Nations to implicate Syria in the assassination of Rafiq Hariri. The real culprit, according to my information, is the CIA. Not only had Syria no cause to kill Hariri, it would have been entirely against Syria’s interest to contemplate such an action. Syria and Lebanon have mutual need of each other. US investigative journalist Seymour Hersh has published findings which support my information.
(2) Iran, of course, is similarly one of the so-called ‘axis of evil’, dreamed up by Mr Bush, because it is thought to have ambitions to make a nuclear bomb, which is not the case. Iran is large, strong, and the US is bogged down in Iraq. It is, therefore, unlikely that the US would invade Iran but it might bomb the nuclear facility which the Iranians, so far truthfully, insist is for domestic use only.

Q. (1) What is your opinion of Tony Blair’s efforts to ‘fight terrorism’, to introduce a 90-day period under arrest without charging the people held? (2) Do you think the defeat of this bill in Parliament spells the beginning of the end of Tony Blair’s political career?
(1) I believe, and the majority of the British public appear to agree, that a period of 90 days without charge is totally unjust and excessive and perhaps counter-productive. (2) Perhaps, but he is a limpet when power is at stake and will probably engineer a crisis which ‘demands’ his continuing presence in power.

Q. Is the election of Amir Peretz as new Labour Party leader in Israel a sign of change for the better and reconciliation in Israel and the Middle East? Dare we hope that his policies might open real dialogue with Israel?
A. I wish I could say yes but I think it will make little difference. The forces against reason and compromise in Israel are still too strong.

Q. Who is behind the suicide bomb attacks in Amman, Jordan?
A. Al-Qaeda.

Q. (1) What are the root causes of the recent riots in various French cities? (2) How should the French authorities and society in general deal with this? All French citizens are, after all, equal before the law.
A. (1) The unfair treatment – socially and in employment – of the French immigrant community which is much less integrated into French life than elsewhere in Europe. Typically, young immigrants say: “My passport says I am French. The police say I am a foreigner.” (2) Treat them as equals, of course.

Q. Looking at the dangerous and destructive happenings in the world today it is very comforting to hear your information that positive events are in fact occurring in direct proportion to the negative events. Please could you explain this process and has this always been the case?
A. This has not always been the case. Since His decision to return to the everyday world (made in 1945) Maitreya has been overshadowed by a great Cosmic Avatar, the Spirit of Peace or Equilibrium, in a manner similar to how Maitreya overshadowed Jesus in Palestine. This Avatar works with the Law of Action and Reaction (which are opposite and equal). As a result of His work the destructive, violent energies are changed into their opposite so that we shall have an era of equilibrium and harmony in direct proportion to the existing violence and disharmony.

Q. Is the new Palestinian leadership likely to give in to the Americans in order to bring about a ceasefire?
A. There is a ceasefire, although the Israelis are not holding to it, and therefore the Palestinians are not holding to it. The Israelis do not want to give up any of the West Bank, they want to prolong and prolong and are just hoping that more and more activists among the Palestinians will be found and shot, so that there would be fewer and fewer, and then they will just take over everything they want. They will put so many settlements on the West Bank — already it has shrunk to a fragment of the original West Bank. They are building this great concrete and metal wall, which takes great swathes of the West Bank belonging to Palestinian people as it cuts through their territory. They even make it so that a farmer is on one side of the wall and his farm or orchard is on the other. They cut off Palestinians from their everyday work, their farm, smallholding, orchards. They are without work, without any kind of subsistence. There is no way they can accept that kind of cruel and terrible oppression.
There is no people in the world that knows more about oppression than the Jewish people. They have been oppressed for years, not only in Germany during the war and the Holocaust, but for centuries, on and off, they have suffered pogrom after pogrom. Yet the Israelis meet out that same kind of oppression to the people of Palestine. It is a terrible thing that is happening there. I believe that it will take Maitreya to help them to achieve a just (and therefore lasting) peace.

Q. Is it my imagination or is there an increasing number of patterns of light? They seem to be everywhere!
A. You are quite right. They are increasing so that they are now seen in almost every country in the world.

Q. There are many stories of people being healed by patterns of light which appear all around the world. Is their function one of healing?
A. The patterns of light are not healing lights per se but from time to time Maitreya uses the light demonstration to perform the recorded ‘miracle’ healings.

Q. As the New Age starts what simple changes can we make?
A. Implement sharing. Create justice and therefore peace. Create right human relations and therefore create unity and synthesis which is the key to the Age of Aquarius. Realize that we are all One, brothers and sisters of one human society. All apparent differences are of no importance — whatever nationality or colour, these are not important. We have all probably had lives in different races, colours and nationalities. If you’re Dutch now, who knows — you may be Chinese, African or Romanian in your next life. Make friends with them now!

(More questions and answers)

Letters to the editor

Over a number of years, some of the Masters, in particular Maitreya and the Master Jesus, have appeared, in different guises, to large numbers of people around the world. They also appear at Benjamin Creme's lectures and meditations, giving people in the audience the opportunity to intuitively recognise Them. Some people recount their experiences to Share International magazine. If the encounters are authenticated by Benjamin Creme's Master, the letters are published. These experiences are given to inspire, to guide or teach, often to heal and uplift. Very often, too, the Masters draw attention to, or comment on, in an amusing way, some fixed intolerance (for example against smoking or drinking). Many times They act as saving 'angels' in accidents, during wartime, earthquakes and other disasters. The following letters, previously published in Share International magazine, are examples of this means of communication by the Masters.

