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Share International magazine cover for 2012This is an abridged version of
Share International magazine.
Through these electronic files, the magazine Share International makes available a compilation of its contents.

The views expressed by authors other than Share International correspondents do not necessarily reflect those held by the editors of this magazine.
By the same token, interviewees, and authors other than our own correspondents, do not necessarily subscribe to or support the information and approach which form the basis and context of this publication.

The magazine is published monthly, except bimonthly in January/February and July/August of each year.

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Rallying call!

It has come to our notice that more and more people are receiving our information from the website alone, and thus forgoing the small cost of subscribing to Share International magazine.

Not everyone can, or does, use the internet, and it is essential to have an outer, physical expression, which can display with photographs, the events of which we speak. That means there has to be a magazine, which of course requires a lot of work from volunteers, and a lot of money to produce. There may be a notion that Hierarchy dishes out money for this work, but it is not the case. Subscriptions to Share International are an essential part of maintaining our work and reaching the public. The cost of the subscription is kept as low as possible, the magazine is not subsidised by advertisements and printing and postal charges are mounting all the time.

Surely we would all agree that all those who seriously believe in this work would want to support the magazine, whether or not they read the information on the internet.

Thank you for your support.


Some thoughts on group work

by the Master —, through Benjamin Creme, 5 November 2012

The wise man is one who studies all sides of a problem or situation before coming to conclusions and actions which could later find him much at fault. The foolish man does otherwise. The type of person who springs quickly to mind in this regard is quick to enthuse and, unfortunately, as quick to deny and reject. They lack patience and consistency of thought. They tend to hold themselves high in serious self-regard which makes them harsh in judgment of others. They are usually completely unaware of the glamour of their actions and decisions.

Such people are not intrinsically useless to a group. Indeed, if events are favourable, they can be useful co-workers in many ways. However, when events run counter to their expectations, they can become very destructive and difficult to deal with. There are many such in the groups around the world who threaten the precious unity of the whole.

A common problem in the working groups is the one who does very little of the group endeavour and for that very reason plagues the group with constant criticism. They feel angry and envious that others do more, and more useful, work but are not prepared to sacrifice their time to do likewise. Their constant stream of criticism, they seldom realise, is deeply destructive of group unity and wellbeing.

Then there are those who promise their time and energy, but find, all too often, that they cannot fulfil their offer after all. Many are the stratagems of such half-hearted, half-involved people who dip their timid toes into the stern waters of true group work. This, ideally, comes from the soul, and where the soul is concerned, the work, however arduous, is welcomed and joyful, not a burden or sacrifice but a simple act of service eagerly given.

(Read more articles by the Master)


Q. How many television interviews has Maitreya given to date?

A. 79 (as of 9 November 2012).

Q. Are all the most recent interviews still taking place in Brazil?

A. Yes.

Q. (1) What country does Maitreya spend most of his life in today? (2) Has he ever made a visit to Canada?

A. (1) He lives in London in the UK. (2) Yes.

Q. Would it be accurate to say that the emergence of Maitreya has entered a new phase?

A. Yes. It relates to the readiness of humanity for change.

Q. Would it be accurate to say that the world has entered a new phase?

A. Yes – the world has entered a new phase. The dark age of Kali Yuga is over. Our solar system is now beginning the Aquarian experience (lasting approximately 2,500 years). Aquarius’s energy is the energy of synthesis. This will bring humanity together into a unity completely different from the situation of today.

Q. Four years ago violence flared up yet again between Israel and Palestine. It was just before elections were due to take place in Israel. Obviously there is fault on both sides; perhaps this is cynical - but could it be that the violence has been provoked deliberately, with an eye on the forthcoming elections?

A. Yes. There is a growing sentiment among the ordinary people of Israel for an agreed two-state solution to the Israel-Palestinian problem. The Israeli government seems to turn automatically to aggression against the Palestinians when an election which might change the course of Israeli politics is due.

Q. The US election results had not all been counted when videos were circulated on the internet showing how one voter trying to vote for President Obama had his repeated attempts corrupted into a vote for Romney. How many states had instances of vote rigging?

A. Five.

Q. (1) Did vote tampering take place in the recent US presidential election? (2) If so, what would the real results have been – without vote tampering and other tricks, such as attempts by some Republican state leaders to suppress the number of people trying to vote?

A. (1) 6 per cent on the Republican side and 3 per cent on the Democrat side. (2) The difference in votes between Obama and Romney would have been still more in favour of President Obama. President Obama won anyway, but it would have been by a larger margin.

Q. Given the huge amounts of money spent on the US election by outside interest groups, mainly on the Republican side, could the generally positive election results for Democrat candidates be considered a victory of people power over the power of money?

A. Yes.

Q. What does the US election say, if anything, about the general state of consciousness of America and its receptivity to Maitreya’s priorities?

A. America as a whole, and that means all the black, Hispanic, etc, voters are fundamentally on the right side – the side that is more closely aligned with Maitreya’s priorities – and it is that side which will save America.

Q. On 29 October 2012 Hurricane Sandy made landfall on the east coast of the United States, causing death and much destruction. (1) Was this storm the result of (a) global warming (b) man’s destructive thought patterns and/or (c) karma? (2) If karma played a part, may I ask for what exactly?

A. (1) Yes, all three. (2) The USA is responsible for a quarter of the world’s pollution.

Q. The wealthiest 400 people in America now own more wealth than the bottom 150 million Americans. (1) Is this accurate? (2) What is your response to this?

