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Share International magazine cover for 2013This is an abridged version of
Share International magazine.
Through these electronic files, the magazine Share International makes available a compilation of its contents.

The views expressed by authors other than Share International correspondents do not necessarily reflect those held by the editors of this magazine.
By the same token, interviewees, and authors other than our own correspondents, do not necessarily subscribe to or support the information and approach which form the basis and context of this publication.

The magazine is published monthly, except bimonthly in January/February and July/August of each year.

Copyright © 2013 Share International. All rights reserved.

The reproduction of Share International content in printed or electronic form, including internet websites, requires written permission which will not be unreasonably withheld. Please credit Share International as the source: © Share International. Please send clippings to: PO Box 41877, 1009 DB Amsterdam, Holland.

Ancient Egypt speaks to us today

Millions have watched the YouTube video of the mysterious ‘spinning statue’ in the Manchester Museum, UK. Thousands flock to see it and the story is being reported by media worldwide. Please read all in our latest news release: Click to read

Rallying call!

It has come to our notice that more and more people are receiving our information from the website alone, and thus forgoing the small cost of subscribing to Share International magazine.

Not everyone can, or does, use the internet, and it is essential to have an outer, physical expression, which can display with photographs, the events of which we speak. That means there has to be a magazine, which of course requires a lot of work from volunteers, and a lot of money to produce. There may be a notion that Hierarchy dishes out money for this work, but it is not the case. Subscriptions to Share International are an essential part of maintaining our work and reaching the public. The cost of the subscription is kept as low as possible, the magazine is not subsidised by advertisements and printing and postal charges are mounting all the time.

Surely we would all agree that all those who seriously believe in this work would want to support the magazine, whether or not they read the information on the internet.

Thank you for your support.

The aspiration of the young

It will not surprise any intelligent reader to learn that, in Our estimation, the present chaotic economic and resultant social conditions will not last for very much longer. Nor do We see a sudden transformation and return to the mythical ‘status quo’. The peoples of the world, in millions, have begun to sense the aroma of freedom, and for little longer will be denied its boon.

Across the world, most especially among the young, the potent desire for change is being given expression. The young want a new kind of world, a new structure which includes them and their aspirations. These aspirations are for justice and sharing, for meaningful work and an opportunity to raise their families in sufficiency and peace. For too long have they languished in poverty and obscurity, denied a say in their life’s endeavour.

From now on the governments of the world will have to consider seriously these aspirations of the hitherto silent majority, and change their plans accordingly. The ‘landed rich’ will find it difficult to maintain the dramatic gap between their way of life and that of the average ‘peasant’, as the cry for equality forces change. It will be understood that the present divisions in financial power are central to the instability of world finance.

The old order is collapsing and no government can halt this process. The new energies of Aquarius are waxing stronger, breaking asunder the old corrupt and decadent order. The young, and young at heart, are the first to register the appearance of this new aspiration for justice. The desire for right relationship wells up strongly in the hearts of the young.

Meanwhile Maitreya continues His progress among the nations, speaking freely of the need for justice, sharing and love. These ideas are finding many followers as the tension of today’s conditions makes its impact throughout the world. In the USA and Mexico, in Brazil and now in Russia, Maitreya places before His audiences the alternatives facing humanity: to continue on the present senseless and greedy path to oblivion or to see the world as one, on a journey to perfection, as brothers and sisters; to see that only sharing and justice will give us the peace we all desire and a world that prospers according to the Plan, and so find our way back to the Truth and Beauty we once knew and fostered.

[This article from Share International magazine, May 2013 , is by a senior member of the Hierarchy of Masters of Wisdom. His name, well-known in esoteric circles, is not yet being revealed. Benjamin Creme, a principal spokesman about the emergence of Maitreya, is in constant telepathic contact with this Master who dictated his article to him.]

(Read more articles by the Master)

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Q. How many television interviews has Maitreya given so far in Russia?

A. Eight so far in Russia, making a total of 92 interviews. (As of 11 April 2013.)

Q. (1) Does the response to Maitreya’s interviews in Russia continue to be positive? (2) Has Maitreya been interviewed for radio in Russia? (3) Are Maitreya’s television interviews broadcast throughout Russia? (4) Have any of His Russian interviews reached Poland, the Baltic States, former Soviet Republic or Eastern Bloc countries? (5) Have any of Maitreya’s Russian interviews been broadcast on external Russian radio broadcasts?

A. (1) Yes. (2) No. (3) Yes. (4) Not that we know of. (5) No.

Q. (1) Is the large and growing gap between the rich and poor in Russia a factor in making Russians particularly open to Maitreya’s ideas about economic reform and sharing? (2) Many Russians long for the old era when communism held sway; are Maitreya’s ideas seen as being a return to communism?

A. (1) Yes, probably. (2) By some, yes.

Q. Has Maitreya given any interviews in Argentina?

A. No.

Q. If they believe in Maitreya, can anyone channel His ideas?

A. No, I am afraid not. Many people claim to ‘channel’ Maitreya and think it is actually happening to them, but to transmit messages from Maitreya to the world requires a long period of training which eventuates in being able to receive this overshadowing presence. There are seven authentic disciples, all in different parts of the world, who are being used by Maitreya to anchor His energies. It is not so much a question of giving information or messages, but in most cases more a question of representing Him. Apart from these seven disciples, there are many people who mistakenly think they are ‘channelling’ Maitreya, but this is not the case. It is glamour.

Q. How dangerous do you think North Korea is now?

A. North Korea is dangerous because it is young and feels powerful and longs to be seen to be powerful. At the moment, though, I believe it is sabre-rattling only.

Q. How do you think the rest of the world should deal with North Korea?
(1) Ignore its threats? (2) Apply more sanctions? (3) Begin trade talks? (4) Offer aid? (5) Which countries are best placed to approach North Korea to attempt rapprochement?

A. (1) No. (2) No. (3) Yes. (4) Yes. (5) South Korea and China.

Q. What percentage of radiation from the Fukushima nuclear power station disaster (including the radiation still being released there) have the Space Brothers neutralized?

A. 60 per cent.

Q. To what extent does the radiation from the Fukushima disaster still pose a health risk to the people of Japan – either people living close to Fukushima or farther away?

A. There is still a risk because around 30 per cent of radiation remains – varying from place to place. Obviously the closer to Fukushima, the greater is the risk.

