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Share International magazine cover for 2013This is an abridged version of
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Rallying call!

It has come to our notice that more and more people are receiving our information from the website alone, and thus forgoing the small cost of subscribing to Share International magazine.

Not everyone can, or does, use the internet, and it is essential to have an outer, physical expression, which can display with photographs, the events of which we speak. That means there has to be a magazine, which of course requires a lot of work from volunteers, and a lot of money to produce. There may be a notion that Hierarchy dishes out money for this work, but it is not the case. Subscriptions to Share International are an essential part of maintaining our work and reaching the public. The cost of the subscription is kept as low as possible, the magazine is not subsidised by advertisements and printing and postal charges are mounting all the time.

Surely we would all agree that all those who seriously believe in this work would want to support the magazine, whether or not they read the information on the internet.

Thank you for your support.

Humanity awakes

One day soon it will be realised by many that the Christ, or someone similar, is living among us. So great has been the response to the interviews on television which Maitreya has given so far that a powerful thoughtform is emerging: the belief that the Blessed Time has arrived when the Teacher of Old has returned. This expectation is now sweeping through the world.

In many countries, Brazil, China and Russia, for example, there is a growing sense that very soon the world will awaken to the news that the Teacher is here, or on His way. This phenomenon is due, of course, to the impact of Maitreya's appearances on television so far, and to the faithful work of preparation carried out by the dedicated groups throughout the world.

This news should encourage these steadfast servers to continue their efforts and, if possible, to redouble them. We, your Elder Brothers, are well aware of the strain which this long effort has imposed on the groups, and commend their work over many years. That effort, it will soon be known, has not been in vain.

From now on, those engaged in the work of preparation should find a greater openness and readiness to believe that the advent of the Teacher is imminent; that the people are ready for change; that a new world is in the making; and that sharing and justice, freedom and joy await all men.

[This article from Share International magazine, October 2013 , is by a senior member of the Hierarchy of Masters of Wisdom. His name, well-known in esoteric circles, is not yet being revealed. Benjamin Creme, a principal spokesman about the emergence of Maitreya, is in constant telepathic contact with this Master who dictated his article to him.]

(Read more articles by this Master)

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On 18 August 2013 Benjamin Creme spoke (via Skype) to co-workers at the Share International USA Network Conference and gave the following (edited) message:

Keep it going. Work hard. Enjoy the work. Be happy and make all others happy. There are two things to remember above all. One is service. Service is what all life is about. It is why we have come here in the first place. We have come to serve, so serve. The other thing to remember is unity. Unity is our strength. If we have unity we are invincible. Any breach of unity weakens all our endeavours. So remember unity.

You have no idea how soon the world will hear and see Maitreya. Of course, millions see Him now, but do not know who they are seeing. But many listen, and transformations are taking place from one side of the Earth to the other. Maitreya, as you know, is now appearing on television in Russia. And the Russian people, I understand, are responding better, more vividly, to Maitreya's message, and I think we should all keep our eyes on Russia, and we will see changes taking place which will confound the disbelievers.

Now, if you can believe it, we are firmly into Aquarius. The way of Aquarius is the way of the group, of the many acting as one. Remember we are in Aquarius and our individuality is intact, but we easily hand it over to those who can guide us through Aquarius and unite us with ourselves. I speak, of course, of Maitreya and His group.

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Q. Is Maitreya still giving television interviews in Russia? If so, how many have taken place to date? On 5 August 2013 there had already been 18 interviews with Maitreya in Russia.

A. Yes, 23 in all (as of 7 September 2013).

Q. Are Maitreya's interviews still only taking place in Russia?

A. Yes.

Q. (1) In Maitreya's television interviews does his body always assume the same form? (2) Is it a materialized body? Is it a materialized thoughtform? (3) In these television interviews is Maitreya overshadowing someone as he overshadowed Jesus in his Palestinian incarnation?

A. (1) Yes. (2) It is the body created over some years for His manifestion in the world. (3) No.

Q. Are Maitreya's interviews being broadcast to, or are they reaching in some way, the neighbouring countries – Poland, the Baltic States, the Balkans?

A. They are not being broadcast to neighbouring countries, but they can be heard in those countries.

Q. There's a widespread civil society movement of protest sweeping the Balkans – could it be influenced by Maitreya directly or indirectly?

A. Not directly but, as my Master has said, Maitreya's ideas are "sweeping the world".

Q. Could it be that Maitreya would consider 'speeding up' His planned emergence in response to growing world tension caused by the civil war in Syria?