A. (1) More or less. (2) It is of course outrageous – it is similar throughout the world and is crying out for change. It is the source of greatest unhappiness and social discord in the world.

Q. British Prime Minister David Cameron has been in the Middle East selling arms; he was wearing a poppy – the annual symbol of remembrance for all British war dead. He justified the arms trade saying that all countries have a right to self-defence. Your comment, please?

A. The selling of fighter aircraft to Saudi Arabia has nothing to do with self-defence. The selling of arms is one of the greatest upholders of war.

Q. What is the ideal number of hours people should work in a week? How soon in the future will work be reduced to a more reasonable number of hours per week? How many workdays a week would the ideal be? I recently read an article in Share International about the importance of leisure; we don’t have any leisure now.

A. The future evolution of humanity depends on greater and yet greater leisure. We are moving towards the time in which the artefacts used in everyday life will be created by robot technology (eventually created by the human mind). This will gradually free humanity for the exploration of his/her divine nature. Of course this lies ahead but not so very far ahead. Under the influence of Maitreya and the Masters leisure will quickly be seen as essential and working hours throughout the world will shrink in relation to these advances.

Q. Could you please comment on feelings. What is the purpose of them and what are we supposed to do with them? What do we do with feelings from our past that still affect our present? Where do feelings come from?

A. Feelings arise out of our astral/emotional feeling body which we share with the animal kingdom. Through feeling we experience pain and anger, disappointment (and learn to avoid it). We also feel and demonstrate affection and love and respond to emotions conjured by these feelings. The evolutionary aim is the gaining of control over the tiny devas which make up the astral plane. This is the reality of sublimation. The astral body should eventually be seen as a limpid ‘pool’ through which the love of the Soul can demonstrate with perfection.

Q. I’ve just read your Master’s article ‘The coming transformation’ (SI, April 2012). It sounds wonderful, too good to hope for, although I am curious about one thing. Does the Master know if this transformation will include women (the other half of humanity, the universe, etc) Or will it just be a transformation that will occur specifically with men? Or is it just an oversight in wording due to the fact that the female role in our species is mostly regarded as so insignificant in and of itself, that it’s not really necessary to be dialectically inclusive in treatises such as this? Or do their lofty visions of “common divinity” really mean that we are, of course, all divine, some are just more divine than others?

A. From the Master’s point of view, every man, woman and child is divine. Moreover, the Masters have initiated the Women’s Liberation Movement.

Q. It seems incredible that the 15-year-old schoolgirl activist, Malala Yousafzai, who was shot at point-blank range on 9 October 2012 while travelling home from school in northwest Pakistan, has survived such a horrific injury. Was this a miracle?

A. Yes, it was a miracle by the Master Jesus.

Q. There are many positive initiatives being launched around 21 December 2012. Some groups talk about the beginning of a new time and the coming in of the Christ consciousness. Do you think this is because people know intuitively what Maitreya and the Master Jesus have indicated in recent experiences reported in the ‘Letters to the Editor’ pages of Share International – i.e. that far from being the end, this a great new beginning for humanity?

A. The date 21 December 2012 is not so important in respect of change, but certain great changes are already taking place. Firstly, this is the end time of Kali Yuga, the Dark Age, and the beginning of Kalki, the Age of Light, and the coming of Kalki Avatar Who is Maitreya.

Thousands of people in Tahrir Square, in Cairo, in the last weeks of the revolution against Hosni Mubarak, experienced Maitreya Who appeared among the people as Kalki Avatar, the rider on the white horse. This was filmed by independent media and was seen by millions on YouTube. Kalki Avatar on the white horse travelled through the crowds fast and unhindered; He was probably unseen by the vast majority in the square, but was seen by millions of people who watched the film on the internet.

Since 1675 the energies of Aquarius have entered our solar system, while the energies of Pisces receded. Today this solar system is firmly in the Age of Aquarius and we are beginning our triumphal journey towards synthesis; the Age of Synthesis has begun. This will reflect though all our institutions as a growing unity, brotherhood, right relationship and peace.

“Obama will win” – Maitreya

During a New York event at the end of September 2012, an African American man in his early fifties approached the book table display at the break. He asked perhaps 20-30 questions of one co-worker during the interval, much of which were very difficult to understand due to a very pronounced accent and rapid expression. He said he was Nigerian and had lived in New York for about 18 years in Queens (a borough of New York). He was given our web address to stay abreast. Following the event, we gave him a copy of our brochure and he seemed to have been waiting for that. Whereas he was questioning during the break, now he seemed very forthright in what he wanted to tell us.

Our visitor asked at the book table what we thought about Obama and whether he would be re-elected and we responded that we hoped he would be. Following the event, he said further: “Maitreya knows this – that Obama will be re-elected – and Obama even knew this when previously elected.”

What the visitor primarily wanted to convey most emphatically was that we need to reach the younger people – that they are more ‘open’ because they haven’t yet formed a set ‘world view’ as have those we’ve typically reached with our message. And that we haven’t mainly reached the young, did we but know it, because our message is not specific to them – the young are the stewards of the future and are therefore most in need of our message. He was keen to project this point most forcefully. He even repeated it a third time to a co-worker when leaving the event. He was also concerned to emphasize that we be simple in our outreach; that we not complicate our message. Could you tell me who the man was?

C.T., New York, USA.

(Benjamin Creme’s Master confirms that the ‘visitor’ was Maitreya.)


Divine opportunity

Dear Editor,
I was outside my hotel in Houston, Texas, on 23 September 2012 having a cigarette and cappuccino whilst reading Benjamin Creme’s new book Unity in Diversity, when I caught sight of a man approaching me – he was an African American, ever so polite and gentle, he said: “Excuse me sir, sorry to disturb you.”