Q. In answer to questions in Share International in May 2011 about the Fukushima disaster, you said: “So far, no countries have been impacted by nuclear radiation coming from Japan.” And, “So far, the only people affected by radiation are those living in the north eastern part of Japan.” However, a news story on the Common Dreams website reported, “According to a new study published in the Open Journal of Pediatrics, children born in Alaska, California, Hawaii, Oregon and Washington between one week and 16 weeks after the meltdown began are 28 per cent more likely to suffer from congenital hypothyroidism (CH) than were children born in those states during the same period one year earlier.” Were children on the west coast of the United States affected in this way by the Fukushima disaster, as the medical study indicates? If so, where else were children affected by the disaster?

A. The West Coast of the US was not directly affected by the Fukushima disaster.

Q. Could you please give the ray structure and point of evolution of Margaret Thatcher (1925-2013), former British Prime Minister?

A. S: 2; P: 1 (6); M: 6 (1); A: 6 (2); Ph: 7 (1). PoE: 1.7.

Q. (1) Could you please comment on Margaret Thatcher and her legacy? Adored by some, loathed by others, she seems, some commentators say, to have polarised the country. Did she? (2) Others are of the opinion that she restored Britain’s former greatness; what is the truth of the matter? (3) Was she a forward thinker or a divisive ‘Piscean’?

A. (1) Yes, completely. (2) This is pure glamour. Britain has been ‘great’ and will be great again in a completely different way. It has a most important role to play in the future alignment of the nations of the world. (3) A divisive Piscean par excellence.

Q. It is said that even now in the second decade of the 21st century Margaret Thatcher’s influence can be seen and felt – how?

A. By all the divisions that she helped to create in the British social system, putting it back at least 50 years. She was as relevant and as useful as the most backward and narrow member of the USA Republican Tea Party. I would like to quote a distinguished actress, now Member of Parliament, Glenda Jackson, who summed up her reaction to Mrs Thatcher better than I could: “Thatcherism wreaked the most heinous social, economic and spiritual damage upon this country.”

Q. Margaret Thatcher seemed to tap into a deep-seated selfishness and materialism, which up to then had not surfaced in Britain. That materialism seems to have continued – even after she left office. Your comments, please?

A. That materialism has grown since she left office. To continue with the quotation from MP Glenda Jackson: “The basis to Thatcherism was that everything I had been taught to regard as a vice … under Thatcherism was in fact a virtue: greed, selfishness, no care for the weaker.”

Q. At the time of her ‘reign’ Margaret Thatcher seemed very powerful; looked at now in retrospect she seems to belong to a very distant by-gone age. It’s almost like looking at dinosaurs – so inimical are her ideas and attitudes. What is your insight into Mrs Thatcher and such figures?

A. She was an exponent of the past and its values, which have brought humanity to the most dangerous place it has ever been in its history.

Q. What is the relationship between the new Pope’s election and the process of the emergence of Maitreya?

A. None.

Q. Did any miracles happen to coincide specifically with the choice and later the inauguration of the new Pope in March 2013?

A. No.

Q. Is there a polar shift coming in the near future?

A. No.

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Fun at the fair

Dear Editor,

Our group had a booth at a fair over the weekend of 15 to18 February 2013 in Vancouver. My partner Jessie and I were doing our shift on Saturday afternoon, when she had a conversation with a very interesting man. He looked to be in his mid to late 70s, possibly Asian (although it was a little hard to pinpoint his nationality), and about five feet tall. He was dressed in ordinary Western clothes and was walking with a cane. He had come by earlier in the day, but when Jessie had asked him if he would like to hear the information we were presenting about the World Teacher, he replied that there were so many teachers and one could not be sure about the truth in what they were saying. Jessie agreed with him and said one had to be discriminating. The visitor then moved off from our booth.

Share International photo for May 2013 – Master Jesus at fairThe Master Jesus in the guise of an ‘elderly Asian man’ attending a fair.

Later that afternoon he returned and started to scan our display of Benjamin Creme’s books. Jessie eagerly approached him, greeting him with, “You came back.” The man began talking to Jessie about a wide range of things, the conversation lasting for about half-an-hour. One of the things that really stood out to us was when he said that he had given some thought to what the purpose of life was and had come to the conclusion that it was to serve. He said that the only thing that mattered was service and that one should not expect anything in return, but should simply walk away afterwards and not look back. He also mentioned that he was a teacher and had been talking to a school teacher who was complaining that the students would not listen or learn what he was trying to teach them. He said he told the man that the children were bored, that they already knew what he was trying to teach them from a previous life and they were frustrated because it was hard for them to get that knowledge out of themselves. Jessie asked how one could help them and he said it was very difficult. He talked as if it were the most natural thing in the world to refer to previous lives. He also said that he taught delinquents.

The whole time he spoke, he was laughing and smiling and never said anything with any force, dogmatism or fanaticism. He was very relaxed and looked directly at Jessie, even though I was standing very close by and there were a number of our group members standing on the other side of the table, listening to the conversation. He said that he had been housebound for six years and that today was his first day out and he had come to this show; he also said people had been telling him to sit down, but he wanted to see how much he could walk about. One of our co-workers asked him where he came from; he didn’t answer the question directly, only telling us some of the places he had lived (mostly, in different countries in Africa). He said he had seen some terrible things. He thought he would see what it was like over here, so he came half-way around the world to be in Vancouver; he had come here 40 years ago and worked a number of different jobs. One of the last things that he said was that one should eat simply. Jessie didn’t catch the word “simply” and so asked him what he meant. He explained that people will take a carrot out of the ground and make it bigger or smaller, change it into other things, but one should not eat like that.

He didn’t really indicate that the conversation was coming to an end and he was going to go, but it was just as if he’d decided that that was enough. As he turned to leave, he offered me his hand and we shook warmly and firmly. I had been thinking that it was either Maitreya or the Master Jesus and wondered what name he might be going by, so I asked him his name. As he was walking away, he paused a moment, and with a cheeky smile and a twinkle in his eye, he said: “Gabriel. But without the halo!” making a little circular motion in the air with his finger.

After he had left, Jessie said that the whole time he had been speaking to her, she had been thinking: “This is Maitreya”. Could you please say if he was Maitreya or one of the Masters, perhaps, or just an interesting man?

R.S. and J.S., Vancouver, Canada.

(Benjamin Creme’s Master confirms that the man was the Master Jesus.)

Direct approach

Dear Editor,

I gave a talk to about 50 people in Los Angeles in 2012. After my talk, a short, older woman in a pretty orange suit came up to me and quickly hugged me. While hugging me she spoke into my ear something like: “I love your energy. I loved your talk. I love your style,” or some words to that effect. I was so startled by her quick hug and response that I was caught off guard and didn’t listen well. I thanked her and told her that I loved her and she said the same back to me. She was with a tall balding man who said very little. Then, with big smiles they asked if I was speaking again soon. I was, the next month, so Lynne – my colleague for this talk – and I told them when and where. Were they someone special?

