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Share International magazine March 2013

Share International magazine cover for 2013This is an abridged version of
Share International magazine.
Through these electronic files, the magazine Share International makes available a compilation of its contents.

The views expressed by authors other than Share International correspondents do not necessarily reflect those held by the editors of this magazine.
By the same token, interviewees, and authors other than our own correspondents, do not necessarily subscribe to or support the information and approach which form the basis and context of this publication.

The magazine is published monthly, except bimonthly in January/February and July/August of each year.

Copyright © 2013 Share International. All rights reserved.

The reproduction of Share International content in printed or electronic form, including internet websites, requires written permission which will not be unreasonably withheld. Please credit Share International as the source: © Share International. Please send clippings to: PO Box 41877, 1009 DB Amsterdam, Holland.

Rallying call!

It has come to our notice that more and more people are receiving our information from the website alone, and thus forgoing the small cost of subscribing to Share International magazine.

Not everyone can, or does, use the internet, and it is essential to have an outer, physical expression, which can display with photographs, the events of which we speak. That means there has to be a magazine, which of course requires a lot of work from volunteers, and a lot of money to produce. There may be a notion that Hierarchy dishes out money for this work, but it is not the case. Subscriptions to Share International are an essential part of maintaining our work and reaching the public. The cost of the subscription is kept as low as possible, the magazine is not subsidised by advertisements and printing and postal charges are mounting all the time.

Surely we would all agree that all those who seriously believe in this work would want to support the magazine, whether or not they read the information on the internet.

Thank you for your support.

Humanity’s historic choice

The time for men to make their historic choice has arrived. Soon, men will come to realize that they must make a momentous decision, one which will determine the future for every man, woman and child, indeed the future for every living creature on Earth: a choice between continuous and ever expanding creativity on planet Earth, or a devastating ending of all life, human and sub-human, on our planetary home.

Man, unfortunately, has discovered the secret of the awful power which lies hidden in the nucleus of the atom and has harnessed it for war. While humanity is so separated by competition, greed and lust for power, the danger of extinction, by accident or design, is ever present. Men must therefore find a safer way to live.

So potent today is the individuality of men and nations, so divided have they become in their struggle for life, that they have lost their way and must quickly find it to survive.

Thus the Great Ones, your Elder Brothers, have sought to show the only way to peace. Only sharing and justice, We say, will bring the peace which, in their hearts, all men desire. Simple indeed is Our recommendation but, so far, difficult for humanity to grasp. Men have divine free will and are the masters of their fate. Take, We advise, the path of sharing and justice which are the garments of Brotherhood, without which a man is not fully a man.

[This article from Share International magazine, March 2013 , is by a senior member of the Hierarchy of Masters of Wisdom. His name, well-known in esoteric circles, is not yet being revealed. Benjamin Creme, a principal spokesman about the emergence of Maitreya, is in constant telepathic contact with this Master who dictated his article to him.]

(Read more articles by the Master)

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Q. How many interviews has Maitreya given since early January?

A. Maitreya has now moved His appearances to Russia where He has given three media appearances. He has given a total of 87 interviews in all. (As of 3 February 2013.)

Q. Do more viewers watch these interviews now than, for example, two or three months ago? Are the programmes becoming more popular among the viewing public?

A. Since Maitreya has now moved His appearances to Russia it is too early to answer these questions, but I can say that the response so far in Russia has been very good.

Q. (1) Did the Syrian authorities use chemical weapons in Homs recently? (2) Have chemical weapons been used against the opposition forces in other parts of Syria?

A. (1) No. (2) No.

Q. (1) Do your paintings have a sort of healing effect? (2) Do your paintings radiate an energy which expands the consciousness? (3) Do these effects occur with reproductions or copies of your paintings – for example, such reproductions as are printed on the covers of your books and Share International magazine?

A. (1) Yes, some of them. (2) Some of them do. (3) Yes, in the lithographs.

Q. What does this mean: “The externalisation of the Hierarchy involves the externalisation of a Master’s Ashram”?

A. The externalisation of the Hierarchy is precisely the externalisation of the Ashrams of the Masters.

Q. What does the following mean for members of groups working with you: “The inner Ashram of a Master should be reflected on the outer planes, in the everyday world”?

A. This means that the spiritual tension of the subjective groups of the Master should be replicated outwardly in the physical manifestation – the spiritual potency achieved on the outer plane should be equal to that achieved on the inner plane.

Q. I’m wondering how to understand and make real for myself the following: “This group is an esoteric group – it is not an association, or union, or organization of volunteers”?

A. This group is connected with the plan of the Spiritual Hierarchy in its externalisation onto the outer plane. This includes our work for the reappearance of Maitreya the World Teacher and His group of Masters.

Q. Please help me to understand what it means to “identify myself with the group”?

A. See yourself as one of the group, carrying out the aim of the groups which is to do with the externalisation of the Hierarchy, and to prepare the world for the reappearance of Maitreya and His group of Masters. Study the passages on group work in my various books.

Q. If I join a Transmission Meditation group, and I’m totally convinced of your information, does that automatically make me ‘a disciple’?

A. Not necessarily, but your involvement is welcome.

Q. The origin of the word ‘disciple’ obviously refers to discipline, but what discipline? Isn’t the notion of ‘discipline’ rather old-fashioned, especially for young people?

A. No, it is central to the evolutionary process of each one of us. I personally believe the path of service and meditation (particularly Transmission Meditation) is the most powerful lever of the evolutionary process.

Q. What is your opinion of carbon emissions trading?

A. It is dishonest and does not help the fabric of the planet.

Q. Is nuclear pollution the worst aspect of environmental destruction?

A. Yes.

Q. (1) Just as there will be an emergency plan in the short term to feed the starving and the malnourished, do the Masters have a blueprint about what needs to be dealt with as a matter of urgency with regard to the terrible degradation we have caused to our planet? (2) What will be the first emergency tasks to save our planet?

A. (1) Yes. (2) Clearly, a lessening of the ‘carbon footprint’ of everyone on the planet.

Q. Is the skeleton that was exhumed in a carpark in Leicester, England, in September 2012, really that of King Richard III?

A. Yes, it was King Richard III, maligned by Shakespeare and of course the Tudor dynasty.

Q. Given that Benjamin Creme wrote on page 19 of his book The Gathering of the Forces of Light: UFOs and Their Spiritual Mission that the Day of Declaration would take place within three years of Maitreya’s first television interview, and that we are now past the three years. Obviously something has changed – that is fine, things do as we know. Would Benjamin be kind enough to inform us of where things now stand. Are the books being printed now still stating this three-year timescale? I believe it is necessary to clarify this situation, because people are going to ask us about it as we spread the message about Maitreya.

A. Yes, things do change. Throughout my years of work I have been asked with various degrees of manipulation, how soon Maitreya would appear – in so many weeks, months, years, in my lifetime (given my mature age) etc. It has always been quite difficult to satisfy this quite natural question, which everyone wants to know. The fact is nobody knows. I don’t, my Master says He does not, even Maitreya does not exactly.

Nevertheless, every time, pushed to the point by questions for some date, I ask the Master, He always says in about three years, and at the time He says it, it sounds logical. It sounds vague, not a hard set date. Remember, that to the Masters, there is no such thing as time.