Recruiting officer

Dear Editor,
In the summer 2005 we had a stall at the Croydon Mela. At one point an Indian man of medium height, dark hair, short beard and very clear eyes came up to us. Apart from his headscarf he was wearing modern western clothing. He already seemed to know about Benjamin Creme, Maitreya and the Masters.
The main conversation was around politics and he was talking about how only a small percentage of the world population was holding the majority of wealth. He said that it was mainly a few groups and corporations that controlled the wealth and that approximately 2,000 families were the stakeholders. He said this was where the main problems lay as they would not want to give up their power. He went into great detail, but unfortunately I could not follow him on all of it and only remember parts of the conversation. I believe that he also said that in the end it was only people power that would be able to change this.
He also said that to understand poverty people have to experience it, and made a major point of this. He said that was one of the major problems of the west, and that is why there was the lack of understanding. He also said that if he wants to understand something, he will put himself into that position first, physically. Only knowing was not enough.
When I asked him how he knew so much about this subject, he answered that he studied politics and economics at great length. When I asked him what he did for a living he told me that he was recruiting people to help him with his work. He likened it to building a ship. He said first of all you need a perfect plan, then you need someone to oversee the work being carried out and on top of that you need the perfect engineers to actually follow instructions. He said he was the person overseeing the work being carried out and recruiting the right people for the job.
When I asked him where he originally came from, he said a small village in the Himalayas. When I asked if he now lived in London, he said only temporarily, that he was travelling back and forth all the time, spending time between here and the Himalayas. When I asked him where his family was, he told me he did not have any.
At some point he asked me if I had met Maitreya, to which I answered that I had. He said: “What makes you think you did?” So I told him that Benjamin Creme confirmed one encounter at a Palestinian demonstration, to which he smiled. Then he said: “Do you think Benjamin Creme has met Maitreya?” I said that my understanding from reading his books is that Benjamin Creme has no desire as such and there are specific reasons for that. Again he smiled and said that was correct.
At one point he said: “I have been talking to you a lot, why don’t you tell me more about what you are doing?” I answered that I felt I really had nothing to offer him as he already knew all about Maitreya — and in truth he was more equipped to talk about the subject than me. He replied that I was doing OK and to carry on the good work.
He must have been there for a good half-an-hour, and also gave me some personal suggestions. When he left he shook my hand and told me to be happy.
After a while I saw him standing 15 metres away from our stall, just observing the crowds and lost in his own thoughts, sometimes glancing over. Then he vanished but appeared again a little later, chatting to someone else on a stall a few metres away, glancing over now and then. He was around until we packed up and then walked away quite briskly.
S.S., London, UK.
(Benjamin Creme’s Master confirms that the ‘Indian man’ was Maitreya.)

Mother Christmas

Dear Editor,
During early morning of Christmas Day 1998 I had a dream. I say a dream but it was like no other and more of an all encompassing feeling and experience.
I dreamt that I was at my sister’s house and in the bed and room that I was actually sleeping in. I woke, in the dream, and looked out of the window to the street where a female Santa Claus was sitting surrounded by children. She was very large, not fat, but with a large head and bust, and huge hips. She had long, thick, red wavy hair and a rosy complexion. She was looking directly at me, smiling. I gasped and at that point was filled with what I can only describe as total, complete and absolute love flowing from her to my heart and then throughout my whole body.
I can still remember this experience in every detail and the tremendous feeling of intaking love. This was a life-changing experience for me. I also conceived my first child around this time.
I wonder if you could tell me if this was my spiritual wake-up call and if so by whom?
P.G., Glasgow, Scotland, UK.
(Benjamin Creme’s Master confirms that the dream was, indeed, a “spiritual wake-up call” by the Master Jesus.)

Two letters from the same person:


(1) Our immediate family has been going through some very trying times, and one day I found myself crying out to Maitreya that I needed a hug. A couple of days later, 1 February 2005, we went for my last visit to the doctor about injuries from a fall down the stairs on Thanksgiving Day 2004. My husband and I stopped at a grocery store on the way home. I still had a big boot on my leg, and walked with a cane. A lady came up to me and gave me a hug. It startled me as I remembered my prayer to Maitreya. She gave me another hug, and asked if we shop at this store all the time? I answered no, she said that if we do, she wants to come there also. She kept saying that I have a pretty face. It was embarrassing. I looked at her face more closely and noticed that she had reddish blonde hair, and her features were flawless, with no wrinkles. I remarked that she also had a pretty face, she looked to me in her fifties.
As she walked away my husband noticed that she got into a car and drove away. Could she have been Maitreya?
(Benjamin Creme’s Master confirms that the ‘woman’ was Maitreya.)

Hidden treasure

Dear Editor,
(2) In June 2004 my husband and I were serving at a Share International booth in Denver, Colorado. We needed another chair for co-workers so I set out across a grassy area to look for one. Lying there were two homeless men, cigarettes in their hands; both wore black baseball hats, and the older one wore a dark tweed jacket. Beside them was a shopping cart filled with empty pop cans. I asked if they observed where extra chairs were stored. I was referred to the information booth. The younger one, upon the urging of the older man, took me there, walking a few feet ahead of me, not speaking. He was tall and had clean ‘Levi’s’ on. I thought it was strange for a homeless person to look so clean.
Finally I asked, is it drugs or wine? He replied, wine. I knew that, as my father was an alcoholic — not abusive, but my growing up years were miserable because of it (he was a wino). For at least an hour, the two of them took me all over looking for that chair, to no avail. Something inside of me couldn’t help but feel joyous as I knew they were trying to help me, I was able to see the divine within them, in a different light.
They guided me back to our booth, the younger one pushing the cart, only the older man spoke: he said he was from California, from a large family, and he and his father used to go fishing. He added: “I can go back whenever I want.” The shorter, older man kept saying “the younger one is so young”, until I asked him, how old is he? He replied, 38. I said: “I can’t tell your age, because you have a beard.” He said: “I like my beard.”
When it came time for us to part the older man pulled a chair from the bottom of the cart and handed it to me. I was so stunned that all could say was: “I can’t take your chair, it’s yours”. He replied: “What would I do with a chair? I want you to have it.” He then said to me: “Can I have a hug before we leave?” I said yes.
Could these men possibly have been Maitreya and Master Jesus?
B. S., Boulder, Colorado, USA.
(Benjamin Creme’s Master confirms that the older man was Maitreya and the younger one was the Master Jesus.)