A. No.

Q. Has Maitreya ever appeared in the media – even if for one programme – in India or China? These huge countries surely need to know of His presence?

A. Not yet.

Q. What is causing what appears to be a growing number of diseases in a variety of European trees?

A. Pollution.

Q. What is causing bees to die off?

A. Pollution.

Q. Are the Masters and the Space Brothers working to deal with the latest leaks in Fukushima?

A. To some extent. They are keeping a 'weather-eye' open on it.

Q. In South America, especially in countries like Uruguay and Argentina, there are many wells of thermal waters along the Uruguay River creek, that flows along the border of both countries. Do the waters of these wells, or some of them, have healing properties, especially for joint illnesses?

A. Some of them have been found to be efficacious in rheumatic illnesses.

Q. Is there any real benefit to priestly celibacy or other sexual abstinence, for either men or women? If so, is that benefit 'spiritual' in any true sense of the word and if not are those who perpetuate this doctrine, Catholics especially, simply hurting themselves by doing so?

A. There is no simple answer. It depends on the Point of Evolution and the specific life purpose of the people involved.

Q. Is it true that a pyramid in the same relative proportions as the Giza Pyramid of Egypt (that is, 4 sides each set with a base angle of 50 something degrees) can concentrate some kind of vital or etheric energy, like an orgone accumulator box is supposed to? And if so, would an orgone box built in that same pyramid shape be especially effective? If big enough to contain a person, could sitting in such an enclosure have healing properties and/or be useful for meditation? Or if the energy effects were real, could they also be dangerous? (Not to mention that selling such a device, while claiming health advantages for its usage might be illegal, at least in the United States).

A. Aligned with the North and South poles the Pyramid does attract energy. However that energy comes from the astral plane and the Giza Pyramid was built for the benefit of the people of the time, thousands of years ago. Today that stimulus would not be beneficial. This has nothing to do with the orgone accumulator box (invented by Wilhelm Reich) which absorbs etheric energy of varying intensity depending on the make up of the box, which has indeed definite healing properties.

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Casual sighting

Dear Editor,

On the evening of 8 June 2013 I was at the Share International office in north London, with my wife and co-workers. At around 10.30pm I popped out for a minute when I spotted a large fiery golden ball of light in the sky above me, not too far up as it was below a fairly low blanket of grey cloud. It really stood out against the grey and was hovering there for a while before it headed in a southerly direction in a very straight line. It was not a plane and not a helicopter – definitely, and did not move like a lantern. Having seen Maitreya's Lightship before, it seemed to me to have all the characteristics of previous sightings. I quickly went back in and another co-worker came out and saw it just as it was heading off. She also thought it was extraordinary and could be Maitreya's Lightship.

Could your Master say if it was?

D.G., London, UK.

(Benjamin Creme's Master confirms that the ball of light in the sky was, indeed, Maitreya's Lightship.)

Fellow travellers

Dear Editor,

At the start of our annual Spanish conference on 2 March 2013 in Barcelona, I saw two middle-aged men approach the book table. The first man had a round face and roundish eyes, which were very joyful. His friend had a narrower, longer face, and looked more serious. The eyes of the first man seemed to sparkle and shine, to twinkle with happiness, and this made me burst out laughing.

After talking to my colleague, they came towards me, and began to ask about the videos and books we were selling. The second man asked me about the video of Benjamin Creme talking about Transmission Meditation, and I mentioned that there is a book as well, which perhaps contains more information. He responded by saying: "Why not get both?", which he then did.

The first man asked me if I was English because of my accent, and I told him, no, I am Canadian. He then replied that they were also Canadian! I felt another wave of happiness. He said that they had lived in Vancouver and Kelowna. He asked where I was from, and when I said Edmonton, he replied: "Ah yes, in the centre." Then he told me that they now worked as chauffeurs for wealthy people. By this time more people had entered the room and were waiting to be served at the book table, so our conversation ended.

I would like to know who these two men were, because of the extraordinary effect the first man had on me.

S.Q., Barcelona, Spain.

(Benjamin Creme's Master confirms that the first man was the Master Jesus and the second man was a disciple of the Master Jesus.)

Hope dispenser!