If you read the actual answer in the book you will see that it is less cut and dried than you suggest: “Maitreya is emerging very soon. The Day of Declaration could be anytime from a year to two or three years after His first television interview. The Masters and Maitreya Himself seem to think that the time will be relatively very short indeed. But whatever the timing, these four spacecraft [Maitreya’s ‘stars’] will remain in the heavens, seen by an increasing number of people. Hopefully the media of the world will become more and more open to reporting on these ‘stars’.”

Q. In a recent interview with Benjamin Creme (seen on YouTube), Mr Creme stated that Maitreya is in a physical body He created for Himself, but He can change His appearance at will, and can look quite hideous and grotesque. The question in mind is, why would a being of light and love wish to look hideous or grotesque?

A. If you knew the variety of appearances that Maitreya has adopted over the years you would be amazed at the flexibility which He displays. He can look like a young and beautiful woman, a gnarled old man, a toothless jibbering clown, in a huge variety of clothes, sensible or hysterical. He is still a being of “light and love” but adopts a persona exactly fitted to the occasion and to the hopes – or prejudices – of those who are blessed by His presence.

Q. What do you think of the 7th day Sabbath and why people keep Sunday?

A. Sunday, or the Sabbath, is meant to be a day of rest and if people have worked hard they need a rest. I believe that all people need more time for leisure, to find themselves and give of their best, that is from a creative point of view. One of the mistakes of our modern ‘civilization’ is that so many people today spend most of their working life in conditions of mechanical drudgery. Leisure is an essential part of life.

Q. I watched a documentary about Babu (Ambilike Mwasapila), a 76 year-old protestant priest in the small village of Samunge, near Loliondo, in northern Tanzania, who has given ‘miracle water’ to over 5,000 people since 2011.

In 1991 he had a dream in which he believes God spoke to him and showed him a woman with AIDS, and told him which medicine could be given to her to heal her from this disease. When Babu woke up, he wondered how a tree could heal AIDS when even doctors can't heal it?

The roots of a Karanga plumtree called Enga Muriaga, is used to produce the special drink: the roots are cooked in hot water over night and next day the people are given a cup to drink. Babu says it is only a healing water when you swallow the drink straightaway and don’t carry it home. People pay about 25 cents for the cup of miracle water: 40 per cent of the profits go to the church, 40 per cent goes to his co-workers and Babu receives 20 per cent.

The tree has been investigated by the National Institute of Medical Research in Tansania. Some of its healing qualities are already known: it helps to lower high blood pressure, helps diabetics by needing less insulin and it helps to detoxify and purify the body. But it also heals AIDS. Joyce Elia was healed from the disease after drinking the special drink: she took an AIDS test twice and the results showed she was healed. Many people have been healed from severe illnesses such as cancer, epilepsy and diabetes.

(1) Did Maitreya talk to Babu in the dream? (2) Can it really heal AIDS and cancer? (3) Is there a reason why the people should drink it only at Babu’s place? Why should they not take bottles home with them? (4) Could a potion of this tree be effective in a homeopathic dose to treat AIDS or cancer, for example? What dilution would you recommend to treat AIDS, cancer or diabetes?

A. (1) Yes. (2) Sometimes. Healing is not inevitable, but it helps in many cases. (3) It is not necessary to drink it just at Babu’s place. (4) Yes, in 30c potency.

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People power forever!

Dear Editor,

I attended a rally in Albany, New York, on 9 January 2013 against allowing an unconventional method of drilling for natural gas known as ‘fracking’ to occur in New York State. Around 1,500 anti-frackers outnumbered the pro-frackers about twenty to one at the rally. The rally filled a quarter mile long indoor hallway under the state capitol building. The activists were cordoned off on one side so the state employees had a walkway. Anyone could walk in that walkway if they didn’t carry a sign. So the activists hung over the ropes chanting “Ban fracking now!” over and over to the people walking by. At one point, a middle-age African American man in a gray sweatshirt with a backpack over one shoulder, walked along the outside of the rope stopping and addressing different groups of activists with a smile and his own chant: “Ain’t no power like the power of the people cause the power of the people won’t stop”. He kept repeating it and they kept chanting their own chant but acknowledging and smiling at him in return. I smiled at him as well and memorized his chant. His skin was not dark nor light, his hair was graying and cut short and his eyes appeared green, and they sparkled. A very strongly built black woman inside the ropes also called out at another point something like: “We need food, we need water, we need farms, don’t poison us!” I wondered if you could tell me perhaps if either or both of them were someone special? Thank you.

A.F., Hurleyville, NY, USA.

(Benjamin Creme’s Master confirms that the man was the Master Jesus. The woman was one of the crowd.)


Dear Editor,

I would like to share an event that happened on 25 May 2006. I was visiting new friends in Rue du Château d’Eau, in the 10th arrondissement in Paris, for a group in self-healing that was supposed to happen a few months later.

At the end of the visit, on the sidewalk near the entrance of the place, a young white man wearing glasses, was coming for a Transmission Meditation session and gave us a brochure of Share International in French. I had never heard of this event or Share International before. The energy and the look of this young man was very different from other people, he was very meditative and peaceful. Now after some years, I am more and more interested in practicing Transmission Meditation and spreading it to many people. I feel very strongly that this ‘young Buddha’ was Maitreya. Please let me know if it was him, and please could you tell me if it was a sign to practice Transmission Meditation.

G.B.L., Charente, France.

(Benjamin Creme’s Master confirms that the young man was the Master Jesus. It was a sign to practise Transmission Meditation.)


Dear Editor,

On 18 January 2013 at 6.45pm I was on my way to give a talk about Transmission Meditation at my local community centre, when seconds after leaving my home I noticed a deep red light in the sky to the north. It appeared to be coming towards me, then it dropped in height and disappeared. I wondered what this light could have been?

C.E., Hullbridge, Essex, UK.

(Benjamin Creme’s Master confirms that the light was a spacecraft from Mars, which appeared on request of Maitreya.)


Dear Editor,

I was alone with my father when he died and several days later I was crying so much my pillow was really wet. I was alone in my bed when I felt a tap on my right shoulder. It shocked me into silence and it stopped me crying. What was it? An old lady told me it was a tap of an angel. Was she right? I do hope so as I’ve recently lost my mother and my husband and I long for another tap.

A.S., Barnsley, South Yorkshire, UK.

(Benjamin Creme’s Master confirms that the ‘tap’ was from the Master Jesus.)

Interested parties

Dear Editor,

I attended the Transmission Meditation Conference outside San Francisco in August 2012 for the first time. Toward the end of the Conference, we were going upstairs to regroup and I paused to let two ladies go ahead of me thinking they were going to the same place. They weren’t, but they asked who all of us were and what we were doing. I think I told them we were going upstairs to meditate or something along those lines. They mentioned that they came in to get out of the cold and were going to catch a bus in the parking lot. If I hadn’t gotten a ride from a coworker, I was going to catch that same bus later that afternoon. As I got out of their way so they could go out to catch their bus, a coworker enthusiastically followed them out, for what I assume was to elaborate on what we were all about. She came back in her usual enthusiastic manner telling me that she thought I just had been visited by Maitreya or a Master. The elderly lady who did the talking was of fair complexion with grey hair. The mature lady who stood behind her had dark hair and complexion.