Two letters from the same person:


Dear Editor,
(1) In August 1998 early in the afternoon, I was leaving my work in an industrial park. When I entered a roundabout near the main road, I saw a bearded middle-aged man who at the edge of the road signalled to the passing cars to stop. As I could not stop just then I drove around the roundabout again to see if he needed help. When I arrived where he was standing, he continued signalling to every car that was passing, but nobody seemed to pay any attention to him.
When I lowered the window, he approached me and said in Italian that he and his friend had brought a delivery of clothes from Italy to El Corte Inglés, a big store, but that when they unloaded, a fault was detected in a small batch of clothes and they could not deliver it. He said they could not go back home with this because their boss would get angry, so he was trying to sell it. He pointed to a small bundle hidden some 10 metres from him and said that his friend was waiting in the truck just close by, and invited me to look at the clothes for something to buy for my wife, because they were good fashion clothes. I looked around but could not see the truck anywhere. I suggested I could show them some other places where they could sell the clothes more easily, since this industrial area without shops and houses would be quite difficult for him. He answered that they did not have any official permission for selling and that could be a problem with the authorities.
I searched for money to see if I could buy something but found out that all I had was a 500-pesetas coin (around $3). I told him that I was not carrying enough money to buy anything but that he could anyway take the coin.
At that moment he laid his hand on my right arm and told me that it didn’t actually matter, and that he was very grateful that I had stopped. We said goodbye and I left. While on the roundabout heading to the main road I could still see him signalling to the passing cars, which went on ignoring him.
This encounter was kind of strange for me, because we understood each other perfectly well, as if we were speaking the same language, when in fact he spoke Italian and I Spanish. I would like to know if this encounter with the Italian man was something special?
(Benjamin Creme’s Master has confirmed that the ‘Italian man’ was the Master Jesus.)

Friendly stranger

(2) One evening in Autumn 1998 in Barcelona, my wife and I were driving home after Transmission Meditation. At a crossroads, while entering a main road, we saw a young, bearded man about 35 years old, with deep dark eyes, walking on the pavement. He seemed to be looking at us, smiling, greeting us with his right hand. It seemed strange because we didn’t remember having met him before. However, a kind of warmness that came out of him made me feel as if I had known him for ever. Already in the main street, I looked at the rear-view mirror and saw that he had stopped, turned round and continued looking at us smiling and holding his hands in front. I had to look ahead for a second to continue driving and when I looked back again in the mirror, I could not see him any more. Was this young, smiling man someone special?
H. L., Barcelona, Spain.
(Benjamin Creme’s Master confirms that the ‘young man’ was the Master Jesus.)

“Hope rises, My friends. Hope is in your midst.”

The need for change, and change itself, brings about upheaval and creates conditions which, judged superficially, give the impression of chaos. Readers of Share International will know that behind the scenes, and sometimes obscured by surface events, a great transformation for the better is taking place. A new, saner, more just world is in the making. Maitreya, the World Teacher, says of His emergence:
“The time is short indeed when you will see Me. Make best use of this little time to tell your brothers of My Presence. There is naught that you could do more valuable than this. Hope rises, My friends. Hope is in your midst. A new Light dawns in the world, and mankind shall know Joy.” (From Message No. 112)
We present a small selection of excerpts from the compilation on the theme of “Hope” gathered from various sources: Maitreya (Messages from Maitreya the Christ), Benjamin Creme’s Master (A Master Speaks) and Benjamin Creme’s writings.
For the full compilation we refer you to Share International December 2005

When I make Myself known, I shall express the hope of all mankind for a new life, a new start, a readiness to change direction; to see the construction of a New World in which men can live in peace; can live free from fear of themselves or their brothers; free to create from the joy in their hearts; free to be themselves, in simple honesty. My Task is but beginning, but even now there exists in men’s hearts a new light, a new hope, a sense of a new beginning; a realization that Man is not alone, that the Protector of All has sent His Agent. It is That which I am. (Maitreya, from Message No. 8)

We stand on the threshold of a new era. Most people today can feel the winds of change which sweep across the world, pointers to the new time. Amid the chaos and the breakdown of old certainties and forms can be felt a new world waiting to be born. A better world. A safer, saner and a fairer world. My task has been to keep these hopes and plans before you, to inspire your co-operation and active service, to guide your footsteps when they might have faltered, and to awaken in you the realization that you are not bereft and alone. I am happy to be of this service; I welcome the opportunity to lighten your burden and to hold before you the golden promise of the future. (The Master –, from ‘The promise of the future’)

Our job has been to create the climate of hope and expectancy which will allow Maitreya to come forward (without infringing our free will) and declare Himself openly in an arena in which at least a major receptivity exists. Millions of people have heard this story*; of course, they do not all believe it. Many thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands, do believe it to some extent. They are open to the possibility, and that is a good thing. There are – I do not know how many – many hundreds or thousands of really committed, active believers. Their task, our task, is to further this openness of humanity to the possibility of Maitreya’s appearance. That helps to create this open window which will allow Him to come forward. (Benjamin Creme, Maitreya’s Mission Volume Three)

A new time is in the making – of justice, freedom and peace. In this coming time the peoples of all the nations will see fulfilled their dreams and hopes of a better life: of meaning and purpose, of beauty and understanding, of right relationship and love. Each day will bring a new discovery, inner and outer, each hour an opportunity to serve. Thus will it be, and thus will each man, woman and child glorify the divine in all of us, and show in all its variety the many-sided beauty of God. (The Master –, from ‘The ending of bondage’)

Share with your brothers and sisters everywhere this message of hope, these tidings of joy, and prepare them, too, for My Appearance. In this way you can serve your brothers beyond measure. (Maitreya, from Message No. 48)