D.L., Los Angeles, California, USA.

(Benjamin Creme’s Master confirms that the ‘woman’ was the Master Jesus and the man was a disciple of the Master Jesus.)

Another Thatcher legacy?

Dear Editor,

On 3 June 2012 during the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee river pageant, I cycled down to Battersea Park from where I hoped to see the flotilla on the Thames but at the gate to the park I was stopped by security and asked to show a ticket to enter my local park. Feeling a bit miffed I asked the security guy where I could get a ticket. He directed me to the ticket touts outside the park. Not wanting the touts to profit from what was going on, I walked through the crowds to Chelsea Bridge from where I hoped to see the flotilla, but there I found that without a ticket I could not get to the edge of the bridge to see the river. Then a police officer came along and told everyone to get off the bridge. I felt frustrated and livid. A lovely man approached me smiling and we compared notes about our similar unsuccessful attempts to see the river and soon we were both laughing cheerfully about the absurdity of it. He appeared to be in his thirties, of African descent, and wore his hair in neat long braids. Was he a Master?

I cycled home and watched the event on television.

N.G., Herne Hill, London, UK.

(Benjamin Creme’s Master confirms that the man was the Master Jesus.)

Life change

Dear Editor,

I would like to ask about an experience many years ago. I had a very unpleasant situation. I had been physically attacked and then blackmailed. I became very depressed and withdrawn, after some months I was beginning to lose my faith in my fellow man, I didn’t want to be here and wanted to escape.

One day I felt I couldn’t go on and for the first time in my life had thoughts of ending it all. I then in desperation got on my knees and prayed for help. I felt a wonderful indescribable energy, love and light around me. I felt loved, cherished; it was almost like I was being physically lifted, tears of joy ran down my cheeks. I am not sure how long it lasted, but it changed me. I have never felt depressed or low since that day over 10 years ago.

I realized I was meant to be here. Could you tell me who was the presence? At the time I thought it must be an Angel. Was it Maitreya?

E.S., Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.

(Benjamin Creme’s Master confirms that the experience was a blessing from the Master Jesus.)

Night vision

Dear Editor,

On 13 March 2013 we went up the hill above our house after sunset to see if we could spot Comet PanSTARRS. We had a view to the west over the ocean and, while the sky was layered with clouds, we were able to track the comet with binoculars as it moved slowly between the layers. There was another couple there and we helped them locate it with their binos too. After they left, a man appeared beside me and asked if we’d seen the comet. I said: “Yes, but you can’t see it without binoculars.” He said matter-of-factly: “Yes you can, it’s right there,” and pointed to a dark cloud into which the comet had disappeared. For a moment I thought I could see a sequin-like sparkle in the cloud but that was all. I marvelled to myself at the acuity of his eyesight. He was tall, with a sharp nose, not bald but with a smooth head and a cerebral air.

He melted away in the darkness and shortly thereafter I commented to my companion that watching the comet felt just like an overshadowing: my head centers were tremendously expanded and enlivened. I was surprised that viewing a comet could have that effect as I’d never heard reports of such experiences. In a moment though it occurred to us that maybe the source of that energy had not been the comet but the sharp-eyed gentleman who had appeared next to me. The feeling of expansion and lightness lasted well into the next day. Could he have been someone special, perhaps a friend from another planet?

F.F., San Francisco, USA.

(Benjamin Creme’s Master confirms that yes, indeed, the ‘sharp-eyed gentleman’ was the Master Jesus.)

Note to readers: In answer to previous questions Benjamin Creme emphasised the importance of comets:

Comet Kahoutek: “… great synthesizing forces were released by this comet as it passed through our solar system; synthesizing forces which will have a tremendous effect on this planet, as on all the other planets. This solar system will progress enormously as a result of the inflow of this comet with its synthesizing energies. This is part of the initiatory process which is taking place.” (The Reappearance of the Christ and the Masters of Wisdom)

Halley’s comet: “… is ‘spinning a cosmic web, as my Master puts it. Comets carry matter and energies of differing frequencies from one part of the Galaxy to another, creating thereby complex networks of energy throughout galactic space. They sow the seeds of future development wherever they appear, thus carrying out the purpose of ‘the One about Whom naught may be said’, the unimaginable Entity Who ensouls the Galaxy.” (SI, Jan/Feb 1986)

“[Halley’s comet] spins a ‘cosmic karmic web’, taking energy of differing frequencies from one part of the galaxy to another, implanting, thereby, ‘karmic seeds’ for future development in different solar systems.” (SI, March 1986)

Food for thought

Dear Editor,

A few years ago, in 2006 or 2007, when I was a student, something curious happened to me. It was a rainy afternoon. After finishing my classes at university I was on my way to a coffee shop to meet a friend. On my way there I was getting wet, listening to Enya and was inundated with a kind of interior joy, to which I am not very prone. I live in Soria, Spain, a very small city where we all know each other and almost everyone goes to the same bars or coffee shops. When I went into the coffee shop, there was a man sitting at the bar. His look was untidy, middle-aged, dressed in a jogging suit; his overall look was like a tramp. He was drinking something and as I entered, he stood up, as if he was waiting for me. He started telling me that life was a gift, that I had to smile more because life was marvellous, and other things of that kind. I didn’t smile a lot and very few times had I thought that life was a gift, so what he was telling me had a very special meaning. After that he asked to give him my hand and then it was as if time stopped, I felt something very strange, I was totally absorbed. Suddenly the man disappeared and I didn’t see him again. In the coffee shop everyone was amazed and nobody knew him. Was this man a Master? Perhaps Maitreya?

D.R.L., Soria, Spain.

(Benjamin Creme’s Master confirms that the man was the Master Jesus.)

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Signs and miracles worldwide

“Angel” displayed in Times Square

As part of its outreach activity Share International regularly sends press releases to the world’s media. Here is evidence of the impact such work can have: a large billboard on the Reuters Building in Times Square, New York, showed the Deva or Angel filmed by NASA as sent to PR Newswire in a news release in early April 2013 by Share International USA. The image was projected onto the electronic billboard four times, on 9 and 11 April.

The news release presented Benjamin Creme’s information about the two extraordinary photographs recorded by NASA cameras of a gigantic angel-like figure hovering near the sun. This photograph was taken by a PR Newswire photographer.

Easter sign

Share International photo for May 2013 – Benjamin Creme’s Master confirms that this is a sign manifested by the Master Jesus.