While I am just fine if these ladies weren’t anyone ‘special’, just knowing that Maitreya and Jesus and other Masters take down-to-earth human form on occasions is enough to encourage me to treat everyone as ‘special’ since indeed they are all in their own right.

Thanks for this section of the magazine devoted to such phenomena. It is a delight to read every month.

T.M., Colville , WA, United States.

(Benjamin Creme’s Master confirms that the ‘grey-haired woman’ was Maitreya, and the other ‘woman’ was the Master Jesus.)

Helping hand

Dear Editor,

Within the last couple of years I’ve been diagnosed with a mental disorder and have been suffering somewhat, but before I was diagnosed I had become suicidal and out of it. I prayed while in the reception of the mental hospital I was staying at and I felt a hand lay on my shoulder. (1) Was it Jesus or Maitreya? And (2) just yesterday a strange, but nice man came up to me in the street and started to talk to me really nicely and plainly. Was that Jesus or Maitreya or another Master? (3) He also hung something in the bushes should I go get it?


(Benjamin Creme’s Master confirms that (1) the hand on the shoulder was the Master Jesus. (2) This was also the Master Jesus. (3) Yes.)

Health tonic

Dear Editor,

In 2011 I was several times in Nordenau, Germany, to visit the ‘mineral spring’. One weekend, I was sitting in the waiting hall and talking about the healing effects with someone.

As a result an elderly lady spoke to me: “I heard you talking to another person and I want to speak with you.” After the visit to the mineral spring we met again and talked together. She told me that she and her husband visit the spring very often at the weekend and they are very healthy. She said: “We have nothing wrong with us.” During the talk, her husband kept in the background. After that chat we said a kindly goodbye and I thought to myself, “This elderly lady has an unusual, loveable and restrained nature.” I regretted immediately that I hadn’t embraced her.

Who were this couple?

C.U., Berlin, Germany.

(Benjamin Creme’s Master confirms that the ‘woman’ was the Master Jesus and the man was a disciple of the Master Jesus.)

Passport to health

Dear Editor,

On Monday 27 August 2012, around 9pm, I had just retrieved my passport from the Immigration Office in Libreville, Gabon. I was waiting for a taxi when a man appeared out of the blue, tall, with a clear skin like the Fulani people, wearing dark glasses, and he started to talk to me.

“Sir, throw away your cigarette, then throw the whole pack and your lighter. Do you think I came to you on my own will? Look around you: so many people, some of them smoke. Why didn’t I go to them? Because I was sent to you. Sexual weakness, hypertension, diabetes, throat cancer, prostatitis, nervousness, this is what awaits you! You stink of tobacco; your teeth are affected. Your wife and children are outraged. From now on, if you feel the urge to smoke, drink a few gulps of plain water and mentally say: ‘In the name of God, I will not smoke.’ After, do a bit of sport (jogging or push-ups). Did you know, Sekou Touré and Lansana Conté never wanted to listen to my advice? These two Guinean heads of state died because of tobacco.”

Since this meeting, I have quit smoking for a week now, a new record for me and I had been smoking continuously for over forty years!

Who was this man?

P.C., Port-Gentil, Gabon.

(Benjamin Creme’s Master confirms that the man was the Master Jesus.)

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Share International regularly publishes readers’ letters, which illustrate a huge range of experiences of the presence of Maitreya and the Masters and how they comfort, support and rescue people all over the world.

Maitreya and the Masters appear in different guises, frequently using ‘familiars’, to attract attention and often to hint at something with special significance to the person seeing Them.

Benjamin Creme writes: “Most days of the week bring letters of these extraordinary meetings: funny, sad, solemn, hilarious, caring and deeply touching, they run the gamut of human situations like a series of characters in a play. In these different ways, Maitreya (or a Master) confirms the reality of Their presence – even as only ‘familiars’ – and consoles, teaches and inspires according to need. They should be a source of joy for everyone involved in this work.” (SI, January/February 2000)

We include a selection of photographs that capture some of Maitreya’s appearances.

Share International photo for March 2013 – Maitreya as seen in disguiseMaitreya appeared in front of 6,000 worshippers in Kenya.

Maitreya miraculously appeared ‘out of the blue’ to 6,000 people at a prayer meeting on Saturday 11 June 1988 in Nairobi, Kenya. He spoke in Swahili for 15 minutes, then disappeared, leaving dozens miraculously cured of their ailments. Photographs of the event were carried by media around the world. Job Mutungi, then editor of The Kenya Times, witnessed Maitreya’s miraculous appearance in Nairobi: “The tall figure of a bare-footed, white-robed and bearded man appeared from nowhere and stood in the middle of the crowd ... everyone was murmuring something.

People were flat on the ground, weeping uncontrollably in praise and worship, in total submission to the occasion.... In clear Swahili, which had no trace of accent, the strange man announced that the people of Kenya were blessed.” (SI, September 1988)

Share International photo for March 2013 – Maitreya as seen in disguiseMaitreya, in the guise of a homeless person, playing the flute in a New York library, makes a subtle connection with a previous manifestation through the disciple Krishna, ‘the Flute Player’. (SI, October 1998)

Share International photo for March 2013 – Maitreya as seen in disguiseMaitreya in the guise of an Afro-Caribbean man, at the huge peace march in London’s Hyde Park, on Saturday 15 February 2003. Captured on video he says: “Waking up! Waking up! The world belongs to the human race, brother … Keep your eyes on the prize! And the prize is humanity! For the human race belong to all of us!” (SI, April 2003)

“At marches and demonstrations, where the people call for justice, peace and sanity, Maitreya may be found in one or other guise, playing the part of the people and speaking in their name. His energy of love pervades these gatherings of the just and inspires them to further effort. His strength becomes theirs and they feel undaunted and sure. In this way, the Lord of Love is turning the tide of hate, is potentizing the ardour of millions, and is finding that the people everywhere are aware of their destiny and are seeking the means to implement their heart-felt desires.” (Benjamin Creme’s Master, SI, April 2003)

Share International photo for March 2013 – Maitreya as seen in disguiseMaitreya in the guise of a ‘woman’ begging, while her seven-month-old baby balances on her hand, Rome, Italy. The ‘baby’ was the Master Jesus. (SI, December 2007)

Share International photo for March 2013 – Maitreya as seen in disguiseMaitreya assumes the guise of a ‘young woman’ begging in Florence, Italy, in 1998. The ‘little girl’ is the Master Jesus. (SI, June 2001)

Share International photo for March 2013 – Maitreya as seen in disguiseMaitreya and Master Jesus in guise

(Left) Maitreya as a ‘mother’ begging on the streets of Lisbon, Portugal, in July 2002. The ‘child’ was the Master Jesus. (SI, October 2002)

Share International photo for March 2013 – Maitreya as seen in disguiseMaitreya in monk guise

(Right) Maitreya appearing in the guise of a tall monk at Benjamin Creme’s lecture in Osaka, Japan, in May 2005. (SI, July/August 2005)

Share International photo for March 2013 – Maitreya as seen in disguiseMaitreya and Master Jesus in guise

(Left) Maitreya in the guise of a ‘child’ with the Master Jesus as a ‘women’, in Haiti. (SI, March 2010)