Question: Can you in an occult way differentiate between belief and hope and give a clearer meaning of the words?
Hope is different from belief. Belief is a function of the mind. It is something which, on the mental level, appears to you to be true, valuable, magnetic, attractive – a set of ideas which together make an ideology in which you can believe. It seems to answer the problems of life, to provide answers to various questions which arise about the meaning, the purpose, of life, and so on. That is a very different thing from hope.
Hope, I would say, is of two kinds: there is the hope which is a wish-fulfilling fantasy and is astral in nature. It can go a long way in sustaining the person in difficult circumstances. It is the kind of hope of Mr Micawber, a famous Charles Dickens character. He was always in dire straits, impecunious, but always living in hope, waiting “for something to turn up”. That kind of hope is astral desire, and will take you, as it took him, through a whole book, but will not of itself do other than sustain your ability to live life from day to day.
Hope, in the more occult sense, is very different indeed. Hope is the realization of the inner connectedness of all things; of your life and your daily activity with the cosmic scheme of things. The awareness of who you are, that you are the Self – that gives you faith or hope. Faith and hope stem from the same inner, intuitive realization of who you are, that you are here for a purpose and that nothing on Earth can shake that. Nothing can obliterate life. You can kill the body, do all sorts of things to the outer, physical plane life, but you cannot get rid of Being. Hope arises from a sense of your own Beingness. That is the sustaining quality which we call faith, the inner connection with the soul, a soul quality. As Maitreya Himself has said: “I am your Hope.” (Message No. 10) It is the Christ Principle within us, the energy of evolution itself, connecting us with the whole cosmic outflow that He means when He says: “I am your hope.” When what He is, the embodiment of the Christ Principle, is in your heart, you have hope. To have hope is to have complete faith in life. It does not mean to say that everything is going to go smoothly. It does not mean that on the outer, physical plane you will have a life of ease, and that when you want to contact the media they will immediately respond, and when you are telephoning people they will always be there and you will never have to try again. Many people think that if everything works easily and smoothly they are somehow on the right track. Following the line of least resistance is not necessarily the right way to live one’s life. It is the art of choosing the right action in relation to the line of least, or of most, resistance which brings about the tension we call service: the fire, the ardour which true service has. (Benjamin Creme, Maitreya’s Mission Volume Two)

We are witnessing simultaneously the rebirth of hope and freedom on a mass scale and the last efforts of the old order to re-establish itself against the tide of evolution. The New Age is on its way and naught can halt its progress, but man himself determines the speed and ease or otherwise of that forward movement. (The Master –, from ‘The dark before the dawn’)

Each tremor of Love felt within your heart is registered in Mine. This is the simple truth of our relationship. Know then, My friends, how great is the joy I feel when I sense your expectation, your release from fear, and know your trust. My Way is being prepared. Make it your task, My brothers and sisters, to share this burden. Create around you the atmosphere of trust and hope into which I soon may enter. Believe Me, My friends, this is a great work indeed. Much depends on the creation of this pool of trust, this atmosphere of hope. When I tell you that My feet have already walked the pavements of cities, this, My friends, is the truth. Men are known to Me in the fullest sense: I know their hopes and fears. I know their longings and yearnings. I know their aspiration for good. Upon all of this I rely. Make it your avowed task to aid Me in My coming work. May it be that you become channels for My Love. In this way shall you fulfil your destiny, too. (Maitreya, from Message No. 73)
Maitreya knows that men will rightly choose; that He has not come in vain. He knows that burning brightly in men’s hearts is the aspiration, the longing, for brotherhood and justice, for right relationship and trust. Maitreya’s leadership and love are the twin keys to unlock the hearts of men.
Readers of these pages will know what to expect, will sense how to react. Take this opportunity to serve your brothers and sisters throughout the world by telling them the glad tidings. Awaken them to the priceless experience and choice which will soon be theirs. Encourage them with hope and expectation of a better, happier future and open, thus, their hearts for Maitreya’s love. (The Master –, from ‘Man’s essential choice’)
(* Sept. 2004: 30 million have heard this information, 20 million are open to it, and 2 million believe it.)


Article on light circles published in US tabloid

“Many witnesses around the world are reporting a strange new phenomenon — miraculous circles of light that have cured hundreds of sick and dying people,” according to an article in US tabloid The Sun.
The article states that unusual geometric figures have appeared on the sides of buildings, bedroom walls, sidewalks and city buses throughout the world, including the US, Canada, Australia, Argentina, Germany and Switzerland.
The article reports that the light patterns have miraculously cured diseases including terminal cancer, chronic lung diseases and even hereditary medical conditions, and sometimes appear on request, linked to a prayer for a spiritual healing.
Brian Markerson of Bangor, Maine, USA, believes that a light circle cured him of a rare life-threatening condition that caused blood clots to develop in the blood vessels surrounding his brain. “I started praying regularly,” Markerson said, “ ... and one day I noticed this strange, circular pattern of light on my bedroom wall, about two feet above my pillow. I’d never seen one there before. It seemed to grow brighter every time I said my prayers, and my wife started calling it my angel, because it sort of looked like a figure with wings inside the circle.”
One morning, Markerson’s bedroom became intensely bright, “like a policeman’s flashlight”. He saw white light, and lost consciousness, believing he was dying. “And then I woke up in the hospital,” he said. “I’d been out for eight hours, but the thrombosis was completely gone.... Brain scans showed that I was completely well. I never saw the circle again — it just vanished from my wall.”
The article quotes physicist Eileen Gulden, who has studied the light circle phenomenon for three years: “The circles generally appear when the sun is out, and often they seem like they should be reflections from nearby windows. But they’re not consistent. They don’t move as the sun moves, and they’re not there every day. Sometimes the circles appear and stay for several weeks, but sometimes it’s only for an hour or two, and sometimes it stays for a year or more before vanishing. The ‘Xs’ and other geometric patterns inside the circles can’t be explained by any ordinary optics. Normal reflections just don’t behave the way these circles do. They’re like crop circles made of visible light.”
Many patterns and designs have appeared, including the vesica piscis, the Christian symbol of the fish, which also appears in sacred geometries of many world cultures, according to Gulden. “It is most often associated with gifts from God, as a mark of a divine presence here on Earth,” Gulden said. (Source: The Sun, USA)
(Benjamin Creme’s Master confirms that the energy of the light circle was manipulated by Maitreya for the healing of Brian Markerson. See the Q&A section for more information.)