A Florida woman believes that the unusual markings she discovered on a goldfish-shaped cracker are a “sign from God.” Patti Burke of Melbourne, Florida, was eating a bag of Pepperidge Farms Goldfish crackers around the time of Easter 2013 when she found a cracker with a cross-shaped impression surrounded by a circle and a second circle near the head of the fish.

“When I picked this one up, I knew he was special,” she said. “He had a cross on him, and he had a crown circle up by his head. Something I’ve never seen before out of all the Goldfish I’ve eaten. I believe that it’s a sign, a sign from God, that ... he is still in our life every day and he wants to show that to his people,” Burke said. “And it’s something that happened right here at Easter.” Pepperidge Farm, the company that produces the Goldfish crackers, says it does not know what caused the unusual markings. (Source: clickorlando.com)

(Benjamin Creme’s Master confirms that this is a sign manifested by the Master Jesus.)

‘I believe in Angels’

On 3 February 2013, BBC television’s popular religious programme ‘Songs of Praise’ featured stories about angel experiences entitled ‘I believe in Angels’.

It included a remarkable encounter described by Roy Godwin of an event that took place one evening in December 1981. (Viewers can still access the clip.) When driving with his wife and children along a road that ran through dense forest, Mr Godwin’s car was hit head-on by a car overtaking another: “It was very serious indeed,” he said. “I was quite clear that I was dying. Both the police and an ambulance came. Smoke started to come up from the front of the car and they needed to get everybody out. They couldn’t get me out, because I was well-and-truly trapped in there.”

While waiting to be freed, he describes seeing a figure walking towards him: “I was alone in the car. Suddenly through the darkness came a figure and he walked very steadily and clearly, straight between the trees through the forest, which was impenetrable, certainly at that time, with brambles. But he walked in a straight line, straight to the side of the car, and he climbed in – the seat was covered with broken glass but he simply sat there…

“He was wearing a coat with a hood up. I didn’t see his face. He put his arm straight across my shoulder. It felt as though I had been plugged into the mains. This incredible force and power was just continuously flooding through me.”

The paramedics then said they were going to take his family to hospital. Mr Godwin said: “At that point this person who was sitting by me climbed out of the car and said, with a very strong and clear voice: ‘Stop’”. The person spoke directly to the police and paramedics saying to them: “You are to bring his wife over here to him”, and so they brought her over to him. The person then addressed Mr Godwin: “Man, you are to know that your wife and children and you as a family will be together again and whole, and you are to disregard anything anyone else tells you.”

When Mr Godwin arrived at the hospital he was immediately wheeled into theatre. He was asked to sign a form giving consent to amputate his left foot and lower leg: “I couldn’t give them that permission because all I could hear was: ‘You are to disregard anything anyone says. You and your family will be together and you will be whole.’ And so I didn’t have my foot amputated and I have it today and we are doing very well today together.”

After the event he describes how he began to wonder if it had all been a dream, but some weeks later unexpectedly the police visited him. They said they wanted to ask two questions: “Given the extent of the damage to the car they wanted to know whether I had any explanation as to how it was that I was still alive. And then their second question was about the figure who was in the car with me who carried such authority that they had unhesitatingly obeyed it.

“It seems to me as though God sent an angel to help me. I knew I wasn’t abandoned. I knew I wasn’t on my own. I was clear that God was going to carry me through where I was, and I felt loved.” (Source: BBC, Songs of Praise)

(Benjamin Creme’s Master confirms that the hooded stranger was the Master Jesus.)

Share International photo for May 2013 – Footage from NASA’s Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO)

NASA – Footage from NASA’s Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) in space shows a UFO that appears to fly through the sun’s corona. Published on YouTube on 6 March 2013. (Source: YouTube: StephenHannardADGUK)

(Benjamin Creme’s Master confirms that the huge spacecraft was from the planet Mars.)

Share International photo for May 2013 – Footage from NASA’s Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO)

NASA – Footage taken by SOHO can be seen in a video called “UFO Creates Massive Sun Flash”, uploaded on 14 June 2012. The video comments include: “Three ring-shaped objects seem to phase into view. Object seems to power up before taking off. As the object files past the sun, a solar reaction is observed. This proves again that the UFO is real – a clear and defined interaction between the object and the sun.” (Source: YouTube: StephenHannardADGUK)

(Benjamin Creme’s Master explains that the object was a spacecraft from Mars. The speculation that “a solar reaction is observed” is not accurate. The spacecraft was actually registering and calculating a great release of energy from the sun, which is occurring now, and we on Earth are just beginning to feel it.)

Signs from Sai Baba and Swami Premananda

Since Sri Sathya Sai Baba died on 24 April 2011 and Swami Premananda on 21 February 2011, miraculous materialisations of vibhuti are increasingly appearing on their photographs as an enduring indication of their continued presence.

Share International photo for May 2013 – Sai Baba vibhuti

Sai Baba’s photograph completely covered in vibhuti save for His face, at the hospice, Puttaparthi. (Photograph sent by Simone Lurati.)

Share International photo for May 2013 – Swami Premananda vibhuti

Share International photo for May 2013 – Sai Baba vibhuti

[Left] In Easwaramma’s school in Puttaparthi, one of many built by Sai Baba, continuous materialisations of vibhuti have been occurring since October 2012 on a devotional chair and photographs of Sai Baba. (Photograph sent by Simone Lurati.)

[Right] Vibhuti forming on Swami Premananda’s statue during Shivaratri, 8 February 2013. (Photograph from Swami Premananda’s magazine)

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We present a selection of quotations on the theme of ‘Our Space Brothers’ – from Maitreya (Messages from Maitreya the Christ, Benjamin Creme’s Master (A Master Speaks), and Benjamin Creme’s writings. See also compilation ‘Our Brothers in space’,Share International October 2008.

The nature of the Space Brothers is to serve. They make great sacrifices to help our planet. In their thousands they have come, and they spend their time and energy helping us in every way. They create vortices which are visible as crop circles to be sure, but also invisibly across the world in general. The crop circles are only an outer tangential sign of their presence. If you have the eyes to see, this sign tells you that someone of tremendous intelligence, skill, tact and reserve has touched the edges of our garment, and said: “We are here.” (Benjamin Creme, The Gathering of the Forces of Light)


The governments and the media of most countries have failed in their duty to educate and enlighten the masses. Much is known by many governmental agencies and withheld from the public. Above all, the harmlessness of the UFO, even when known, is never affirmed. On the contrary, everything concerning them, while wrapped in vague mystery, is presented as threat.

People in positions of power and control know that if their people knew the true nature of the UFO phenomenon, and understood them to be envoys from civilizations far ahead of ours, they would no longer accept, passive and mute, the conditions of life on Earth. They would demand that their leaders invite these aerial guests to land openly, and to teach us how to live and achieve in the same fashion.