Share International photo for March 2013 – Maitreya as seen in disguiseMaitreya in ticket-collector guiseMaitreya, in the guise of a ticket-collector, making balloon animals, doing magic tricks and teaching life lessons all at the same time. (SI, November 2005)

Share International photo for March 2013 – Maitreya as seen in disguiseMaitreya in the guise of an ‘elderly woman’ in Paris, March 2012. (SI, July/August 2012)

Share International photo for March 2013 – Maitreya as seen in disguise“Imam Mahdi Unexpected Appearance” proclaims the title of a YouTube video showing a miraculous figure of glowing, brilliant, white light filmed in Karbala, Iraq, on the special ceremony night of Ashura, 6 January 2008. Maitreya’s dance-like movements with a sword remind us of His coming with the Sword of Cleavage. (SI, April 2009)

Share International photo for March 2013 – Maitreya as seen in disguiseA YouTube video shows Maitreya, dubbed the “Angel of Syria” by local people, calmly picking up a wounded youth and carrying his body to people hiding from snipers, during the conflict in Syria. (SI, July/August 2012)

Share International photo for March 2013 – Maitreya as seen in disguiseMaitreya in the guise of a beggar, Barcelona, Spain, 2008. (SI, November 2008).

Share International photo for March 2013 – Maitreya as seen in disguiseMaitreya as ‘the Rider on the White Horse’, in Tahrir Square, Cairo, Egypt. The video clip, seen on media networks and YouTube, shows an ethereal figure in white riding a white horse through the square, and suddenly disappearing over the heads of the people. (SI, March 2011)

Question: Will Maitreya look physically like Himself – that is, as He really is – when His first interview takes place, or will He be in a different ‘guise’ – as He usually is when He appears to people?

Benjamin Creme: When He appears to people He is usually using a ‘familiar’, a created person through which some part of His consciousness manifests. But when He appears openly to the world, although not using the name Maitreya, He will appear as in fact He is, in the self-created body in which He manifests now in the world.

Signs and miracles worldwide

‘Hand’ of Maitreya miracle

Share International photo for March 2013 – Hand of Maitreya miracle

Share International photo for March 2013 – Hand of Maitreya miracle Dear Editor,
On 23 January 2013 I placed the photograph of Maitreya’s ‘hand’ on my chest in bed, because I have had a heart problem for half a year following my mother’s death. I tried to invoke Christ to apply His living hand to my heart – and immediately I felt peace and bliss and fell asleep.

The next morning I placed the photo on my chest again and found that it stuck to my body. I discovered a new, strange lubricant, like honey, covering my chest, neck and forehead. My husband tried attaching different objects to my chest (a ruler, spoons, pans, etc) and all of them stuck to me! I went to shower and wipe it off but the lubricant remained. I went swimming in the ocean and it still remained.

Would you be so kind as to ask your Master what this strange lubricant-like honey is? Is it meant for my health? Should I accept it as medicine?

E.S., Auckland, New Zealand.
(Benjamin Creme’s Master confirms that it is a rare manifestation by Maitreya, and you can use it as ‘medicine’.)


A moving blue object

Share International photo for March 2013 – Washington monument UFO Washington DC – During a television broadcast in Washington DC on 20 January 2013, the night before President Obama’s second inauguration, a moving blue object appeared near the Washington Monument and disappeared within several seconds. (Source: ufo-blogger.com)
(Benjamin Creme’s Master confirms that the object was a spaceship from Mars, which allowed itself to be seen during the broadcast when millions were watching.)


Flickering lights in the early morning sky

Florida – Residents of Cape Coral called a local television station to report flickering lights in the early morning sky, on 27 January 2013. “They were small lights that hovered over the water ... and then they disappeared,” said a witness. Replying to attempt to dismiss the lights as Chinese lanterns, another witness said: “That is the most ridiculous explanation for these lights yet, second only to swamp gas. Lanterns are balloons and these lights don’t act like balloons – even if they were tethered, they would be bouncing around independently in the wind or breezes over the water. Notice how they stay in the same pattern, not rising or falling.” (Source: huffingtonpost.com)

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We present a selection of quotations on the theme of ‘The role of service’ – from Maitreya (Messages from Maitreya the Christ, and Maitreya’s Teachings – The Laws of Life), Benjamin Creme’s Master (A Master Speaks), and Benjamin Creme’s writings. See also compilation on service in Share International January/February 2008.

When you see Me, you will know that the time has come to serve, to lift yourselves and your brothers through service to the world. This way, My Way, will take you quickly to God. My Masters, too, know this Path and under Their instruction shall you realise your Godhead.

My purpose is to show men that he need fear no more, that all of Light and Truth rests within his heart, that when this simple fact is known, man will become God.

God’s nature is to love. God’s purpose is to serve. God is known through Sharing and Justice. Spread abroad these simple Truths, My friends, and perform a mighty act. (Maitreya, from Message No.98)


Everyone can do something to ease the pain of his brothers. Take stock of where you stand and see what you should do. Pledge, now, your support for every act of sacrifice and contribute your share thereto. Make this time a time of giving; let your will to serve have full expression. Know that as you serve you work towards the Light and align more correctly with the purpose of your soul.

Take your stand with Us and allow the dreams of men to come true. Take your stand with Us and be assured of Our stimulus and help. Take your stand at Our side and perform deeds you thought impossible to achieve.

When you see Maitreya you will know that the moment of decision for the world has come. He will call for action from all who would save the world. Join the ranks of those who act and serve, and enter the mainstream of the Great Current of life.

The time has come, as never before, to act in accordance with your professed ideals, and to make manifest the vision enshrined in your heart. Know that you are not alone; that millions embrace these same ideals. Join hands with all who seek to serve and spin a web of light around the world. Remember that you are in the world to serve and that only through service can you grow. Remember that you are your brother’s keeper and accept responsibility for your brother’s needs. Present yourselves, as never before, as channels through whom We may work, as transformers of the mighty potencies which will shortly flow to you.

In this way can you set the seal of service on this life and in due course join the ranks of those Who have gone before you. (Benjamin Creme’s Master, from ‘A major opportunity’)


The impulse to serve can find expression within the most unbeneficial structures. In fact, the impulse to serve is needed all the more where the structures themselves are unspiritual. The current structures are deeply unspiritual and this only makes the need to serve more pressing. Even in the coming cycle of Aquarius when things will change tremendously, when harmony and peace will generally prevail in the major sense throughout the world – service will be needed. Service is the mainspring of life. If service is the impulse of God involving Itself in all that It creates, that which it creates needs to serve. It cannot be otherwise, because the impulse of Being is service. There is no level throughout cosmos where service is not the purpose of life. The greater always serves the lower. The Christ washing the feet of the disciples is a symbol for that fact of service. The greater in spiritual stature serves the lesser because it can serve the lesser. (Benjamin Creme, Maitreya’s Mission Vol Two)


To serve even one individual is to serve the Lord Himself. In service you will never be lost. You will reach the path that leads straight to freedom and salvation. (Maitreya, Maitreya’s Teachings – The Laws of Life)


Maitreya has said that each one is important, none too young or too weak to serve. Knowing this, there is but one path to take – the path which, through service, leads to God. In this coming time, many will find this the shortest route to the Source and the purpose of their incarnation.