UFOs from Mars

In October and November 2005 skies over Germany were reported to be full of coloured fireballs. The authorities received numerous reports of UFO sightings while scientists explained away the light-show as meteor showers.
Meteor showers are known to peak at the end of October to early November. The NASA Website quotes meteor expert David Asher from the Armagh Observatory in Northern Ireland as saying that people “are probably seeing the Taurid meteor shower”.
While it is possible that the fiery lights were a meteor streak, amateur and professional astronomers were also considering the possibility that they could be space-debris. “It is also possible that they are UFOs, which are after all things which we cannot explain,” said Werner Walter, an amateur astronomer in Mannheim, Germany, describing them as “super-large, coloured fireballs that shoot with the speed of lightning through the sky”. (Source: CNN, Reuters)
(Benjamin Creme’s Master confirms these sighting to be spaceships from Mars.)

UFOs over Oxford, England

A UFO was reported over south Oxfordshire, England, on 27 October 2005, according to a local newspaper. It was first reported and photographed over the Benson area at 6am by builder Howard Jarman who saw through his window “an object in the sky with bright lights” emitting “a strange humming noise like pylons make”. He and his wife watched it for 45 minutes. The same “alien spacecraft” was seen by Jacqui Ellaway and her daughter Jo over Sutton Courtenay earlier the same morning from their car. “There were three square windows in a row, all you could see were the lights and a faint light underneath, but three very big square windows. It wasn’t moving at all, we just sat there in the drive looking at it,” Mrs Ellaway said.
Thames Valley police denied receiving any reports of a UFO in the area and the Ministry of Defence said the object was probably a plane or light reflecting off cloud. “We do not keep UFO statistics,” said a spokesman. (Source: Oxford Mail, UK)

Share International received the following letter:

Dear Editor,
In late October 2005 my Mum, who lives near Oxford, woke after midnight to go to the bathroom. She heard a humming sound coming from outside and looked out of the window. She looked up and saw a series of lights that stretched across the sky. There was a brighter light to one side and small flickering lights racing around the perimeter. She is wondering if it was a UFO and asks if the Master would kindly be able to say.
H. S., Oxford, UK.
(Benjamin Creme’s Master confirms that this was a huge spaceship from Mars, with dozens of smaller spacecraft flying around it.)

Voice of the People

US policies opposed in Latin America

Indigenous people, students, workers, artists, church leaders, women and human rights activists from throughout the Americas took part in the People's SummitExtraordinary social experimentation is taking place in South America with people power and independent-minded leaders converging in their demands for a more just society.
Opposition to President Bush and his proposed Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA), as well as neo-conservative economic policies and capitalism in general, took on a creative twist in early November at the Fourth Summit of Americas in Mar del Plata, Argentina. A massive march ended in a rally at a sports stadium and involved a varied group of Latin American leaders and ordinary people: Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez, Bolivian socialist leader Evo Morales, Argentinian leaders of the unemployed, a Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Mothers of Plaza de Mayo, singers from all over the continent, and legendary soccer hero Diego Maradona.
Maradona led the big Argentinian march of 4 November, so that “Bush doesn’t step on Argentinian soil”. The US President landed in Buenos Aires, but left Argentina sooner than initially scheduled. At the culminating event of the anti-Bush march, Chávez called the stadium in which over 25,000 demonstrators had gathered the “graveyard of the FTAA”.
A counter-meeting, the third People’s Summit, also took place in Buenos Aires, with recommendations to summarily suspend FTAA talks, to combat inequality in the region, and “energetically reject the militarization of the continent promoted by the empire of the north”.
The activists also rejected the bilateral or regional free-trade accords that the United States is negotiating, which are based on the blueprint of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) which links Canada, Mexico and the United States.
Indigenous people, students, workers, artists, church leaders, women and human rights activists from throughout the Americas took part in the People’s Summit.
“We are asking for the FTAA talks to be called off once and for all, and for a stop to negotiations for an agreement on a continent-wide fight against terrorism, which the United States is seeking,” said González, Argentine trade unionist and co-ordinator of the third People’s Summit.
The organizers are calling for the integration and co-operation of the countries of the region and for them to defend their sovereignty in the face of what they consider a process of militarization of the region promoted by the United States.
President Hugo Chávez of Venezuela proposed a Bolivian Alternative for Latin America and the Caribbean (ALBA, a Spanish acronym meaning ‘dawn’) to replace the controversial FTAA. Regional opponents of Bush’s free trade agreement accuse it of fomenting inequality and placing poorer countries at the mercy of wealthier ones. The Bolivian alternative proposes regional integration with the goal of fighting poverty and social exclusion.
ALBA, according to Chávez, “must be built from the bottom ... It will not be built up from the elites, but from below, from our roots”. He listed examples of ALBA in action, citing the heavily-discounted sale of Venezuelan petroleum to 14 Caribbean countries for goods and services instead of cash, and at a negligible interest rate.
“It was a turning point in Latin American history,” claims Marcelo Langieri who was one of 160 cultural and political leaders invited to travel the 400 kilometres from Buenos Aires to Mar del Plata on a train dubbed the ALBA Express, emphasized what he considers a paradigm shift in the dialogue. “Not only was the FTAA questioned,” he said, “but also the neo-conservative economic model and capitalism” – and by somebody in a position of power such as Chávez.
Signs carried by the crowd included “Stop Bush” and “Pirate Bush, out of Mar del Plata.” Crowd estimates varied, from 25,000 cited in The New York Times to the 50,000 estimated by organizers.
Although the specific outcome of these marches is not yet clear, it is unquestionable that popular opposition to Bush and his policies has created a powerful movement, one which leaders, especially Chávez, are willing to use for South America’s advantage.
(Source: The Nation, Argentina; El País, Spain; IPS).