Dear Editor,

I would like to inform you of an event that happened to me when I was distributing leaflets on Maitreya's Emergence in a subway in Laval on 3 January 2013. It was a personal challenge and a pleasure to distribute the leaflet of the NASA photo of the giant angel and The Emergence Quarterly. To many, I made sure that they were able to listen to a word of hope. Then came a tall man in his mid-thirties, with a short brilliant curly black beard, that was quite unusual. I said to myself that I will have the courage to approach him and I talked to him about major changes happening in the world, and many people were hoping for the coming of a great person, according to their own religion. He answered that he was a Muslim hoping for the coming of Christ! I was a bit surprised because I knew that Benjamin Creme talks about the Imam Mahdi coming for the Muslims. He went on to say that it was good to give people hope and he gave me a two-dollar bill for the cost of the journal and printing, although I told him that it was free. I ended the conversation by saying it was a good encounter and wished him a happy day. (The two dollar bill was given back to Tara Québec.) I continued distributing the journal to people that showed interest. When I think back to that tall man, I feel comforted and full of hope. Was he someone exceptional?

C.V., Laval, Québec, Canada.

(Benjamin Creme's Master confirms that the man was the Master Jesus.)

Blessed child

Dear Editor,

I would like to share a story that happened to me on the evening of 24 December 1995 in Lourdes. My son, my brother, my mother and I were going to the Christmas mass in the cathedral of Lourdes in the sanctuary. In the entrance we met a white woman dressed in black on the stairs of the cathedral. I asked if she was coming for mass, and she said "yes" but said that there were too many people there. She came with us sitting next to me during the whole mass. At the end I wanted to give her 100 francs to go to the hotel. She replied: "No, I don't need it." I also asked her to come for Christmas Eve to our home but she replied: "No thank you, I take my road, I go everywhere, in many countries". She was always happy and laughing, never complaining, she said she was always alone, she had no fears, no problems. She blessed me. At this time I did not know I was just pregnant with my daughter Charlotte, who was born in Lourdes eight months later in July 1996.

Could you tell me if this incredible lady was the Master Jesus or Maitreya for example and what was their purpose in coming to me? Was it to bless my pregnancy?

C.B., Linars, Charente, France.

(Benjamin Creme's Master confirms that the "incredible lady" was Maitreya, and yes, He blessed her baby.)


Two letters from the same reader:

Supermarket love

Dear Editor,

(1) On 16 October 2012 a recorded radio interview where I spoke about miracles, the Masters and Maitreya was put to air in USA. I noticed when I heard the interview that when Maitreya's name was spoken the energy on the call seemed to really heighten. I live in Adelaide, South Australia, and on that day the interview went to air I was shopping at my local supermarket. As I was pushing my trolley along one of the aisles a voice of a man said: "Excuse me". I turned around and an Asian man aged about 25 asked me where the dishwashing detergent was. He looked me powerfully in the eyes when he spoke. I advised him it was in the next aisle and as I turned around to again push my trolley I found I just started crying as I experienced such love, and at that time could not move but just experienced the blessing that was happening. Could I please ask if this experience of the blessing was related to the radio interview I had given? And who was this person that spoke to me in the supermarket aisle?

(Benjamin Creme's Master confirms that the 'Asian man' was the Master Jesus and that the blessing was from Him.)

Fair blessing

(2) In 2011 when I was assisting for two days in the outreach stand with information regarding Maitreya's emergence, I had a very powerful experience with a gentleman who came to our stand. He told me he was a minister from a local church and I shared the full story about this unfolding time and the emergence of Maitreya and the Masters with him, we spoke for about 30 minutes. When it was time for him to leave he asked if he could say goodbye in the tradition he did with his congregation. I said I would really appreciate that. He then took hold of my right hand and made the sign of the cross with his thumb and then asked me to do the same to him. He then left the stand. I immediately felt an overwhelming powerful experience of love that was so moving and beautiful. This experience of my heart being full of love lasted for several days and the experience had a very powerful impact on me. Could I please ask who this man was who bestowed such a profound experience of love?

L.C., Adelaide, South Australia.

(Benjamin Creme's Master confirms that the 'minister' was the Master Jesus.)

Double act

Dear Editor,

On 6 November 2012, a colleague Suzanne and I left the New Age Centre in Rotterdam after having given a lecture on Maitreya and doing a Transmission Meditation workshop.

It was already dark with nobody in the street when two men came up to us. One was tall and white, and the other a shorter man with dark skin, both about 40 years of age. In particular looking at the dark man our first reaction was: "This is a Master", such a joyful spirit and energy he radiated.