I said that it was OK and what is the matter – he told me his name, and that he was in dire straights, that he had worked for many years at ABC, but now was out of work, and that when he goes for jobs he is always told that he is overqualified, and that graduates are now doing the jobs he spent years at for much less money, and even offering to work for much less, he has no luck. He said that on this morning he was told that he has an outstanding balance of $42 and some cents on his rented accommodation and that if he does not come up with the money by noon, then he and his wife and two kids would be homeless.

My heart turned over with the same feeling of love I feel sometimes during the overshadowing at Benjamin Creme’s lectures at Friends House. I was really overcome with emotion and could not easily talk but I told him that I was cabin crew, just over in Houston for 24 hours, that I have two children, and I am struggling paycheck to paycheck, but at least in the UK we have some safeguards. I gave him $60 out of my pocket, he could not believe it, was so relieved that he bowed his head and gave a little prayer to Jesus. We had a long hug, and I also gave him my copy of Benjamin Creme’s new book, told him not to give up hope, that soon these dark times will give way to the happiest times of our lives, that something wonderful is underway. I rolled him a cigarette and he thanked me and went on his way.

I was left feeling how awful daily life is for so many people, and how glad I was to be at the right place and time to offer him a small help. So, if it was Maitreya giving me the opportunity to give and be loving towards a stranger then I am blessed and grateful and if it wasn’t then I feel blessed to have been able to help that lovely man, either way I am happy.

Mr Creme, I have been coming to your talks for over 25 years, listening to you is the highlight of my month, and to know that sometimes Maitreya himself is in the audience is a blessing beyond words and fills me with joy and wonder. From my heart, thank you for all your wonderful life and work.

K.I., Frimley Green, Surrey, UK.

(Benjamin Creme’s Master confirms that the man was the Master Jesus.)


Bones not beans!

Dear Editor,
Last summer, 2011, I was watching a star from my backyard and thought that there was something odd about it. Then it started growing five or more times in size. Was this a spaceship?

Also, my wife and I took our dearest friend, our dog Jake, to the veterinary hospital due to diabetic complications. I had been asking Lord Maitreya and the Master Jesus if we could keep him for a few more years. He was not eating and the doctor suggested that I buy him some canned meats. At the grocery store, on a bench at the entrance, sat an indigent looking man with a beard. We stared at each other as I walked by and I thought that he may have been the Master Jesus. When I came out of the store he was gone. Was this someone of a spiritual nature?

A.A., Crowlye, Texas, USA.

(Benjamin Creme’s Master confirms that the star was Maitreya’s ‘star’. The man you encountered was the Master Jesus.)


Wish upon a star

Dear Editor,
It was Thursday 30 December 2011. I was with my family in a campervan in a town called Corvara, Italy, in the Dolomites. We were looking forward to it snowing, and that afternoon, to our big surprise and joy, it started snowing. With my 3-year-old son we went sledging on a nearby hill. I was wearing black gloves and I soon noticed the snowflakes that started to land on them. They were in the form of five-pointed stars. I saw them also on my son’s clothes. The snowflakes weren’t as they usually are but were exact five-pointed stars, and in the middle they were completely white.

At the beginning, I didn’t pay much attention to them and we kept sledging, but then our friend’s 10-year-old son joined us. When it was his turn to sledge downhill, he stopped and looked at his gloves. I asked him if he had also noticed the special snowflakes. He said yes, and kept observing them. For all of us it was a great surprise and for some time all three of us were watching the sky and joyfully catching the stars in our palms and faces. Some of them were quite huge and they didn’t melt straight away.

My heart warmed. I thought, stars are falling from the sky, how beautiful is this world creation; everything is in such a due order, everything so perfect. At the same time I felt my own smallness and the sublimity of this universe, and joyfulness and happiness in my heart. I ran to my older daughter in the camper and showed her the snowflakes. She also said that she had never seen such snowflakes before.

Were these five-pointed stars something special or just regular snowflakes?

A.R., Maribor, Slovenia.

(Benjamin Creme’s Master confirms that the ‘five-pointed stars’ were manifested by Maitreya.)




Dear Editor,
Heart shape in streetI went to a Transmission Meditation session in Paris on Monday 8 October 2012. On my way home, just after 11pm, I walked from my car to my house in the cold rain with my hood pulled over my head, looking down at the ground. A bit earlier on, I had been thinking about the numerous miracles that surround people who meditate regularly, and had said to myself: “Anyway if Maitreya or Jesus were around me, appearing in anyone’s form, I would not even be able to see them because I always walk looking at the ground with my hood pulled over my head!” But on that night, as I was walking back home, I suddenly discovered a beautiful heart drawn on the asphalt street (see picture attached).

This heart is still there today, it looks like it is made in cement. I would like to point out that there has not been any roadworks of any sort in our neighbourhood and that there is no other cement mark on the ground nearby.

I immediately felt enthusiastic about discovering this mark, especially because I have been assiduously studying A Course in Miracles. The lesson of that day was lesson 327: “I need but call and You will answer to me.” I must admit I had been wondering all day long in what way He would respond to me.

Could you please tell me who manifested this heart?

K.L., Vaires sur Marne, France.

(Benjamin Creme’s Master confirms that the Master Jesus manifested the heart.)