‘World Can’t Wait’ rallies across US

Thousands of protesters staged rallies in dozens of cities across the United States on 2 November 2005 calling for the resignation of President Bush. ‘Drive Out the Bush Regime’ was the main theme of protests that took place in New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, San Francisco, Chicago and at least 60 other cities.
The World Can’t Wait organization, a coalition of groups, used the anniversary of Bush’s re-election to stage the rallies. In New York, students walked out of schools and colleges and joined other supporters as thousands rallied in Union Square before marching to Times Square. “The Bush regime is out to remake the world with its policies,” said organizer Sunsara Taylor. “From the war in Iraq to environmental policies to the remaking of the Supreme Court ... we are staring down the barrel of fascism in this country.” Students from at least 40 colleges and universities and 90 high schools throughout the US skipped school to participate in the rallies. (Source: Reuters, UK)

Protests in Baku

In the Azerbaijani capital Baku, in November 2005, tens of thousands of demonstrators expressed their anger at alleged fraud in recent parliamentary elections. The disputed parliamentary elections also drew criticism from the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe which was present to monitor the elections. Observers described the vote-counting process as “bad” or “very bad” in 43 per cent of the polling stations monitored.
Some see this popular protest as copying the so-called ‘Orange Revolution’ in Ukraine and other similar examples of people power, but although estimates vary, it would seem that about 30,000-40,000 protestors united to demand that President Ilham Aliev step down.
Among the many placards was one calling on George Bush: “President Bush: Do not trade our democracy for oil.” Oil is a vital factor in Azerbaijans’s future since Western companies – in particular US firms – have invested billions of dollars in the country’s oil reserves; a $3.4 billion oil pipeline nearing completion runs from Azerbaijan to deliver oil from the Caspian Sea region to the Mediterranean Turkish port of Ceyhan. The pipeline would decrease US dependence on the Middle East as a source of oil.
While the authorities and some commentators are claiming that the show of people power is already running out of steam, more demonstrations are planned for the near future. (Source: Los Angeles Times, USA; Inter Press Service)

US states defy Bush on climate change

Americans are taking climate change into their own hands, legislating to set Kyoto-style limits on greenhouse gas emission — in direct opposition to President Bush’s recalcitrance on global warming.
Nine north-eastern states are curbing power-station emissions; California is legislating to cut car emissions by 30 per cent by 2015 (a move which could transform the motor industry); the mayors of 187 US towns and cities (representing 40 million people) have pledged themselves to Kyoto targets for emissions reductions; and some leading US firms are seeking mandatory CO2 cuts to keep them abreast of worldwide moves towards a low-carbon economy.
If California’s legislation in particular survives legal challenges, other US states will follow suit, as will Japan and possibly China — meaning that car manufacturers worldwide will have to comply with lower CO2 emissions. (Source: BBC News, UK)

Showing up the lies!

Former diplomat discloses Iraq lies

Sir Christopher MeyerA former British ambassador to the US and expert on foreign policy has challenged the Downing Street versions of events surrounding the war on Iraq and its aftermath, revealing that the UK was taken to war on the basis of lies.
Based in Washington from 1997-2003, Sir Christopher Meyer (photo) was regularly involved in high-level pre-war meetings. His book of memoirs, DC Confidential — the first ‘insider’ account of the war’s planning to be published — discloses that:
• Tony Blair was reassuring the US that he supported war for regime change while staunchly denying it at home;
• while the US and UK continue to blame France’s threatened veto for their rush to war, French diplomats at the time were willing to negotiate a deal to allow a second UN resolution;
• Tony Blair (notoriously weak on detail and policy) was so “seduced” by “the proximity and glamour of US power” that he offered America unconditional support instead of pushing to secure post-war planning. “Had Britain so insisted,” Sir Christopher writes, “Iraq after Saddam might have avoided the violence that may yet prove fatal to the entire enterprise”;
• the UK Foreign Office was completely sidelined by Downing Street in the run-up to the war;
• terrorism in the UK has been radicalized and fuelled by the Iraq war and its aftermath (this in direct contradiction to Tony Blair’s current denials).
(Source: The Guardian, BBC News, UK)

“Not the real Saddam”

According to a report from a Jordanian blogger, published in The Guardian newspaper at the start of the court proceedings, there is fierce opposition in Jordan to the trial of Saddam Hussein, with some Jordanian newspapers claiming that “the person being detained is not the real Saddam but one of his doubles and that he is being put on trial simply to ‘increase the popularity of the American president’”.
Meanwhile, a second lawyer representing one of Saddam’s co-accused was shot dead in November 2005, making it too dangerous for the defence to visit their offices, interview witnesses or carry out other duties in connection with the trial. (Source: The Guardian, UK)
(See Benjamin Creme, ‘The great hoax?’, Share International, January/February 2004: “It is clear to us that the US has not caught Saddam Hussein. Our information is that Saddam was injured on the first night of the war, 20 March 2003, and died two days later. The man recently captured was one of several stand-ins, a cousin, who resembles Saddam Hussein but has several different features.”)