The dark man asked whether we had attended a course, to which I said: "No, we've just given a lecture". He told us that they had attended a course that morning but the woman, who intended to give the course, had not shown up. He said to my question what the course was about, that the subject was consciousness, to which I remarked: "Not showing up is not very conscious", which made them laugh.

The dark man asked what our lecture was about and enthusiastically I started to tell the story, to which the dark man reacted: "Maitreya? Wasn't that Michael Jackson?" This put me off at once and I thought he couldn't be a Master of Wisdom. Immediately I corrected myself as I saw a face full of humour. Crossing his hands over his chest and with a slight inclination he said: "I have respect for the way you tell us all this; a lot of things have to change and the young people are in a difficult situation." The other man mentioned that he was a teacher and that he went to Ethiopia with youngsters, not to tell them there how to do things, but because they can learn a lot there.

The dark man said that he also had good hope for the future, seeing that youngsters sacrifice their free time to man a stand of Amnesty for a couple of hours.

Again he made a slight inclination with his hands crossed over his chest as a farewell greeting while saying in English: "Keep up the good work!" leaving us behind in a somewhat bewildered state, not because of their words, but because of their energetic and happy radiation.

The next day, Suzanne sent me the text of the song by Michael Jackson, 'Heal the World'.

S.K. and M.otN., the Netherlands.

(Benjamin Creme's Master confirms that the shorter 'dark-skinned man' was the Master Jesus, the 'tall white man' was a disciple of the Master Jesus.)

Repeat performance

Dear Editor,

Over the weekend of 20 to 21 April 2013, we had our yearly Paris conference, including a public talk on Saturday and a Transmission Meditation workshop on Sunday. On Sunday morning, I was hurrying towards the conference venue as I was late joining the team installing the chairs for the afternoon meditation.

All of a sudden, I came across the same lady, dressed in the same green winter coat, carrying a trolley, as we had met a year ago and who was confirmed to be Maitreya in the guise of this old lady. [See letter and photographs in SI July/August 2012.] I was astounded. I thought maybe she is the real person [on whom the guise was based]. She first did not seem to pay much attention to me but when she got near, she stared at me intensely. She said nothing and I was speechless, just thinking "hello" inwardly and smiling. After a while I turned around, she was still walking on the boulevard but, coming to a crossing, she hesitated and then walked straight to the left, as if looking for something particular.

I thought maybe the light patterns are back in Rue de Fécamp, as was the case in 2012. Funnily, the day before, the only place I could find in the whole area to park my car was in that Rue de Fécamp. I thought I should go to check, however I was definitely late so I kept walking to the conference hall. But on arriving there I heard some co-workers talking about crosses of light nearby. So I and a few fellow colleagues went to Rue de Fécamp, and the light patterns were there indeed, as a gift offered to us.

Would you be so kind as to confirm whether the old lady in green winter coat was indeed Maitreya in the same disguise as last year?

L.G., France.

(Benjamin Creme's Master confirms that the 'lady' was, indeed, Maitreya.)

Spring blessing

Dear Editor,

Last year in the spring, after some surgery, I did some garden-service in the flowerbeds around the church of our village, when a young and very beautiful man on a mountain bike asked me where he could find some drinking water. I invited him to come to my house. Going home together I couldn't think anything else but: "He is so beautiful like a Buddha". In my kitchen, he took his bottle, cleaned it carefully before filling it up with our "special preparation" of cleaned water, saying something like the following: "The bottle fell down on the bike-trip. It must be cleaned before I can fill it up with the new water."

I was deeply touched to hear this and when he went off, wishing me goodbye and to spend a beautiful summer in our land house, I began to cry and tears ran down my face.

Was this young and beautiful man the Lord Maitreya?

H.G., Musièges, France.

(Benjamin Creme's Master confirms that the man was the Master Jesus.)

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The Ageless Wisdom Teaching, by Benjamin Creme

Book review by Carmen Font [An excerpt] Share International photo for October 2013 – The Ageless Wisdom Teaching, by Benjamin Creme

Many travel the world looking for answers, others follow a path of religious instruction in search of enlightenment, and some delve into an arduous study of philosophies in the pursuit of knowledge. Any visit to a library or bookshop opens up myriad possibilities for the occasional onlooker or the serious researcher. Where is truth about life to be found? Is there any such thing as truth? And what is life, for that matter?

It surely has to be a difficult subject. That is why we prefer that a third party (a religious group, a political ideology) provide us with some hints and rules about it.