The Emergence of a World Teacher is not an isolated event. In an attempt to explain the present happenings we outline here some of the basic tenets of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings. Esotericism might be described as the philosophy of the evolutionary process both in man and the lower kingdoms in nature. It is neither solely an art nor a science nor is it a religion, but partakes of something of all of these. It is the science of the accumulated wisdom of the ages, but dynamic rather than academic in its application to our lives from day to day.

• The emergence of a World Teacher is not an isolated event, but a part of the process of evolution.

• There is a plan, a line of planetary development, guided and stimulated by the custodians of that plan – the Masters of Wisdom.

• Each kingdom has evolved out of the preceding one; the next step for humanity is the further unfoldment of its potential, its innate divinity.

• Collectively, we advance to a higher level of consciousness which progressively encompasses a wider reality.

• Esotericism postulates that man is, by nature, a Spirit or ‘Monad’ expressing itself on various levels through its vehicles: the soul or higher self, which itself works through the person as we know him or her. This ‘everyday’ man, or personality, has a mental apparatus, an emotional/astral mechanism and a physical (including etheric) body.

• Through the process of reincarnation, life after life, we move forward towards a specific goal. We continue to reincarnate for as long as we set in motion effects, which draw us into reincarnation. This process is governed by the law of Cause and Effect or Karma.

• Hierarchy is a fact in nature; a chain of life exists stretching from the least evolved life forms up to and beyond great advanced beings like the Christ. Those enlightened men, the Masters of Wisdom, are men who have passed through inner experiences, expansions of consciousness, and in the course of many lives, have acquired mastery over themselves and over all levels of consciousness. They serve humanity now, as guides and guardians of the race.

• Divine revelation is cyclic, as is everything in nature. At the end of an Age or a civilisation a Teacher always appears to lead the way forward into a new era. There have been many Avatars; Krishna, Buddha, the Christ are but a few of these great Teachers.

• All life is influenced by the progression of periods of history; each age is conditioned by certain energies. We are now moving from the Age of Pisces into Aquarius, which is conditioned by the new energies of synthesis. This presents new challenges and possibilities.

• The World Teacher and the Masters come now to lead us into the new Age and to release and direct new energies of synthesis. Our response to them will create our new culture and civilisation.

• “The word ‘spiritual’ does not refer to religious matters, so-called. All activity which drives the human being forward towards some form of development – physical, emotional, mental, intuitional, social – if it is in advance of his present state is essentially spiritual in nature...” (Education in the New Age, Alice A.Bailey) The Ageless Wisdom Teachings have always been known to the initiates in the world. In recent times they have been made more accessible to the general public by the Master Djwhal Khul: through the writings of Madame H.P. Blavatsky in the nineteenth century; and in the twentieth century through the books of Alice A.Bailey.


From Pisces to Aquarius

Taking current world events as a starting point it is apparent that profound and irrevocable changes have taken place in recent years. While these changes could be explained in economic or political terms, “in the last analysis, all history is the record of the effects of energies or radiations ... as they play upon humanity in its many varying stages of evolutionary development.” (The Destiny of the Nations, A.A. Bailey) Humanity has responded, more or less at various times, to these energies, thus forming our civilisation and culture at any given time.

The West has never taken the idea of the passage of cycles, or ages, seriously into account. However, it is no coincidence that the sign of the fish was associated with early Christianity. In Palestine, 2,000 years ago, the Age of Pisces was inaugurated by the Christ. Before that there are references to bull-worship – the Age of Taurus. Each period has had a very definite character, moved along particular lines of endeavour, and produced a civilisation peculiar to it, all these forms and manifestations being but an outer expression of the influence of inner forces. We are now moving into a New Age, that of Aquarius, which is governed and conditioned by the energy of Synthesis. The present turmoil and upheavals are partly due to the ‘conflict’ between the old energies which are gradually withdrawing and the new synthesising energies which are now making their impact felt. The current situation of extreme polarisation in the world is largely caused by the crumbling of the old under the vitality of the new forces.
(First published in Share International, June 1982)


NASA photograph shows an Angel or Deva flying towards the sun

NASA camera takes photo of vast angelThis object near the sun, photographed by NASA cameras on 15 October 2012, is not a UFO but an Angel or Deva, as called in the East. The Angelic or Deva evolution runs parallel to that of the human. They can vary in size from tiny to colossal, as is this one: it is about half the size of the Earth. Many of the Masters work with the Devas or Angelic evolution. This Angel was filmed moving towards the sun, at the request of the Master Jesus. (Source: NASA;


Madonna statue miracle

Virgin Mary survives devastationA statue of the Madonna survived the devastation wreaked by hurricane Sandy on 30 October 2012, in the Breezy Point neighbourhood of Queens, New York, USA. A striking photograph of the statue, surrounded by flattened and burnt-out buildings, was first published in the Wall Street Journal, and was soon reported by other media stations including Fox, CNN and NBC, and appeared across the internet. Given the name ‘The Virgin Mary of Breezy Point’ the statue survived the onslaught of fire and floods and was taken as a symbol of hope for the traumatised community. (Source: Wall Street Journal, USA)

(Benjamin Creme’s Master confirms that the protection of the statue was a deliberate intervention by the Master Who was the Madonna.)


Madonna statue weeps blood near Delhi

Madonna statue weeps blood near DelhiA statue of the Madonna was found to be bleeding from both eyes, in the chapel of Carmelite of Mary Immaculate (CMI) House, Marianagar, Ghaziabad, near Delhi, India. The miracle took place over three consecutive days from 14 July 2012.