Soldiers confirm US torture in Iraq

A US army captain who served in Iraq and Afghanistan has publicly accused US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld of lying to Congress about the systematic torture of Iraqi prisoners.
In a letter to Congress, Captain Ian Fishback refuted Rumsfeld’s 2004 testimony to Congress that the Abu Ghraib abuses were carried out by a few rogue soldiers “on the night shift”, and that the US was following the Geneva conventions in Iraq. A devout Christian, Fishback was concerned that Rumsfeld’s testimony violated the US Constitution by involving the army in a lie to Congress. He claimed that many of the brutal practices revealed in the Abu Ghraib photographs were “in accordance with what I perceived as US policy”, and that what he witnessed showed that the US was not following the Geneva Convention in its treatment of Iraqi prisoners.
Human Rights Watch says that since Fishback’s challenge “a growing critical mass of soldiers is coming forward with allegations of abuse”.
Fishback’s account “is what I view as the tip of the iceberg in the military today”, says Senator John McCain, whose amendment to the new US defence spending bill to forbid cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment of prisoners “regardless of nationality or physical location” in line with the US Constitution has been approved 90-9 by the US Senate. Vice President Dick Cheney lobbied strongly against the amendment, but a Pentagon official said that “the uniformed military is appalled by Cheney’s stand”. (Source: Newsweek, USA)

Prewar intelligence doubted

Newly declassified information shows that Bush administration officials repeatedly accused Iraq of training Al-Qaeda terrorists long after US interrogators concluded the source of the accusation was “intentionally misleading” them.
Top administration officials – including President Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney, the then national security adviser Condoleezza Rice and former Secretary of State Colin Powell – repeated those accusations in the months before the March 2003 invasion. Among the most prominent claims was one by President Bush, who said in a major speech in October 2002 that “we’ve learned that Iraq has trained Al-Qaeda members in bomb making and poisons and gases”.
But these assertions were based on information provided by Ibn al-Shaykh al-Libi, a captive Al-Qaeda operative whom the US Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) had previously concluded, in their February 2002 report, was probably lying to his interrogators. A separate Central Intelligence Agency report in early 2003 supported the DIA’s conclusion, saying that “the detainee was not in a position to know if any training had taken place”.
According to Senator Carl Levin, the senior Democrat on the Senate Armed Services Committee, “This newly declassified information provides additional, dramatic evidence that the administration’s prewar statements were deceptive. The underlying intelligence simply did not support the administration’s repeated assertions that Iraq had provided chemical and biological weapons training to Al-Qaeda.” (Source: CNN)

Doubt shed on Hariri assassination report

Seymour HershSeymour Hersh (photo), a Pulitzer-prize winning US investigative journalist, has said the UN interim report on the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri is inconclusive at best. The report cited “converging evidence” that senior levels of the Syrian government were involved in the murder. But according to Hersh, the report by German prosecutor Detlev Mehlis is built on the same weak foundations as US Secretary of State Colin Powell’s presentation to the UN in February 2003 on Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction. According to Hersh, the report by Mehlis relies on “intercepts of an unnamed source inside the Iranian air force, someone without inside stuff. It’s not empirical”. This thin evidence, he says, forms the basis for the Bush administration’s campaign at the UN for sanctions against Syria. (Source: Toronto Globe and Mail, Canada)
(In Questions and Answers, Share International April 2005, Benjamin Creme writes: “... It is the current US policy to put maximum pressure on Syria and my information is that the CIA murdered Rafiq Hariri, thus triggering the call for Syrian troop-withdrawal from Lebanon, implying and sowing the rumour that he was killed by Syria despite the fact that it would not have been in Syria’s interest to do such a thing ...”)

CIA challenged on secret prisons

The US Central Intelligence Agency and the White House are refusing to disclose information to Congress on the CIA’s covert global prison network.
Set up after the 11 September 2001 attacks, the prisons are located in eight countries, including Thailand, Afghanistan, sites in Eastern Europe, and a centre at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Nothing is known about conditions, treatment, terms of detention or even the identities of prisoners held in the secret jails, the existence of which has never been acknowledged by the CIA for fear of opening the US government to legal challenges in foreign courts where the prisons contravene local as well as US laws of detention.
Despite the prisons’ host countries and the US being signatories to the UN Convention Against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment, CIA interrogators overseas use ‘Enhanced Interrogation Techniques’ approved by the CIA even though some are prohibited by the UN Convention and by US military law. But with ex-CIA detainees abroad making allegations of torture and Congress demanding answers, concern is growing within the CIA over the legal, moral and practical aspects of holding prisoners in isolation and secrecy – possibly for the rest of their lives. (Source: The Washington Post, Associated Press, USA)

Crop circles and the mystery of flattened corn

by Adam Parsons

The following is a short extract from an article by British journalist Adam Parsons published in the December 2005 issue of Share International