The time is not far off when this will be the case. The time is coming when the true nature of life on planets other than Earth will be common knowledge; when men will begin to think of the Solar System as an interrelated whole, the planets at various points in evolution, but all working together to fulfil the Plan of the Solar Logos, and to help and sustain each other on the way. (Benjamin Creme’s Master, from ‘The path to the sun’)


My Teaching will show you that behind all appearances stands That which we call Life. There is naught else anywhere in Cosmos. Hold forever within you this concept, and realise your connection with that Life. (Maitreya, from Message No.133)


The time for men to make their historic choice has arrived. Soon, men will come to realize that they must make a momentous decision, one which will determine the future for every man, woman and child, indeed the future for every living creature on Earth: a choice between continuous and ever expanding creativity on planet Earth, or a devastating ending of all life, human and sub-human, on our planetary home.

Man, unfortunately, has discovered the secret of the awful power which lies hidden in the nucleus of the atom and has harnessed it for war. While humanity is so separated by competition, greed and lust for power, the danger of extinction, by accident or design, is ever present. Men must therefore find a safer way to live. (Benjamin Creme’s Master, from ‘Humanity’s historic choice’, SI, March 2013)


Presently, you will see Me in a new guise, presenting to men the choices before them, outlining for you the possibilities for the future, releasing to you the Laws of God. These Laws, My friends, enfold your lives. Without the Plan of God, man is as naught. Remember this always and restore balance. Have within you always the sense of man’s greatness, man’s oneness with all things, and man’s divine scope. Nevertheless, by himself man can do little. Realise this and embrace the True Path. (Maitreya, from Message No.119)


Unknown to men but evident to Us, the greatest harm sustained by men and planet in this sorry tale is caused by nuclear radiation. Men have gone far astray in the development of this most dangerous energetic source. Led astray by greed, and the false hope of vast profits, they have concentrated their experiments in ‘taming’ the most dangerous source of energy ever discovered by man, neglecting, meanwhile, a perfectly safe alternative use of the energy of the atom. Atomic fusion, cold and harmless, could be theirs from a simple isotope of water, everywhere available in the oceans, seas and rivers, and in every shower of rain.

Man must cease his ‘toying with death’. Atomic fission is the result of the atomic bombs which destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki; which erupted in Chernobyl and causes, subtly, death and sickness today. It is “that which stands where it ought not” and which must be renounced by man if he would prosper further.

Earth scientists are confident that they have, indeed, tamed the monster, and can keep it under control. They do not realize that their instruments are crude indeed, that they measure only the lower aspects of nuclear radiation, that stretching above these dense-physical levels are levels finer and more dangerous to the health and well-being of all. But for the tireless efforts of our extra-planetary Brothers in assuaging this invisible peril in so far as the karmic law allows, our plight would be perilous indeed. Wake up, mankind! (Benjamin Creme’s Master, from ‘Invisible peril’)


If one thing is clear from the teachings of George Adamski coming from the Venusian Master, from my Master, and, you will find, from Maitreya, it is that the Space Brothers are absolutely harmless to the people of Earth. In fact, their presence here is a spiritual mission. They come to save humanity from even greater pain and suffering than we would otherwise have known in the years since the discovery of nuclear fission.

This nuclear energy is in tremendous potency and is destroying the well-being of humanity and the lower kingdoms. It works by depleting our body’s immune system, and therefore opens us to all manner of ills that otherwise would not affect us. As a result, we have wave upon wave of influenzas and other diseases that we have less and less ability to cope with. The growing incidence of Alzheimer’s disease at ever younger ages throughout the world is a direct result of the high concentration of nuclear energy at the higher etheric levels, not registered by the instruments of our present-day scientists. This energy plays on the human brain, causing more and more Alzheimer’s, memory loss, disorientation, and the gradual breakdown of our body’s defence system.

The Space Brothers, mainly from Mars and Venus, are engaged on a spiritual mission to neutralize this nuclear radiation. They are not allowed to completely neutralize all the extant nuclear radiation, but within the karmic law they do….

Our nuclear scientists believe they have total control of nuclear energy, which, demonstrably, they do not. They have no understanding of the four etheric levels of matter above the solid, liquid and gaseous levels and therefore a limited knowledge of what they know as nuclear energy. It is actually etheric, physical matter which we should not be using. Nuclear energy is, as it says in the Bible, “that which stands where it ought not”. Nuclear fission should not be utilized. It is deadly and is increasingly damaging the health of the people of this planet. The people of other planets spend countless hours mopping up this energy.

At the same time they are creating on the dense-physical plane a replica of our planet’s magnetic field. Every planet is surrounded by a magnetic field. It is made up of lines of force that criss-cross, and where they criss-cross they form vortices.

These vortices have been replicated on the dense-physical plane by our Space Brothers as part of a new energy grid that Maitreya calls the Science of Light. This energy grid in relation to electrical energy brought directly from the sun will give us the new Science of Light as predicted by Maitreya. It will give this planet, as on other planets, unlimited, safe power for all purposes, in ways that cannot be bought up or cornered by any group of men. (Benjamin Creme, The Gathering of the Forces of Light)


Maitreya’s ‘star’

Maitreya’s ‘star’ is not a star, of course. It is what my Master called “a star-like luminary of brilliant power”. It is one of four spaceships, two from Mars, one from Venus and one from Jupiter. They are in each of the four corners of the Earth – north, south, east and west – and become visible in the daytime and night-time. They are seen for a time and then they have to go to recharge their batteries, which they do directly from the sun. Then they come back into position again. They pulsate and move up and down and sideways, twist and turn, behaving very unlike any planet or star. They have a brilliant light and change colours all the time, from blue to red to green to yellow to violet to white, over and over again. In this way they are acting as the herald of Maitreya’s emergence into the open. (Benjamin Creme, The Gathering of the Forces of Light)….


The Space Brothers are giving of Their knowledge of the Science of Light, the new Science that will give us unlimited energy for every need. They have that science, and will put it at our disposal, as soon as we renounce war forever, showing that we are able to live together in peace with justice, sharing, and right relationship. Then we will know that They are our brothers indeed. (Benjamin Creme, The Gathering of the Forces of Light)


“The peace which all desire”

Very little foresight is needed to see that without a change of direction mankind faces terrible dangers. There is no need to elaborate; the nuclear threat is clear to all.

An immediate first step is the realization that humanity is One, its needs are the same, everywhere, however varied and apparently conflicting the outer forms. The enormous discrepancies in living standards between the rich and poor countries make mockery of this essential Oneness, and have within them the seeds of war.