The event was first noticed by a maid called Sunita on Saturday around 11.30 am when she came to clean the chapel. “Today when I was about to wipe and clean the statue of Mother Mary with a cloth I found tears of blood rolling from Mother Mary’s eyes. I cried aloud. I couldn’t believe my eyes so I rubbed the blood from the statue but the flow continued,” Sunitha said.

News spread quickly and people started arriving at the chapel to see the miracle. By the evening around 3,000 people had visited the statue.
The priest in charge of the house, Father Kizhakkayil, came to the chapel to offer Holy Mass. “Now the flow was heavy and the blood was falling on the table where the statue was kept,” he said.

Blood samples were taken for testing at the local hospital, St Joseph’s. “The results show that the blood group is B positive,” he added. Many people are visiting the chapel and praying in front of the statue. (Source: CBCINews)

(Benjamin Creme’s Master confirms that the miracle was manifested by the Master Who was the Madonna.)


Jesus and Madonna images in Kuala Lumpur

Jesus and Madonna images in Kuala LumpurAn image of the Madonna appeared on a hospital window outside Kuala Lumpur in early November 2012. Hundreds of Catholics gathered at Sime Darby Medical Centre to view the image which appeared on a 7th floor window. Some travelled long distances to join the throng, lighting candles, singing hymns and saying prayers, and they declared they could also see Jesus two windows away from His mother.

“We believe Mary, mother of God, has a message for us, as she is looking down on us and then at a Malaysian flag. We can also see Jesus and He is also moving, they are not static,” says Eunice Fernandez who lives nearby.

“We have to make sure they are not imagined but real apparitions,” said Father Lawrence Andrew, editor of Malaysian Catholic newsletter The Herald. Malaysia is largely Muslim but there is a sizeable minority of Catholics. (Source:; AFP)

(Benjamin Creme’s Master confirms both images are miracles manifested by the Master Jesus.)


Sai Baba sign

Sai Baba signDuring a Sai Baba Education in Human Values seminar on 11 August 2012 at Sasana Budaya Hall, Sai Ganesha, Sunggal, Indonesia, one of the staff took photographs and discovered a glowing figure of light on one photograph. The Centre Leader immediately recognised it as Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba’s subtle body and all were overjoyed at Swami’s visit.

(Benjamin Creme’s Master confirms that it is an authentic apparition of Sai Baba.)


Crosses of light

Krasnodar light crossSecond Krasnodar light crossTwo crosses of light photographed by E.S. on the kitchen and room door at her father’s house in Krasnodar city, Russia, in August 2012.

(Benjamin Creme’s Master confirms that they were manifested by Maitreya.)


We present a second selection of quotations on the theme of ‘Trust’ from Maitreya (Messages from Maitreya the Christ), Benjamin Creme’s Master (A Master Speaks), and Benjamin Creme’s writings. (See also compilation on Trust in Share International, June 2007.)
(Abridged version.)

When you see Me, you will know that the time has come for change. The world awaits the sounding of the Cosmic Dates. The nations prepare for a New Dispensation and in Trust and Brotherhood all men will share. My Masters are now emerging more quickly than planned; this stimulus will bring great benefits to the world, conveying as They do the Love of God. My Masters will help you to manifest this Divine Love, will show you the simple Way of Truth, the blessing of Trust. (Maitreya, from Message No.36)


When men see the Christ in person, they will quickly assume a new attitude to life and its problems. They will understand that the problems are man-made, exist in man himself, and are not the fault of an uncaring God or the result of mindless chance. A new sense of responsibility will endow men with the impulse to act for the betterment of all. Co-operation, caring and trust will soon replace the present self-concern, and a new phase will open in the evolution of man. (Benjamin Creme’s Master, From ‘His name is Love’)


Maitreya will show that our problems are many but solvable. That the solution to all is already in our hands. That the simple act of sharing, alone, has the power to transform life on Earth for the better. He will ask for man’s trust, as an Elder Brother, that He will not lead them into other than their destined path of harmony and love, that they have nothing to fear but their fear, and that the way ahead already has the blueprint of the Divine. (Benjamin Creme’s Master, from ‘A glorious enterprise’, SI January/February 2010)


I am among you now. I see your dreams of Trust and Love. I feel your aspiration and hopes. I shall take these to My heart and accomplish them for you. I am your Mentor. I am your highest wish. I am your clearest light. I am your heart’s love. I shall take you to that Blessed Country which I call Love. I shall show you God dwelling therein, and evoke from you that divinity. (Maitreya, from Message No.80)


The Masters are readying Themselves for open recognition and work. Their presence will provide the confidence that the needed changes in our social life will be for the better and have long been necessary. The aim is that the Masters and men should work together in every field of endeavour, and thus expedite the changes required.

The first priority is that war must be abandoned for ever, utterly, totally. This requires a degree of trust as yet not known in the world. Sharing alone, it will be found, will manifest the needed trust and so create justice worldwide. Until justice reigns, there will never be true peace. Step by step, men will come to see this logic. They will come to understand that there is no alternative. If men would live and prosper they must abandon injustice and war. (Benjamin Creme’s Master, from ‘Men will answer the Call’, SI December 2009)


When we share the produce of the world more equitably, we at a stroke make war and terrorism a thing of the past. We create the conditions of trust. When we have trust, we can sit down and work out the answer to every problem. (Benjamin Creme, The Awakening of Humanity)