Maitreya awaits the engagement of all who would transform the world, for “Nothing happens by itself; Man must act and implement his will”. Relieved of the threat and the burden of war, those who wish to serve the world should enter now the arena and do battle with injustice, poverty and pain….

Now is the time, as never before, for each one to grasp the opportunity to serve in some way, to influence the direction of change, and ensure the creation of a just and stable world. (Benjamin Creme’s Master, from ‘A time to serve’)


The heresy is that we are separate. That sense of separateness is the big lie that everyone experiences. There is a ring around us: they out there and we here at the centre of the universe.

The beauty of service, when undertaken totally and seriously, is that it begins to break down that barrier; it begins to remove that sense of separateness because you identify with whatever it is you are serving. You identify with the needs of the world, the pain and suffering of the world. As you do that, you enlarge that identification until you are embracing the whole world. (Benjamin Creme, Maitreya’s Mission Vol Two)


For many reasons am I here. Many are the claims upon My Love, My Will, but, above all, to show you once again that man’s purpose is to serve both God and man am I here. When you see this, you will enter a field of endeavour which awaits all those who would go with Me. Trust Me, My friends; trust that as your Elder Brother I know the way, for that Way, My friends, has been trodden by all Those Whom you call Master. The Way to God, My brothers, is through Service and Love. That simple Path shall I place before you and invite you to tread. (Maitreya, from Message No.87)


There is now afoot a plan of salvation for the world. This involves the co-operation of all those who long to serve the world. To serve today is not difficult, for the means of service lie to hand and the Earth itself cries out for succour. Choose your field of service and endow it with ardour, knowing that as you do so your soul will equip you for the task. Know, too, that Our hand will strengthen yours and share the burden.

Certain it is that much needs changing; the tempo of that change will depend on you. We rely on your co-operation to carry out the details of the plan. Service calls the vanguard of the new civilization to build the foundations of tomorrow’s better world.

Take your places in that roll-call and aid Us in the work of salvage. Pass it not by, when the hour has struck! (Benjamin Creme’s Master, from ‘A call to service’)


Service is the impulse of the soul, the carrying out of soul purpose. The soul incarnates to serve the Plan of evolution, which is to spiritualize matter. Incarnating again and again, the soul creates a series of vehicles which gradually become more adept at carrying out the soul purpose and increasing the range of contacts for the soul on the physical plane. These contacts are points of service to the community, the nation, to humanity at large. The higher the state of evolution, usually the more expansive is the range of service. Whether it is a narrow or a wide range, it allows the soul to radiate its Beingness in service to the world.

The soul seeks to serve; it inspires its vehicle, the personality, to serve in particular ways and means. As that happens we become less and less interested in the personality aspect and more and more concerned in altruistic service for the benefit of all. The soul always seeks altruistic action and service. It is not concerned with itself and has no sense of being an individual, separate self. The soul knows nothing of separation. It sees only the whole, and itself in relation to the whole. When the personality is responding correctly to the impulse of the soul it seeks to distance the personality from not only the results of the service but of the service itself. The act of service then becomes a soul-initiated process which means that the person is working with detachment, without glamour.

It is all about detachment. Whatever aids detachment aids us in resolving the pairs of opposites. Nothing so helps detachment as service done in a completely detached way. Then the soul makes real progress on the physical plane through its vehicle. The aspiration of the soul is high, driving the person upward. (Benjamin Creme, The Art of Living)


Many are the ways to serve; many are the paths of ascent. No one today need feel deprived of a mode of service, of a path forward to the future. All paths, all means, flow to God. Take, My friends, the nearest of these paths and with Me serve your brothers. (Maitreya, from Message No.88)


Each new cycle brings into manifestation new energies and new groups of souls with the equipment to respond to and express the qualities of these energies. Entering our planetary life now, and in increasing numbers as the centuries slip by, are members of certain advanced groups of souls who for long have awaited this opportunity for service. Their achievements of the past will be placed at the service of the race, and from their long contact with the world of meaning will come a new understanding of man’s purpose and a deeper appreciation of the true value of life. From them will flow a wisdom hitherto lacking in man’s affairs, and in the light of that wisdom all will be transformed. (Benjamin Creme’s Master, from ‘A better future for all’)


Will you be among those who pave the way? Will you take part now in this Great Work and fulfil the world’s need? There is no higher call than that to serve the world. There is no greater commitment than to serve your brother. Hold fast to the purpose of your return and help My Plan. Many there are who hear Me and heed Me not, but the few have listened, and with Will and Love fulfil My Task. (Maitreya, from Message No.14)


Cultivate a wise rhythm which will allow your service to expand naturally. Eschew a service done in fits and starts for in this way is all momentum lost. Remember that you are here to serve the Plan. That, if you did but know it, is your soul’s wish. As you make contact with the soul, the objectivization of experience begins to take place. The soul has no preference, no desire; it relates only to that which is consonant with its purpose, which is to serve the Plan of evolution to the greatest degree possible….

Serve and grow, serve and grow should be the keynote of your lives. (Benjamin Creme’s Master, from ‘The call to service’)


We are made in the image of God as love, and the nature of God as love is to serve. There is only one impulse in the whole of Cosmos, demonstrating in multi-faceted ways: the impulse to serve. Hence the importance of service in the evolution of the individual, and, specifically, of the disciple. (Benjamin Creme, Maitreya’s Mission Vol One)


My brothers, why wait for My Appearance? Why sit still when the world groans; when men, women and children die in misery, cast off by their brothers? There is no greater aspiration than the desire to serve. Make your act of service the saving of the starving of the world and help My Plan. (Maitreya, from Message No.31)


Transmission Meditation is a fusion of two yogas: Laya Yoga, the yoga of energies, and Karma Yoga, the yoga of service. It combines precisely these two most potent forms of evolution. Nothing moves a man or woman so quickly along the path of evolution than being engaged powerfully, potently, in some form of service. That is Karma Yoga. It is the lever of the evolutionary process.

The other equally important leverage is meditation. Meditation brings one into contact with one’s soul and eventually into contact with the Kingdom of Souls. The combination of these two, service and meditation, is the most potent method of pushing one along the path of evolution, taking one on to the path of discipleship, to the path of initiation and eventually to Mastery.

The Masters call Their work the Great Service. They are here only to serve. They have made that Their work, Their reason for being, because They know that there is nothing more important in the whole of the manifested universe than service.