The answer therefore is simple: the implementation of the principle of sharing provides the solution to the divisions in our planetary life. Nothing less will do. Sharing is divine, part of God’s Plan for His children, and must one day become manifest. (Benjamin Creme’s Master, from ‘Political forms in the New Age’)


Q. Why was the Technology of Light not given to the United Nations rather than to individual governments who might misuse it? (SI September 1989)

Benjamin Creme: Because the technology can only be understood by scientists, and the United Nations does not have such a group of scientists under its jurisdiction. Scientists work on a national basis and only the two superpowers, the United States and the USSR, have been given this technology because they have the greatest arsenal of nuclear weapons (which the new technology makes obsolete); where they lead, the others must inevitably follow. If they say “our nuclear arsenal is obsolete,” what value then have the British, French, Chinese (or Indian, Pakistani, or Israeli) bombs? Eventually, this new Technology of Light will indeed come under the jurisdiction of the United Nations.

Q. (1) Will the new Science of Light be able to neutralize the atomic waste which, for example, is dumped in the seas? (2) Will the Technology of Light be used to neutralize toxic waste? (SI April 1990, March 1991)

Benjamin Creme: (1) Yes. Not only atomic waste, but also the stockpiles of nuclear weapons, can be neutralized and made safe. (2) Yes.

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The art of the beautiful

Share International photo for May 2013 – Maitreya’s Mission Volume Three , by Benjamin Creme

Review of Maitreya’s Mission Volume Three, by Benjamin Creme

by Carmen Font

The beginning of life ahead for humanity is simple in its foundations but requires a deep inward look and right preparation. Maitreya offers a helping hand on what to pack for this auspicious journey, advising us on the essentials for the future and what we should leave behind because it belongs to the past. Thus equipped with our best achievements in every field, and aware of the challenges ahead, humanity can embark on a new, just life for all, with meaning and purpose. In Maitreya’s Mission Volume Three (MMIII) we are given indications on how to stand on our own two feet, but also equipped with the kind of inner knowledge that triggers and nurtures change in every area: economic, political, social and environmental.

MMIII expands upon Maitreya’s priorities in its very first chapter. There are many nuances to the well-known “food, education, shelter and healthcare” basics, since in order to provide these essentials in a consistent manner, men and women must strengthen their sense of brotherhood through a political system that guarantees non-aggression and peace. The role of the United Nations is crucial in this respect, not only because it will represent the true parliament of the world, but also for its managerial role as distributor of the resources of the planet. Benjamin Creme reminds us of the difference between a world government – which will not exist as such, since Maitreya will not “head up” any organisation – and a world parliament in which the United Nations is expected to be “powerful enough to act in the name of humanity” (p.80), “a debating chamber to air and settle international problems” (p.79). So far the United Nations has been deprived of its true function and we are reminded of a case in point in which power-hungry men such as Milosevic in Serbia and Karajdic in Bosnia “are adventurers who see opportunities in the weakness of the United Nations and the various imbalances in the world to create situations in which they can gain territory and power” (p.79). Even though the last war in the Balkans took place in the mid and late 1990s, this information echoes current events in the political scene, with scenarios such as the Middle East, Africa or North Korea growing increasingly dangerous for the political balance of the world.

In order to avoid the mistrust that feeds the sense of separation and, as a result, the lack of sharing, and therefore justice and peace, we are advised to cultivate qualities such as goodwill and its loving peers: harmlessness and detachment. These inborn qualities can and will be properly expressed with the new education in the New Age, since children and adults will be educated in the laws of love and life. But Maitreya’s presence in our midst will “potentize that goodwill. He will confirm in them [men and women everywhere] their attitude to life and will so potentize it that He will build a world opinion against which no government on Earth can stand” (p.157).

The life that awaits humanity in the New Age – as the previous books Maitreya’s Mission One and Two highlighted – is aware of its incommensurable potential in every field of human endeavour, and confident in its deep bonding. This attitude, properly trained by the self and with the inspiration of Maitreya’s presence among us, will bring both solace and delight in the joy of living. Travelling will be easier and faster, cities will be beautified and “people will make their life a work of art, and this will find expression in the architectural field with the creation of new structures, many of which will be extraordinarily beautiful and new” (p.169).

There is an indisputable “beauty” quality in MMIII in every one of its chapters, to the extent that in every section and for most of its subject-matter the idea of the “beautiful” permeates the whole book. Life ahead will be beautiful, because Maitreya’s words here point at further internal developments within us that allow life to be not merely pleasant, but radiant. Maitreya’s Mission does not only consist of alleviating the many forms of suffering and spiritual deprivation in the world, it aims too at making human life worthy of living every day. But before this can happen in full capacity, our house, our planet, must also be cleansed.

Chapter 2 is devoted to the ‘Challenges of the 21st Century’, which apart from the impending economic and political crises – on which MMII focused its contents – is essentially a crisis of the environment. Without a proper ecological balance, planet Earth would cease to exist. And since humanity has abused and is abusing the environment, the work of the Space Brothers has long been fundamental in avoiding further damage. “Life on this planet would be utter misery were it not for the help of our Space Brothers who neutralize this pollution and render it harmless within karmic limits” (p.185). This is in fact what we have witnessed in recent years with increasing UFO sightings and even Maitreya’s ‘star’, with its extra planetary nature, that alerts us to Maitreya’s emergence.

The details and full repercussion of Maitreya’s emergence on the Day of Declaration is the focus of Chapter 3, in which Benjamin Creme’s Master explains the actual experience of Maitreya’s presence among us. The immensity of this event, which is precipitating now, acquires an intimate dimension that is worth revisiting at this time: “I have said it so many times,” writes Benjamin Creme, “but never until this moment, and probably not at this moment, have I been able to grasp the enormous impact of that, the enormity, the newness, uniqueness, of this event” (p.255).

We can also read in this chapter a long succession of miracles – from visions of the Madonna to the Hindu milk miracle and the crosses of light – that offer a highly informative perspective on the original and inspiring ways in which Hierarchy has been helping humanity from all traditions, cultures and frames of mind. It helps the reader to have a better grasp of the full dimension and the gradual approach of Maitreya’s emergence. “They [the signs] show them that God is concerned with humanity. They are indications, for those who can understand, that there is a plan, and that God never forgets about the world. If you are a devout Catholic you will see that in religious terms” (p.313). For many years Maitreya appeared to orthodox religious groups worldwide in order to ‘introduce’ Himself and appease any possible negative reaction to His presence. These appearances to religious groups from many different traditions are also indicative of the fact that Maitreya cares for every corner of the world and every recess of the human heart. Truly, the age of miracles knows no end.