When you share, you create trust because you have expressed love. Sharing is the expression of love. In a family they share all the resources according to the needs of the family. The sense of being one family is very much overdue in this world. By sharing you create the trust which allows you to trust other people. If you show trust, you receive trust. By sharing what you have with others, it creates that trust without which no major decisions will ever be made. Without trust there will never be a consensus on the overriding problems which concern this world, which can only be met internationally. In fact, Maitreya has said that everybody – every man, woman and child – must see the upholding of the planet itself as the number one priority in the world. All must take part. When you have trust you can do anything. The major reason for conflict in groups is criticism, because criticism affects the trust. Just as you can change the world through sharing, and create trust, without trust in a group you cannot have unity. It is impossible. Criticism breaks down the trust, and therefore the unity. (Benjamin Creme, The Art of Co-operation)


There will come a time when men will look back on this period of travail as one of rediscovery of meaning and purpose amid a chaos of false values. For untold ages, men have set their sights on the acquisition of wealth and power, prestige and acclaim. The subtler arts of spiritual knowledge and wisdom have attracted but the few, and perforce men have walked the stormy way of warring faction, ignorance and fear.

Today, at last, a new light is bringing men to the realisation of their future glory as co-workers and co-creators with God. Many are the trials which await men on the path to such a destiny, but never before have they been so ready and prepared to meet this challenge. Against all the odds, and in spite of all appearances to the contrary, mankind is about to emerge from its chrysalis of darkness, its impotence and fear. With growing boldness and assurance, the steps of men are set in the direction of unity and justice, co-operation and sharing, simplicity and trust.

That such a trust is necessary brooks no gainsaying. Naught can be achieved until the bonds of trust are set. Hitherto, the absence of trust has hampered the highest aspirations of men, cleaving the nations and placing in jeopardy the future of the race. (Benjamin Creme’s Master, from ‘The need for trust’)


The answers to your problems are simple indeed. Many times have I told you that the will to share must govern your lives. Once again, I repeat: without Sharing and Justice, My brothers and sisters, man will know no peace. Heed, then, My advice. Take, then, the only open course and trust in Sharing to relieve the agony of the world. (Maitreya, from Message No.133)


Freedom and Justice are essential to all, everywhere, without exception, and can only be achieved by trust. Sharing alone can create that trust, and set men on the path to their divinity. Men, to be happy, must live within the Laws of Life: of Cause and Effect, Rebirth, Harmlessness and Sacrifice. These basic Laws are the Ancient Landmarks which protect men from self-destruction and remorse. When Maitreya steps forward into open vision you will hear these Laws again, for they form the basis of all His teaching and the basis of all life on planet Earth. (Benjamin Creme’s Master, from ‘Man’s destiny’, SI October 2008)


The governments only know how to act in terms of the past, and these no longer apply. That is why there is no government on Earth today who can actually govern. They do their best, and all fail because fundamentally they are using outworn methods. Only one thing – the last thing to occur to them – will alter the present impasse into which they have all come, and that is to inaugurate the system of sharing.

As soon as they do that they will create the trust that will enable them to tackle all other problems co-operatively. They have to be solved co-operatively. You cannot impose solutions on nations who do not want them. It can only happen by co-operation, when the trust generated by sharing is there and allows the change to take place. Then the goodwill engendered by trust will make possible the solution of problems which today seem impossible to solve. (Benjamin Creme, Unity in Diversity)


My Masters will show you that there is little which you cannot effect if you but try. All is possible to man. All that man needs is provided by his Source. The Great Provider remembers His children. Look not then askance at the future time but welcome it with open arms and joy, knowing that Brotherhood and Trust will be the norm. (Maitreya, from Message No.86)


[Maitreya’s] call, resounding through the world, will draw the best from all who find in Him an echo of their heart’s desire for justice, freedom and love, and, in ever-gathering force, the cry for their enactment will rise from every nation. Thus will it be. And thus will He focus the will, and become the outspoken voice, of a myriad aspiring souls.

His voice is not the only one that men will hear. Throughout the world, in every country, groups await the opportunity to speak. Prepared and trained they stand now in the wings, ready to serve when called. They know the needs of the time and the answers to the problems which beset mankind today. Little by little, these problems will be conquered and a new chapter opened in the evolution of the race. Before too long, these wise ones will come forward and place themselves at the disposal of the world. Their altruism will recommend them to the peoples and their judgement will win the trust of all. (Benjamin Creme’s Master, from ‘They will not be denied’)


My Masters will show you how to live simply and well and in full happiness. They have trodden the road before and know well the way. Like children in full trust, let Them show you that Way; let Them take you step by step through the labyrinth. And when you are ready, before My Splendour shall you come, and through Me shall you see the face of God. Make your choice well, My friends; make it now. Take your stand with those who wish to share and love, with those for whom Justice is divine. Make now your choice and let your light shine forth and ease My path. (Maitreya, from Message No.18)


Where there is total trust, total acceptance of life as we have experienced it, and are experiencing it, competition, and the fear which drives it, does not raise its head. We are either demonstrating who and what we are, or we are not; it is one or the other. If we are constantly demonstrating who and what we are, that is, a soul in incarnation, then inevitably, at whatever point in evolution we may be, that quality of soul will demonstrate. (Benjamin Creme, The Art of Co-operation)


My Teaching is twofold: it has to do with man’s physical nature, the necessities of life; it has to do, also, with man’s relationship to that Divine Being Whom we call God. In My vocabulary these are as one, for only in so far as man correctly relates to man does he so relate to God. My plan is to show you this, to teach you that when man discovers in himself the ability to share, to love, to trust, from that moment begins his ascent to God. It was always so and always shall be so. (Maitreya, from Message No.29)