That there is a universe at all is due to the service activity of the great Consciousness which stands behind it and has brought it into manifestation. The reason that we are on this planet, as thoughtforms in the mind of the creating Logos, is because the Logos Himself is serving the Plan of evolution of the Solar Logos. We are part of that great Plan and, if the Solar Logos sees service as the be-all and end-all of His activity, then I think, as dim reflections of that deity, we may conclude that we must ourselves be about service. It could not be otherwise. Service takes us back eventually, in full Logoic consciousness, to identity with the Logos of which we are a part. (Benjamin Creme, Transmission – A Meditation for the New Age)


Naught which stems from God but serves, My brothers. Learn and believe that this is so. Through service to man, man will come to God. It was ever so. Make a life of Service your vow for the future time and know the bliss of the Love of God. (Maitreya, from Message No.75)


A new era opens in which men, as Gods, will demonstrate their divine powers in service to the Plan, reaping therefore the benefits of all true service: greater responsibility and an opportunity better to serve. With these powers being used for the good of all, a new chapter of meaningfulness will open for man, and he will find himself being led from revelation to revelation along the path of discovery of his own divinity. Thus will it be. Thus will men demonstrate their intrinsic spiritual nature, capacity for service and sensitivity to the Plan. (Benjamin Creme’s Master, from ‘The linking kingdom’)


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“Maitreya’s mission is our mission”

Share International photo for March 2013 – Maitreya’s Mission, Volume One, by Benjamin Creme

Review of Maitreya’s Mission, Volume One, by Benjamin Creme

by Carmen Font

Thomas Edison (1847-1931), who gave us the light-bulb, once said that “opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work”. Too often we tend to believe that the greatest breakthroughs in human life are in most cases the result of ‘genius’ and ‘chance’. Even though these two factors play a role in every achievement, hard work is always a prerequisite. Working consistently, with a focused and sincere intention, provides the necessary energy to invite an ‘opportunity’. By responding to a window of opportunity, we participate in the creation or the unveiling of an achievement. The bigger the achievement, the more effort it demands. What we interpret as ‘hard work’ often requires the performance of arduous tasks, the sacrifice of the lesser for the higher, a degree of physical or emotional discomfort and the avoidance of our line of least resistance. Constructive hard work is never the result of coercion or lack of purpose. Creative work is undertaken with faith in the result, even when we cannot see the prize amidst the fog. Thus hard work becomes a mission.

Maitreya reminds us in His Message Number 31 that “nothing happens by itself. Man must act and implement his will”. Whereas in His messages Maitreya refers to His work and His call for humanity to participate in it, it was not until the publication of Maitreya’s Mission, Volume One (MMI) that the rationale and the details of His mission were laid out in full panoramic view. The first edition of the book was published in 1986, with two subsequent editions in 1990 and 1993, and it included a compilation of questions and answers published in the magazine Share International up to then. These questions and answers are organized in topics in order to highlight each thematic area of Maitreya’s work. This proves to be an invaluable source of inspiration for the reader, who gains a deeper insight into Maitreya’s endeavours. It is also a large window that reveals changes in the world and their causes. So much so, that the book saw two sequels, Maitreya’s Mission Volumes Two and Three (MMII and MMIII), which illuminate the continuing work-in-progress and humanity’s preparedness with regard to the Emergence of Maitreya and the Masters of Wisdom.

Share International photo for March 2013 – Benjamin Creme speaking at a conferenceBenjamin Creme

In full co-operation

Maitreya’s mission has never been and will not be a solitary one. In every chapter of MMI we are gently reminded and made vividly aware of the fact that the process of His Emergence and the changes in our modes of living call for our full co-operation. A case in point is Benjamin Creme’s reference to Maitreya’s contact with media representatives in January 1986 who “agreed to make an announcement that a man claiming to be the Christ was indeed living in the Asian community of London. Under pressure from high religious and government officials, however, this statement was withheld” (p.9, 3rd ed). Given this rejection, by karmic law Maitreya became engaged in a much longer process of emergence which did not involve the media at all. By creating miracles of all kinds, by appearing to large sections of humanity in various guises, a knowledge of His presence was slowly built up and spread around the world. Thus, without infringing humanity’s freewill, Maitreya kept the reality of His presence before all those who could believe in it. Even today in His appearances on television in the USA, Mexico and Brazil He always appears ‘incognito’ so that the viewers can agree or not agree with His ideas, without simply accepting His words to be those of the ‘Christ’ or ‘World Teacher’.

The late 1980s and early 1990s were momentous times for humanity. Whereas the main political and economic developments of those years are given special focus in MMII (for example, the end of Apartheid in South Africa, the breakdown of the Soviet Union, the stock-market crash beginning in Japan) MMI is concerned with the esoteric essentials of Maitreya’s Emergence and His teachings for the New Age. In the introduction to the book, Benjamin Creme tells us about a “new mode of communication” by Maitreya: through one of His close associates, Maitreya gave “teachings and forecasts of world events, which one by one are coming to pass” (p. 10), thus providing a constant influx of information of a political, social and spiritual nature. Before we can fully understand the dynamics of world change in the outer physical plane, we need a better grasp of elementary esoteric rules. In this sense MMI is the perfect sequel to Benjamin Creme’s first book, The Reappearance of the Christ and the Masters of Wisdom and an invitation to further reading the successive volumes of Maitreya’s Mission.

The foundations of the externalization of the Masters of Wisdom, as well as Maitreya’s basic teachings, are the concern of the three first chapters of the book. Even though it is almost 20 years since the publication of MMI’s third edition, it is always refreshing and informative – for instance, to dwell on the Christ’s role as Agent of Divine Intervention: “The Christ’s presence is the guarantee that the inner decision necessary for peace – that is, sharing – has already been taken by humanity, whether it knows it or not” (p.73). This is a most reassuring statement, and one which highlights the significance of the covenant between Maitreya and humanity. After two decades of changes in the political, economic and social fields, events that Share International has unfailingly reported, readers can grasp the wide-ranging implications of these words. For those who have already pored over MMI, revisiting its pages gives a sense of living history. For newcomers, it helps them to understand the origins and background of Maitreya’s Emergence. Far from being outdated, Maitreya’s Mission One can thus be read from two perspectives: as a review and reminder of the esoteric laws governing Maitreya’s Emergence; and as a primary source for newcomers who want to delve into the details of the context of this Emergence. In both cases, MMI is imbued with such strength and clarity of purpose that it enables the reader to appreciate the profound significance of Maitreya’s story and history.

Expansion of consciousness

There are many such moments of revelation, whether they are completely new to us or a revisit from a former reading. Chapters IV to VII, which are devoted to the esoteric rules of life and deal with the Seven Rays, the concept of initiation, evolution and reincarnation, tackle the intricacies of humanity’s expansion of consciousness. We find an interesting parallel with current events: “The wilderness experience, particularly for the West, is the acceptance of a simpler way of life, so that all people everywhere can live. In fact, one of the Christ’s main tasks is to release humanity from the glamour of materialism. It is this glamour, this fog of unreality, which prevents man from knowing who he really is and what the meaning of life really is” (p.179). The mission undertaken by Maitreya is therefore to encourage co-operation and education for humanity, because when humans are free from the glamours and the fogs of life, we can enjoy a fuller life as co-partners in His work. Maitreya’s mission is also our mission. “Suffering”, MMI reminds us, “is the result of the inability of the personality to correctly or fully express the nature of the soul, which is entirely self-less, knowing no sense of separation. Evolution (as it pertains to man) is the process whereby the personality, functioning under the principle of desire, is gradually brought through suffering to renounce the blocks or impediments to the soul’s expression on the physical plane”. (p.157) For long-time readers of Maitreya’s teachings, these words, and many others throughout chapters IV to VII of MMI, are revitalizing. They are also useful when preparing for lectures or public speaking. For new readers, these are simply pearls of a wisdom rooted in the past and distilled into the present. In essence they are timeless.