But the miracles of Maitreya are not a hindrance to performing miracles ourselves. Chapter 4 reproduces the comprehensive and groundbreaking interview of Benjamin Creme with Rollin Olson on the Ageless Wisdom Teachings. So much and so important esoteric information had never been revealed in quite this way before. Benjamin Creme lays out the reasons why humanity is on planet Earth, what is our purpose here, and the actual process of growing in conscious awareness and, as a result, in happiness. An expanded version of this interview has been reprinted as a booklet, and reading it over and over again never exhausts the import and wealth of its content. This booklet will be reviewed in Share International later this year.

In this celebration of human beauty that is MMIII, art could not be missing from its pages….

In Chapter 6 we move from art to science. “The science of the Antahkarana is probably the most important science of the coming time” (p. 419) a science that is as yet unknown to humanity but “it will be the coming science of the mind of the New Age, the science of building the bridge between lower and higher man” (p.419). The precision and the beauty of this building process – in which we weave the threads with our own souls – bears witness to the illusion of separation. The gradual building of this conscious awareness tells us that there is “no sense of the separate self” (p.434). This is reality, and this is why, by losing oneself in service, we build the bridge of the Antahkarana, which at the same time, results in the creativity of service.

With so many marvels awaiting humanity in the immediate future, and while participating in the precipitation of these events, it is no wonder that many are anxious to see them in place right away. Chapter 8 features another seminal theme that is worth reading over and over again: The art of waiting. Benjamin Creme’s Master not only offers His wisdom about the relative concept of time and our comprehension of it, but here we are also given Benjamin Creme’s insight into the actual dynamics of waiting while acting. Time has very little to do with physical time, but rather with our use of it and our impulse to serve. “The events of the world, what we call the past, which are still happening, the future which is happening now, have to precipitate” (p.526). This statement may seem odd and paradoxical but it is neither of these. Losing our sense of our ‘lost’ past and our ‘uncertain’ future will relieve us of the burden of the ‘waiting’, especially now, with Maitreya ‘knocking on the door’.

Maitreya’s Mission Volume Three includes another most interesting and useful feature: an updated appendix containing the list of initiates. Besides the curiosity that these data trigger in readers, we can go beyond the numbers themselves and study this information bearing in mind the activity of the disciple, his or her time frame and contribution to the world. With this last volume in the Maitreya’s Mission book series, Benjamin Creme reminds us how the energies that we are given at a certain time can be used (or misused) in the creativity and beautification of life as an ever consciously aware experience.

Creme, Benjamin. Maitreya’s Mission, Volume Three. 2nd Edition. Amsterdam, London, Los Angeles: Share International Foundation, 1993.

Please click to read more about the book on the Share International website.

(For Carmen Font’s reviews of Maitreya’s Mission Volume One and Volume Two, see Share International, March and April 2013.)

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School of Life – an excerpt

Interview with Marion Spielmann by Andrea Bistrich

Marion Spielmann founded the ‘School of Life’ in 1990 in the Austrian province of Steiermark, also known as Styria, which campaigns for a new culture of thinking and a spirituality in harmony with the laws of nature. Along with the School of Life she is involved in many further projects; amongst others she instigated the idea of a World Future Day, on 21 December. For the last seven years Marion Spielmann has been an ambassador for ‘Peace through Culture’ and is engaged in the development of national, international and inter disciplinary co-operation between different scientific and cultural groups. Marion Spielmann was interviewed by Andrea Bistrich for Share International.

Share International: What exactly is the School of Life?

Marion Spielmann: We all know that daily life is the best teacher. With the School of Life we want to create a possibility where people can consciously work together on a project. Today, future generations lack examples and role models of true human relationship and situations to connect with nature through direct communal co-operation and in this way to experience the connections between nature and the laws of life. It is hoped that the School of Life will act as model for new educational and teaching possibilities. In the School of Life we place emphasis on free development of character, good organic nourishment along with the ability of observation and perception. The major theme of the Aquarian Age, in which today we find ourselves, is community. The School of Life wishes to focus on this point. When, within community work, we become aware of our self-created surroundings, our illusory worlds, of the neglect and commercialization of culture and philosophy we rediscover that cultural and ethical communities play a vital role in public life.

Share International photo for May 2013 – Marion Spielmann with author and metaphysician Anton Ponce de Leon

Marion Spielmann with author and metaphysician Anton Ponce de Leon.

SI: Why did you found the School of Life?

MS: Topics like justice, sustainability and social problems have always been a great concern to me. I’ve observed that in our modern society, thinking from the heart has been swept under the carpet and, instead, we live in materialism and competition, and hence in illusion. At some point the need to create something to oppose this trend and in its place to emphasise the unity and integrity of people amongst themselves and with nature, grew in me.

SI: When were you able to implement this idea?

MS: It was around 1990. My then-partner and I, together with the support of many others, managed to purchase a small plot of land west of Weiz in the Austrian state of Styria. It was initially a barren monoculture which we transformed, through careful renovation of the buildings along with the planting of thousands of trees, into a wonderful nature reserve.

From the very beginning we incorporated forward-looking technologies like a purification plant, solar power, photovoltaic, infra-red vital heating and organic substances, all with the aim of reducing carbon dioxide emissions. We placed great importance on saving resources, biodiversity, air, water, and earth improvements. We had to fight through this sector as in 1995 nobody in this rural area was interested in environment and climate protection.

SI: What value do you attach to nature?

MS: Nature, for me, is the link between heaven and earth and is the best teacher on the path to truth, unity and love. If we feel connected to nature, we draw closer to our own nature, the source of our origin, which is also the source of a new consciousness.

SI: Who may come to your School? What themes do you have?

MS: The School of Life is a sort of training ground for youth as well as adults. Intercultural contacts and networks develop between individuals and various institutions, schools, sustainable establishments and universities, amongst others with the University College for Agrarian and Environmental Pedagogy in Vienna. Our most important themes are heart and character building along with the development of a new culture of thought. For this we offer seminars, for example: ‘Development of psychic energy’, ‘Heart development and psychic energy’, ‘Simply be human’, ‘Nature, our teacher’. Many people do not think with their hearts and have lost the necessary connection to nature. The heart that strives towards the good and beautiful recognizes nature as a basis of all life, as a harmonious play of forces, that we call life. In order to come closer to ourselves and not to be caught in illusions we learn through daily tasks to build bridges from egoism to altruism, from ‘me to we’.

SI: How is this schooling of consciousness arranged?

MS: We use group work, the exploration of natural laws and the interconnectedness between man and nature, as well as reflection, honest community participation in methodology, and also in the practical conception and implementation of projects. The learners are encouraged to think and act and to apply their creativity independently and consciously.