Trust is the result of conviction and the conviction is the result of trust. You have to have the conviction. You have to have the trust. You also have to have the experience…. [The emergence of Maitreya and the Masters of Wisdom] is the most important event in the history of the world so far. Enormous things will come out of this, the whole transformation of the world, a transformation in ways which you cannot even dream about, cannot imagine with all our science fiction behind you. You cannot imagine how the world will be in 25 years’ time. So I believe when Maitreya says you have come into the world to do this work, I believe He means this truly, precisely, simply. You have come into the world to do this work. Well, do it. Simple as that. Do it! (Benjamin Creme, The Awakening of Humanity)


Why wait for the sight of Me to act, when from yourselves in trust you can perform much? Take a little in trust, My friends, and act today as the warriors of old, waiting not for confirmation but glad to be in the vanguard. Make known to all the fact of My Presence and come gladly to My side. Make known the need for Sharing and Justice and strike a note for Freedom. Make known, My friends and brothers, that you stand by your brother’s side. Take your brother’s hand and lead him to Me. (Maitreya, Message No.109)


Many there are today who, in their hearts, renounce the iniquities of the present materialism which pervades the planet. They long for justice and peace and march and demonstrate for their fulfilment. More and more, the peoples of the world are beginning to recognise that together they have the power to change the actions of powerful men. Thus does Maitreya trust the people and gives voice to their demands. Thus does He join their marches and adds His voice to theirs. (Benjamin Creme’s Master, from ‘The end of darkness’, SI July/August 2005)


Trust is the result of conviction; that conviction of trust that you know what is, that your soul is telling you that this is true, that this is believable, that you can trust this. Maitreya or the Master says: “Have trust, all will be well, all manner of things will be well.” They do not, however, expect you to sit back, therefore, and do nothing, become complacent. You have to understand what trust is. Trust is a conviction. It is a conviction that this will be so, that all will be well, for example, and in time it will. Does that mean to say that in the meantime you just sit back and become complacent and say: “Well, I do not mind, it does not matter to me that there are millions starving in the world or a tiny fraction of people know about Maitreya, and I could do something to make that more, but what is the point? All will be well.” That is complacency, but it is not trust. They are different.

When a Master says “All will be well”, He means that and says it to remove fear. Fear prevents action and if you have the conviction that all will be well you can work free from the fear which inhibits your action. It does not mean that you don’t have to act at all, on the contrary. The more you have trust and are free from fear, the more useful and large in scope can be your action. Trust and complacency are miles apart. If you have trust, you cannot be complacent. If you are complacent, then you do not have trust. (Benjamin Creme, The Awakening of Humanity)


[After the experience on the Day of Declaration] people will be like children again. We will see the world as children do, with a sense of grace, joy, wonder and simple acceptance, taking everything on trust. The sense of trust will grow in humanity for the first time in thousands of years. Today no one trusts life sufficiently. Everyone is hardened and feels they have to harden themselves because of commercialisation, striving for a living in a place where only the market counts. At the heart of life there is competition. Co-operation is the nature of life for humanity. When man finds his true interior being as a soul, competition drops away of its own accord and, with it, the lie of commercialisation. Every person, without exception, is divine. (Benjamin Creme, The Gathering of the Forces of Light)


Take this opportunity to serve and grow in Service, My friends, for none greater has been offered to any man. Take this opportunity to serve, and see the face of Him we call God. My arms are held towards you, My friends, asking for your trust, appealing for your help in remaking your world. (Maitreya, from Message No.26)



Trade and debt relations between rich and poor countries

by Patricia Pitchon

After the economic crash of 2008, people thought at first the effect would be confined to banks, but then it became a huge burden for governments as sovereign debt, and now we understand that both rich and poor countries are being affected all over the world. It is not merely a case of contagion via international financial institutions and governments struggling to take on ever more debt to uphold the present financial system. It is also that that present system needs urgent reforms, a few of which are beginning to take shape – though with considerable difficulty and opposition from those who believe they can still benefit from the status quo.

It is widely acknowledged that a high level of permitted speculation adds volatility and greater risk of crashes. The excitement for the few can and does result in misery for the many. Prior to the 1980s, about 20 per cent of money circulating around the world was speculative, and about 80 per cent was ultimately invested in real projects. After deregulation in the 1980s, this relationship between speculation and investment became inverted, with about 20 per cent of that money being invested and 80 per cent dedicated to speculation. This is one factor which ultimately impoverishes people and nations.


Curbing Speculation

One example is the current speculation in commodities: what is ‘fun’ for one set of people may for others result in the inability to feed themselves properly, especially those who depend on these commodities (such as various crops, oils and so on). Furthermore, people cannot accumulate sufficient savings to cope with large price swings due to such speculation. Governments are not helpless. They can get together and draft and implement laws to curb speculation, they can reduce volatility in the markets in a number of ways. They can limit the power of major players in the private sector, in particular where activities involve high risk: these include the creation and use of poorly understood and risky financial instruments, where both returns and losses can be high.

The thinking behind the idea that everything should be left to the ‘free market’ has proved to be opportunistic and shallow. It often benefits the few at the expense of the many and has little to do with responsible governance. Governments everywhere, even if they discharge no other responsibilities, have a duty to ensure access for all to food and shelter, healthcare and education. These four basic needs are essentially human rights, and responding to them is compatible with various political and economic systems. What underpins this approach is a respect for human life, and the belief that we cannot wish for ourselves what we want to deny others.