But MMI is likewise a highly informative book. From details of Maitreya’s life in the Asian community of London to the ray relations between nations or, for example, the subtle but significant difference between self-discipline and punishment, we run the whole gamut of the early and foundational stages of Maitreya’s mission. The last two chapters of MMI are devoted to meditation and service, and include a long sequence of questions and answers about particular aspects of Transmission Meditation, from the benefits of meditating in a dark room, to the right posture to meditate or the meaning of each stanza in The Great Invocation. Readers may also be interested in connections between meditation and modern psychology (p.310).

It is never too late to re-visit the wisdom of Maitreya’s Mission, since each rereading is not so much a repetition as a re-discovery. And it is never too early to begin absorbing the wisdom of Maitreya, since MMI is lucidly written and its content deftly organized. It is, for many, an invaluable document of Maitreya’s plans for the world. And it is, for most, an intimate call to a meaningful life mission.

Creme, Benjamin. Maitreya’s Mission, Volume One. 3rd Edition. Amsterdam, London, Los Angeles: Share International Foundation, 1993.

Please click to read more about the book on the Share International website.

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Humanity at a crossroads

Share International photo for March 2013 – Ross AshcroftRoss Ashcroft

Interview with Ross Ashcroft

by Gill Fry

Four Horsemen is an independent UK documentary, released in 2012, that questions the global economic system and suggests ways that we can reform it. The film includes a mix of powerful footage, animations and interviews with 23 leading thinkers including Noam Chomsky, Joseph Stiglitz, author John Perkins, children’s campaigner Camilla Batmanghelidjh and former Wall Street trader and journalist Max Keiser.

On the Four Horsemen website the filmmakers state: “If more people can equip themselves with a better understanding of how the world really works, then the systems and structures that condemn billions to poverty or chronic insecurity can at last be overturned. Solutions to the multiple crises facing humanity have never been more urgent, but equally, the conditions for change have never been more favourable.”

The film’s director Ross Ashcroft was born in Liverpool, UK. He graduated from the Royal Agricultural College with a degree in land management and then worked in London’s West End theatres as an assistant director. He co-founded the independent production company Motherlode whose debut feature film was Four Horsemen.

Gill Fry interviewed Ross Ashcroft for Share International.

Share International: What was the motivation to initiate this project?

Ross Ashcroft: Around 2006 we realized there was something really wrong within the finance sector. Some of the excesses were totally corrupt and unsustainable. So you are sitting watching one of the biggest heists in history and you have two choices: sit back and let it happen or do something about it. I started reading the economists and thinkers who had been marginalized and thought that all of them were really onto something. I thought the economy we had was totally dysfunctional, the way we ran it was ‘nuts’ and ultimately the whole thing was going to end in tears.

I used to think “leave it to the economists, they’ll sort it out”, but then realized that economics is too important to be left to the economists. The big revelation during making the film was that the Neo Classical Economics taught in Ivy League Universities, actually most Universities for the last 150 years, is utter rubbish.

So our thought was to tell a story that didn’t just chase bankers around and say, “you’re all bad”, but to tell the overarching story that the economic rules of the game are not up to scratch, not fit for purpose. In fact they actively encourage us to trash the planet and each other in a vain attempt to progress. So the motivation was that this story needs telling.

We tried to get money for the film but it was almost impossible: everyone’s house prices were going up and people would say there’s nothing wrong with the economy. Then 2008 [the collapse] occurred and we said: “We told you something was going to happen.” But people said: “Don’t worry, they’ll put it all back together and everything will be fine.” So we just carried on making the film and released it in 2011.

SI: Why did you call the film The Four Horsemen?

RA: The Four Horsemen story is in the Book of Revelation so it has been in the common consciousness for some time. We wanted to hang the story on the modern Four Horsemen characters: a rapacious financial system, escalating organised violence, poverty or famine for the bottom billions and the exhaustion of the world’s natural resources. In these modern times ‘Four Horsemen’ are colliding for the first time in human history.

SI: Why is the world’s economy in such a mess?

RA: Neo-classical economics has delivered the world they have been asked to. It is that ideology that has got the world into the state we’re in. One fundamental error is that people confuse money with wealth: money of itself is not wealth. Wealth is products, services and experiences that occur or exist in the real economy. The real economy is where you and I work. Money is created out of nothing by banks – out of thin air as a computer digit – and it puts pressure on the real economy, because that newly created money is used to acquire wealth and real services. Everything from food to fine art are experiences that everyone should be able to partake of, but they are pushed out of reach because of this created money which pushes the prices of everything up. Until we understand that money and wealth are not the same thing, we are going to keep creating more money at the flick of a switch, which will keep putting a squeeze on the real economy.

What you need for the cornerstone of a decent economy and democracy is a steady money supply, not a money supply that can be expanded overnight to fund a resource – war for instance. I’m not advocating a fixed money supply but a stable money supply that is monitored in relation to population growth and volume of trade. Our money supply needs to be issued by government not private banks and it needs to be thoroughly audited. You cannot just expand the money supply and allow inflation to seep in like we’re seeing at the moment.

SI: Can you explain what took place in 1989 under Bill Clinton’s presidency?

RA: Robert Rubin and Larry Summers who are ex-Goldman Sachs bankers, lobbied President Clinton to get rid of the Glass-Steagall Act. It has been catastrophic because the division between man on the street retail banks, and investment banking no longer exists. That [retail] money can now be taken from people’s accounts and used for speculative investment to enrich the bank – we now are seeing the effects.

[The Glass-Steagall Act was formed in 1933 during the US Depression to separate bank’s retail and investment operations.]

SI: I was shocked to see the cost of the 2008 bailout ($8.5 trillion) compared to the cost, in today’s money, of World War One ($3.5 trillion) and the Vietnam War ($670 billion).

RA: Actually it is way above that figure now. We tried to give perspective between the two wars and how much the recent bank bailout cost. People say we’re going to have a third World War, but what they don’t realize is that we’re in the middle of World War Three: it is economic, silent and deadly. What we’ll see in the next five years is currency wars between countries, and the human cost will be incredible.

Unless we are clued up about the economics and about what’s actually going on we’ll never be sharp enough to decipher the mainstream news. There are two ways of listening to the ‘news’: at face value or you start to get behind the headlines and understand what’s really happening.

SI: So was the aim of the film to help people become aware of the flaws in our system?

RA: The real intent was to wake people up to the fact that they haven’t heard all the alternatives. There are lots of alternatives out there but we are constantly being told by mainstream media that there aren’t any. If we start to teach decent economics again and get rid of the neo-classical economic paradigm once and for all, that would be a start in the right direction.

Ideological control has been the cornerstone of keeping societies and the preferred modus operandi in place for years. In the film Gillian Tett calls it ‘the cognitive map’ and what is most important is what is being left un-debated or unsaid. What those in power didn’t expect was internet enlightenment. People go online and learn for themselves and make their own minds up. With propaganda and lies you have to continually retell them to make people believe them, but thankfully that is happening less and less effectively. The intent behind the film was for people to get self-educated, to understand the systems and processes that we’ve created and to do something about them.

SI: The film has been seen at 26 film festivals. How are audiences responding to it?