To my mind, the most important attributes for community work are inner gratitude, co-operation, modesty, friendliness, tolerance, exactness, also discipline and awareness, honesty, understanding and compassion. Every step towards consensus and unity makes things possible, things that without unified work would be impossible! We, again and again, experience this here in the ups and downs in the natural movements of development of the School of Life. Conflict and times of crisis have served every individual, as well as the community, as a maturing process….

SI: You spoke of the World Future Council, with whom you are involved? What is your wish for the future?

MS: Last year we made an application to UNESCO for the introduction of an international World Future Day on 21 December [focusing on a global return to traditional values for positive perspectives on the future, and the renewal of unity and fraternity among mankind]. On the 21 December 2012 the Bolivian President Evo Morales and the Foreign Minister David Choquehuanca Cespedes, along with many other people, inaugurated the beginning of a new era of unity, brotherhood and co-operation.

Personally I wish for a global awakening to the necessity to take responsibility, to ensure more justice and to heal the heart of our world. This is only possible when each of us addresses their own heart. Communally we can do much good. We cannot arbitrarily change the world, but we should be aware that with our decisions, thoughts and actions we influence it strongly.

Further information: schule-des-lebens.at

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Protesters call for free education in Chile

In April 2013 protesters flooded the streets of Chile’s capital, Santiago. Protest leaders said as many as 150,000 people took part, waving flags and chanting slogans demanding free education. There was generally a festive atmosphere with dancing in the streets.

Local media said the massive turn-out puts this march among the largest in the last two decades. The campaign for educational reform is the biggest protest movement in Chile since the return to democracy in 1990. This was their first nationwide protest in 2013 and 250,000 took part in demonstrations across Chile. Student protest leader Camilla Vallejo told local media: “This symbolises that the student and social movement didn’t go home and that the movement is here to stay.”

For the past two years student protests have paralysed Chilean cities. The crisis over education reform remains a key issue in the coming presidential election in November 2013. Students say Chile’s education system is profoundly unfair, that the poor have access only to under-funded state schools while middle-class students have access to some of the best schooling in Latin America.

In his 2013 budget President Sebastian Pinera has allocated funds to finance school loans at lower rates but the campaign for educational reform say it is not enough, it does not address the failings within the system which lead to poorly funded public schools, expensive private universities, and unaffordable loans. Student leaders are calling for reform to the tax system so the rich pay more and for the state to resume control of the mostly privatised public universities to ensure equality. They say change will come when education is no longer a for-profit business and the private sector involvement is regulated. (Source: BBC News; www.utsandiego.com)

Colombian peace marches draw thousands

In April 2013 tens of thousands of people took to the streets in several cities in Colombia calling for peace between the government and the left-wing guerrilla movement Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC).

In the Colombian capital, Bogotá, demonstrators wore white, played music, and chanted “we want peace”. They marched towards Plaza Bolivar where they were joined by President Juan Manuel Santos who called upon all Colombians to seize this opportunity: “All conditions are set. We need to unite all Colombians and put an end to the conflict…. The nation is expressing its rejection of violence; violence that has caused so many wounds and so much pain.”

Large demonstrations also took place in Cali, Barranquilla, Santander and other Colombian cities, hoping to bring an end to Latin America’s longest-running insurgency which has lasted over 50 years and has meant the loss of half a million lives and the displacement of millions more. (Source: BBC News, The Guardian, UK)

Homeless Spanish families reclaim vacant properties

The economic crisis in Spain has led to mass evictions and thousands of empty properties, particularly in the southern region of Andalusia. The financial crash of 2008 caused a collapse of the building boom leaving large numbers unemployed. In 2010 Spanish banks foreclosed on over 100,000 properties. The catastrophic numbers of homeless has turned ordinary families into activists, angered by the injustice of being made homeless with no help from public authorities or institutions while thousands of properties remain empty.

Corrala Utopía was founded in Seville (the capital of Andalusia), by a group of women made homeless by eviction after falling into rent or mortgage arrears. The name comes from ‘corrala’; a type of building found in Spanish cities in the 16th to 19th century, where families lived communally, sharing facilities and support.

Toni Rodrigues, 44, was sleeping in her car after leaving her home unable to pay the rent. The community activist movement 15-M which rose to prominence during the Indignados protests in 2011, helped her come up with the idea of taking over vacant buildings. “I was very afraid of what might happen to us. I didn’t know whether we would be allowed to stay or if we would be arrested,” she said.

After careful preparation they chose a vacant block which had been owned by the property developer Maexpa, which was going bankrupt with the mortgage owned by Ibercaja Bank. On 14 May 2012 a group of women entered the building. Within two weeks of their occupation the electricity and water were cut off. The bank is negotiating with Corrala Utopía, and in the district of Triana the Corrala Libertad was granted the right to become a housing co-operative in early 2013.

“The Corralas are important,” says 67-year-old Ana Lopez, who suffered eviction from her home with her ailing husband. “They show that we can help ourselves, and each other. I don’t know what the future will hold for any of us, but one way or another I believe that this will be a successful fight. I have to, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night.” (Source: The Guardian, UK; www.libcom.org; www.corralautopia.blogspot.com)

New Yorkers honor Chavez

When news of President Hugo Chavez’s death reached the United States in early March 2013, a large group of New York City residents held an impromptu procession through Times Square and then gathered in front of the Venezuelan Consulate for a candlelight memorial vigil. While many were there to express solidarity with Chavez’s ideals and policies, just as many had come with gratitude that he had helped keep their households heated during the frigid months of winter.

Every year since 2005, Citgo – a US-based subsidiary of Venezuela’s state-owned oil company – has provided home heating oil free of charge to hundreds of thousands of low-income Americans and to hundreds of shelters for the homeless. Nearly 2 million people in several states throughout the US have benefitted from the programme since its inception, at a cost of $1.5 billion to the company.

In January Citgo announced it would continue the programme for 2013. The announcement came during a time of substantial cuts to the US government’s Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program budget.

US Representative Jose E. Serrano, whose district includes the Bronx (the poorest borough in New York City), spoke at the candlelight vigil, recalling the generosity President Chavez had shown its residents: “He harnessed the power of his nation’s oil resources … to enact social spending programs. He offered people in the Bronx who were struggling financially the same deal.” In addition to free heating oil, Citgo donated millions toward South Bronx community projects such as natural food co-ops and youth centers.

“President Chavez’s legacy in his nation and in the hemisphere will be assured,” Representative Serrano said, “as the people he inspired continue to strive for a better life for the poor and downtrodden.” (Source: www.policymic.com, www.wsj.com, www.voicesofny.org)