How and why free trade isn’t free

Free trade is an important expression of free market thinking, but in practice trade agreements between rich and poor countries are often disadvantageous to the poor countries. For example, looking back at trade relations between the United States, Canada and Mexico via the 1994 North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), Joseph Stiglitz and Andrew Charlton, in their book Fair Trade For All, concluded that the US retained its agricultural subsidies and “pitted the heavily subsidized US agribusiness sector against peasant producers and family farms in Mexico”. The US also kept out some of Mexico’s products using non-tariff barriers. US farmers exported many products at “costs far below those of the local market, driving down prices for local farmers”; this in a country where a fifth of all workers worked in agriculture, and in rural areas, around 75 per cent of the people were poor. At the end of the first decade of free trade, Mexico’s exports were increasing by 10 per cent a year, but mean real wages were lower, and some of the poorest were worse off due to US subsidies of its own farmers.


How to deal with debt: a Debt Court

Although there is a role for productive financing and investment, when poorer countries rely excessively on foreign finance instead of mobilising their own resources they can be saddled with high (and ultimately unpayable) debt. Mobilising resources means, for example, collecting taxes and dealing with tax avoidance and evasion and capital flight, as The Jubilee Debt Campaign points out in a recent report, The State of Debt by Tim Jones. It also means developing more transparency generally and monitoring flows in and out of countries. There are some countries, however, whose leaders borrowed recklessly what they could never repay and the present generation is suffering the consequences. Reckless lenders also must bear some responsibility. In this report an interesting proposal, whose time has surely come after years of campaigning, is the creation of a debt court, independent of creditors and debtors, where sovereign states can seek debt cancellation when debts are too high, via a fair and open arbitration mechanism. The court can hear evidence from the state in question as well as other participants including civil society. During the appeal to the court, a moratorium on debt repayments is declared. Loans would be written off if incurred odiously or illegitimately (by self-enriching leaders or without the consent of the governed, for example, or by reckless lenders or those offering deliberately deceptive and obscure loan terms). The remaining debt is reduced to enable the country to protect basic human rights and needs, and the report indicates this is preferable to current IMF bailout loans, which involve borrowing yet more money to pay bad debts.


Trading in debt itself: vulture funds

Since debt threats are now returning to the Developing World (Ethiopia is a case in point), partially due to aspects of lending policies of the World Bank and the IMF which often keep the indebted developing country barely able to meet debt repayments and thus preventing meaningful development, it is particularly important to curb the activities of often secretive vulture funds. One such fund, FG Hemisphere, bought a Democratic Republic of Congo debt (incurred by its state mining company in the 1980s under General Mobutu) for $3 million and sued DRC in a case brought in Jersey for $100 million. Similar examples have caused public revulsion. In 2010 the UK passed a law limiting the amount claimable from some impoverished countries. In Jersey as a ‘Crown Dependency’ the ruling in 2012 was by the UK’s Privy Council, and it went against the vulture fund FG Hemisphere.

It is clear that much remains to be done, but fairer trading and lending policies, curbing excessive speculation and debt cancellation through a fair and open process can contribute to greater stability and development for the poorer countries.



From suffering to serving others

The International Children’s Peace Prize 2012 was presented to 13-year-old Kesz from the Philippines. The annual ceremony took place in the Ridderzaal in The Hague in September 2012 where he was awarded the prize by Nobel Peace Prize winner Desmond Tutu.

Kesz received this award for his efforts to improve the rights of street children in the Philippines. What is extraordinary about Kesz is that he was abused, neglected and forced to scavenge on a dumpsite at the age of two, but he has turned his suffering into tirelessly caring for other poor children.

More than 246,000 street children are subjected to abuse, violence and child labour. Many are ill. When Kesz was four he was badly burned in an accident on the dump. He decided to run away from home and look for help. Now he inspires other street children to change their own lives.

Kesz: “My message to all children around the globe is: our health is our wealth! Being healthy will enable you to play, to think clearly, to get up and go to school and love the people around you in so many ways. To everyone in the world, please remember that every day, 6,000 children die from diseases associated with poor sanitation, poor hygiene, and we can do something about it! Please join me in helping street children achieve better health and better lives.”

He was taken in by someone who became his guardian. When he turned seven Kesz chose not to receive presents. Instead, he wanted to give something to other street children: Gifts of Hope. Later that year, Kesz started his own organisation, Championing Community Children, aimed at giving street children hope and showing them that they can take their future into their own hands.

Every week, he and his friends go to underprivileged communities to teach children about hygiene, food and children’s rights. He even takes things a step further, by teaching children how to teach each other. He has so far helped more than 10,000 children in his local area.

Kesz was presented with the prize by Desmond Tutu, the patron of KidsRights and the International Children’s Peace Prize. According to Tutu, Kesz is a deserving and inspiring example of “a new voice for the voiceless”. Kesz was presented with the Nkosi, a unique sculpture which shows how a child can move the world. The sculpture symbolises the impact of the International Children’s Peace Prize: in recent years, millions of people have become aware of the prize, which offers Kesz a global platform to make his voice heard and tell his courageous story.

The ceremony was concluded with a special announcement by Mayra, who won the Children’s Peace Prize in 2008. A confrontational video message marked the launch of the Remember2015 movement, an initiative of KidsRights to breathe new life into the Millennium Development Goals of 2015 for children.

A video showing Kesz, his story and his work for children can be seen on YouTube: ‘Winner of The International Children’s Peace Prize 2012, Kesz’ (Source:

In September 2012 Kesz from the Philippines was awarded the International Children’s Peace Prize 2012 by Desmond Tutu.

Kesz has so far helped more than 10,000 children in his local area.

First published April 1999,