Crop circle yearbook 2005Since public attention was drawn to mysterious circles of flattened corn on farmers’ fields during the 1980s, more than 10,000 pictograms or ‘agriglyphs’ have been discovered in almost every country of the world. Hundreds appear each year, mostly during the summer nights around Wiltshire in southern England, and often so complex that they puzzle even professors of mathematics. They can be hundreds of feet long or wide and are an expression of precise geometric laws.
The British government has officially denounced them as hoaxes, countless documentaries and newspapers have rubbished them, and yet thousands of visitors flock to Wiltshire each year to experience for themselves this peculiar phenomenon.
Along the A345, over the Beckhampton roundabout and past the Wagon and Horses pub, there sits the Silent Circle Cafe. For those who visit Wiltshire each summer, it is an essential stop-off on the crop circle route. As soon as the doors open in the nippy early morning, crop circle enthusiasts from as far afield as New Zealand or Denmark or the USA are seen perched outside in rental minibuses with large Ordinance Survey maps and flasks of coffee. And on this particular day in summer 2005 I was one of them.
By 10 o’clock the cafe was buzzing with people in cagoules and hiking boots drinking cups of tea before the day’s first round of crop circle hunting. According to a large chart on the wall marked with pins there were at least 20 crop circles in the fields beyond the cafe, and dozens of others throughout the rambling countryside. Could it really be that easy? I had been prepared for a night or two spent on hilltops peering through binoculars for bright lights in the sky, but according to Charles Mallet, the young cafe proprietor, crop circle hunting nowadays is busier and more popular than ever.
The term ‘crop circle’ was coined in the late 1980s by Colin Andrews and Pat Delgado, the first researchers to focus public attention on what was happening in the British countryside. In their 1989 best-selling book Circular Evidence, Andrews and Delgado exhaustively collated the types of flattened crop swirls that had started in the late 1970s as simple circles, and then evolved into beautiful, complex and bewildering designs by the late 1980s.
From radial swathes, to multiple layers, to whirls laid down in a ‘g’ or an ‘s’ shape, formations were found which could only be achieved by flattening in one go. And then the ‘outer wall’ details trimmed with surgical precision, the rings and the paths, the varying centres and the radial swirls, and all this without snapping a single stem?
Pat Delgado spoke of golden disc-shaped objects observed in the sky, dictaphones picking up unheard sounds, dowsing forces that seemed to take over the arms, of ground patterns that simply “defy duplication by human beings”, and an “unknown force field and unknown intelligence”. In 1988 alone, 200 circles were reported in the space of eight weeks, and 51 of these were found near Silbury Hill, near Avebury, Wiltshire, one of the oldest man-made mounds in the world.
Then in the summer of 1990 something extraordinary happened. In the East Fields at Alton Barnes, now the most crop circle-famous set of fields in the world, a startled farmer discovered a formation longer than a jumbo jet. The term crop circle, despite being somewhat inappropriate for an elongated pattern, suddenly burst into public consciousness.
The first wave of crop-circle enthusiasts started visiting Wiltshire in droves, until an altogether human element was added to the phenomenon — the hoaxers. At the peak of media interest in 1990, the BBC and Nippon TV sponsored a 24-hour vigil at Bratton Castle, Wiltshire, under the name Operation Blackbird, to try and capture a crop circle in the making. The project was scheduled to last three weeks using constant round-the-clock surveillance, massive media coverage and a heavy government military presence with infra-red, night vision and radar equipment.
Surprisingly, a crop circle was discovered on just the second day. Colin Andrews, by now the foremost authority on crop circles, was urgently contacted for a statement, but he made the grave mistake of proclaiming an event of ‘great significance’ before he and Delgado had even visited the formation. It was a hoax, and a terrible one at that — with a sinister occult board game and tacky zodiac signs inside. By lunchtime Andrews had become a national laughing stock, the public were led to associate crop circles with loony hoaxes, and a serious question was raised: why would the government and the media spend so much money on de-escalating such an innocent mystery?
On day 10 of the vigil Andrews claims that an authentic circle was discovered, but a D-notice (allowing the British government to ban all media reportage) was placed on TV cameras for the next four hours, and the authorities later handed Andrews a blank tape of the footage. It now begged a further question; so what was the government trying to hide?
In September 1991, just one day after the first international crop circle conference in Glastonbury, the two most famous hoaxers came to the fore; Doug Bower and the late Dave Chorley. Under the heading ‘The Men Who Conned the World’, a tabloid newspaper quoted these two eccentric men in their sixties as being the sole perpetrators of the entire crop circle mystery using just planks, ropes and a specially modified baseball cap.
What Bower and Chorley failed to explain, however, was how they could be in several places at once, creating crop circles around the world, and how their simple planking method could also work in grass, stinging nettles, winter crops like beet and kale, underwater in rice paddy fields as happened in Japan, and even in the leaves of trees, on a thinly frozen lake, and 13,000 feet up in the snowy mountains of Afghanistan? For most of the watching public it was the end of a joke by drunken farmers, but for whoever continued to make the increasingly complicated formations, it was barely even the beginning.
By 1996, more than 8,000 formations had been reported worldwide, each year growing in complexity and confounding expectations. Then a further leap in the phenomenon took place that sent ripples around the world. At 5.15pm one early summer evening in July 1996, an RAF pilot flew over the fields by the historic Stonehenge site, next to the busiest road in Wiltshire. Using Stonehenge as a landmark for an aerial circuit, he flew back over at 6pm and officially logged the most startling pattern that had somehow appeared from nowhere in the field below, hundreds of feet long and staggering in its complexity. Later named the Julia Set, (because of it’s resemblance to fractal shapes known as Julia sets) it broke all records: the longest, most intricate design yet seen and the first to be made during daylight hours — in the space, according to a Stonehenge guard, of around 15 minutes. To mathematicians and geometers it represented a computer-generated fractal image, a motif that repeats itself indefinitely while each time getting smaller.
The farmer was reported to have denied visitors access and shouted abuse against the “drunken pranksters” who made it, until someone showed him an aerial photograph, to which he exclaimed: “People can’t make that!” To this day it is held by many to be the most beautiful crop formation of all time, even though a short while later a triple Julia Set was discovered, and then the extraordinary ‘Catherine Wheel’ which comprised an amalgam of both the others with more than 400 flawless circles, and a further record-breaking length at over 1,000 feet (328 metres).

Cellular changes
What many people still didn’t realize, however, was that the findings from inside the formations could be as impressive as the whole pattern seen from above. A respected scientist in America called Dr William Levengood had long been studying the affected plants within the crop-circles before reaching some startling conclusions. He discovered distinct cellular changes in ‘genuine’ formations which the hoaxed circles did not show; crop circle plants grew up to 40 per cent larger, 40 per cent stronger, with markedly healthier grain, and the wheat either grew very quickly or at an inexplicably slower rate.
He discovered nodal expansion in the stems of crops, and often blown-out cavities that could only happen with a rapid, widespread heating. It is the closest research yet to finding a ‘litmus test’ for what distinguishes a genuine formation from a hoax; in genuine circles the plant stems are mysteriously bent, remaining unharmed and continuing to grow, whereas the stalks of corn in hoaxed formations are invariably crushed by planks.
Dr Levengood also discovered magnetic material inside certain formations only previously discovered in meteorites. His controversial supposition was that an unknown microwave energy was responsible for the genuine designs, and that “the construction of crop circles involves energies from outside our planet”. [end of excerpt]

This article is published and abridged with the author’s permission. See more pictures

See also: ‘The reality and work of the Space Brothers’, an interview with Benjamin Creme(SI Aug 2002); and an interview with Steve Alexander and an article by Leslie Kean(SI Nov 2003).
The Crop Circle Year Book 2005 (photo) by Steve Alexander and Karen Douglas
(ISBN: 0-9537446-7-1: Temporary Temple Press, UK) includes photographs of the best of 2005’s UK crop circles. For more information:

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