RA: At all the festivals we’ve been to it has sold out. People said in the beginning “You will never sell this film” and “You’ll never be able to get younger people interested in economics”. They’ve been wrong on both counts because about 70 per cent of audiences are 35 years and younger. Those generations realize that for the first time ever the adage that the current generation will live better than the generation before may no longer be the case. So they are forced, by necessity, to re-engage. We are grateful for all the audience awards: it means a great deal as the audience voted for them, not a panel of ‘experts’.

Share International photo for March 2013 – Four Horsemen articleSome of the 23 leading thinkers interviewed for the Four Horsemen documentary.

SI: Watching people interviewed from the Baby-Boom generation say “We’ve made some wrong choices” made me think how it’s been such a materialistic grab in the last 20 to 30 years, and how strange it must be to be born into these times.

RA: We’re in a consumerist stupor in the West and people are starting to wake up and realize that all you need is less and that a simple life is a great life. There are people who are very happy, the ‘generation zero’ who possess less than 100 items. All their music is on the ‘cloud’, and they’re not at malls every weekend buying stuff they don’t need, with money they don’t have, to impress people they don’t like! I’m not sure what happened to the Baby-Boomers; they seem to have thought that money and materialism brings happiness, which is ironic after the Sixties.

SI: In the last couple of years various films have been made tackling this subject from different angles, like The Story of Stuff, Capitalism: A Love Story, Thrive. Does this show that humanity is waking up?

RA: Yes, it’s a slow tsunami. To keep the ideological control will be almost impossible so there will be a new paradigm and it is being ushered in at the moment. Humanity is at a crossroads. It is between two worlds. We are watching the death throws of the old system – but it is not going to go quietly. My view is not to focus so much on the old system but focus on creating the new one, because the old system is doing a brilliant job of deconstructing itself; so just let it do that.

The most important thing is to start your own organizations and institutions, think about co-operatives and how you can work locally with people and skills that are latent in your area. In 10 to 15 years’ time, when oil prices are sky-high and energy has become the new debate, the only way you can be prepared is through community support and by building solid communities. What we will see when that happens is the happiness index going up and less of the isolated individual. Margaret Thatcher’s “there is no such thing as society” paradigm has run its course.

SI: What do you think of the Arab Spring and the demonstrations that have spread around the world?

RA: I’m not in favour of revolution in the bloody sense. My view is that revolutions are philosophical. When the thinking changes in the subtle realm then actions change in the physical realm. Victor Hugo said: “An invasion of armies can be resisted, but not an idea whose time has come”. So it’s about changing the cognitive map. At present we have the best ‘people-opportunity’ in history and we shouldn’t waste it. 2013 will be a momentous year for social change – just watch.

SI: And what about the problems we have caused to the environment?

RA: We have very little time and have to act decisively now. If we agree that human beings are generally predisposed to being reasonable and good, the question you have to ask is, what has driven us to enact the things we have done? You come back to neo-classical economics, which doesn’t treat land as a unique factor of production, but conflates it with capital and encourages the trashing of land (in the broad sense of the word) and nature’s resources to put it on a balance sheet as income. We use nature’s capital and we call it income. People will look back at this time and think, “What were they doing?”

SI: Do you think people will start to sacrifice their personal desires for the greater good?

RA: Yes. I think the word sacrifice makes people recoil but it isn’t a sacrifice as such, it’s actually an incredibly elevating experience. But you can’t understand it theoretically; you understand it once you’ve done it. Understandably a lot of people are scared to drop the ‘here to be served’ mentality, because for years corporations like L’Oréal have been telling people: “Because you’re worth it”.

People are starting to understand that retail therapy has been unsatisfying. Some are now dedicating themselves to causes greater than themselves, as opposed to dedicating themselves to themselves, which is basically the dogma of the consumerist culture.

Wherever there is change there is trepidation. The fear freezes people, but we have to keep jumping into the unknown, it is the only way to live.

SI: The economic hit-man’s comment was interesting in the film: that he had never met a terrorist who had actually wanted to be a terrorist.

RA: Humanity does birth a percentage of people who are psychopaths and sociopaths and non-empathetic souls who don’t understand the ramifications of their actions. Having met lots of ‘terrorists’ I agree with him – people do not want to be terrorists. As he says in the film, they want to be back home with their family on the farm but it has been taken (metaphorically or literally). When you start subjugating people to your dogma or ideology, and taking the land and resources off them, it’s a very natural reaction. I am not condoning terrorist acts but it’s a logical reaction when you start dispossessing people. Chomsky says that what they do to us is terrible, but it is only a fraction of what we do to them. When he says ‘we’ he is talking about the West, which relies on the industrial military complex profits, and Halliburton who then go in and rebuild [after a conflict]. The story is totally out of kilter and as conscious human beings we need to step back and look more broadly at the causes of terrorism because we don’t need any more jingoism. I’m positive about this as I think there is more empathy in younger generations.

SI: Billions of people must be feeling worried and isolated about their financial situation, but the film shows us that we are in this collapse together, and that it’s not our personal failure but a global collapse. Have you found that the film gives support to people?

RA: One of the intentions of the film was to put a message out there: “Don’t worry, you’re not going mad.” I would say that 85 per cent of the emails we get are from people thanking us and saying: “I thought I was mad”. The response is: “ You’re not mad. The system is mad and you’re part of that system.” They thank us for pointing out that the system is working against them and for making them feel sane again….

SI. Why don’t mainstream media report more on the suffering caused by this crisis?

RA: The mainstream media is owned by the FIRE sector (financial, insurance and real estate businesses) and they do not want to tell people what’s going on because they make a lot of money when people don’t know what’s going on. That’s not a conspiracy theory, that’s the hard economics of it. If I owned a huge real estate business, and an insurance company that sat alongside it, and a credit creation business, the first thing I would do is go and buy a lot of media businesses to keep pushing my message into the public consciousness. I certainly wouldn’t book films like Four Horseman to put on that station!

SI. Do you think humanity could share the resources of the world more fairly?

RA: We have to: resource distribution is another cornerstone. Two things have to stop overnight. One is speculation with derivatives for food and other essentials. You cannot have speculators in the West pushing up food prices for people who are poor in Africa and other places. Morally it doesn’t stand up, and the economics do not stand up.

The second thing is we have to set up a tax system that allows people to enjoy the resources of their country. If we take oil or diamonds out of Africa, those people need to be properly compensated and that money used to build infrastructures, schools, railways, clinics and all the things a decent society needs to thrive. We have to readdress the idea of the commons and understand that shared ownerships are something that ultimately bonds every society….

SI. Do you think that human beings are basically co-operative?

RA: Totally. Human beings are only competitive and destroy one another because of the structures that have been put in place and the systems that we live under. Once you start taking those structures out the desire of humans to co-operate is way above and beyond the desire to kill and consume each other. We are predisposed to help each other, not hurt each other. Everyone says: “It’s a dog eat dog world”, but that’s wrong. Dogs don’t eat dogs – they help each other. Humans are pack animals too, and we have the same predisposition.

I’m a total optimist. I think that humanity’s ingenuity can do it: there will be pain, we’ll get a few things wrong, but overall we’ll get there. There has never been a more exciting time to be alive.

For more information:www.fourhorsemenfilm.com and www.renegadeeconomist.com Four Horsemen: The Survival Manual, by Mark Braund and Ross Ashcroft published by Motherlode, 2012. ISBN 978-0-9563985-1-2.

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