No, no, wait a minute. We are grown-ups living in the twenty-first century; we no longer need any religious or political ideology to rule our mind because historically these have proved to be problematic. We are atheist, for God's sake, and we believe in the incommensurable power of science or the language of art. We are staunch supporters of the most noble ethical values devoid of political prejudice, and commit ourselves to social work, since there are so many people in the world in need. So we apply ourselves to our own understanding of oneself with the help of our sophisticated intelligence, our knowledge about the world, and the strength of our emotions. We strive to do our best and be respectable citizens. But we still lack answers. Well, we have them, but there seems to be a different bunch of answers here and there, and thus we become tolerant in the best of cases because there is not much one can do to impose one concept of life on others, except writing a book, giving lectures, or starting a revolution. Imposing oneself in any case is outdated and only zealots do it. We have to make the best of what we have and try to make sense of it. Still, sometimes, it looks as if life is all about living, and that all of those philosophies – western and eastern – forms of art, political systems, religious communities, scientific inquiries and social endeavours hide some glimpse of the whole picture. They contain some truth. They are built on the same foundation. Yes, life does have a meaning.

The Meaning of Life

It does, indeed. And the meaning has always been there, albeit hidden from the public eye. It has taken a gradual process of understanding on the part of humanity to make this meaning more accessible to an ever larger group of people. Before knowledge can transform itself into wisdom through the practice of love and the conscious experience of living, it has to be grasped. For the sake of our own integrity, we cannot receive more than we can apprehend. This meaning of life is The Ageless Wisdom Teaching.

The most important truths are often expressed in simple terms, without unnecessary ornament or mental disquisition. They are deep and overarching.

Benjamin Creme presents these truths in a long, ground-breaking interview with journalist Rollin Olson about the basic tenets of the Ageless Wisdom Teaching. So much and such important esoteric information has never been revealed in quite this way before, in booklet form. Creme begins by defining the synthesizing nature of these Teachings which are, in a nutshell, a succinct compendium of humanity's spiritual legacy: "The Ageless Wisdom Teaching, or esotericism as it is often called, is not a religion. It is not, strictly speaking, a philosophy; it is not an art or a science, but it has something of all of these. You might say that esotericism is the philosophy, or the science, of the evolutionary process" (p.7). One may wonder about the intricacy of this evolutionary process. Does it entail evolving from apes to men, from uncivilized peoples to learned communities? No, evolution here refers to the growth in consciousness, not to the evolution of physical form, both for humans and for lesser kingdoms such as the mineral, the vegetable and the animal. Our evolving planet Earth and its inhabitants rely on this Ageless Wisdom Teaching, this esoteric understanding that has been 'occult' (hidden) for many centuries. It has slowly but surely come to the fore thanks to the pioneering work of disciples such as Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, Helena Roerich and Alice A. Bailey during the late 19th century and well into the early 20th century. Now, with the imminent appearance of Maitreya and the fully fledged inauguration of the Age of Aquarius, humanity is in need of a deep understanding and awareness of these ageless teachings of wisdom. Benjamin Creme tells us that these are as old as humanity itself. "This is the teaching of a group of men who have gone beyond the strictly human stage and have entered the next kingdom, the Spiritual Kingdom. They are the Masters of Wisdom and the Lords of Compassion. They are men and women like us who have expanded their consciousness to include the spiritual levels" (p.8). In short, the wisdom of The Ageless Wisdom Teaching lays out the reasons why humanity is on planet Earth, what our purpose is here, and the actual process of growing in conscious awareness and, as a result, in happiness. "As a race, our purpose is to spiritualize matter. We are spirit in matter, in incarnation at this relatively low level (although from the mineral, the vegetable or the animal point of view it is a relatively high level)…. The evolutionary process, therefore, is one by which we spiritualize the matter of our own bodies and, thus, matter itself" (p.6). We achieve this by informing "the matter of our physical, emotional, and mental bodies with the qualities of the soul, which is perfect" (p.6). Benjamin Creme does not make any shortcuts in explaining the mystery of life while inviting us to participate in it. And there is nothing more mysterious and intriguing than the nature of God. "God, in esoteric meaning, is the sum total of all the Laws and all the energies governed by these Laws in the manifested and the unmanifested universe. So God is impersonal. Nevertheless, that transcendent God is manifest in every aspect of creation, including ourselves. We are not separate from that creation – from God" (p.10). God is also the great Cosmic Being Who ensouls this planet. The only difference between the Masters and us is that They are God-realised and bring their consciousness into complete "at-onement" with Themselves. We are still engaged in this process, and for this reason the Ageless Wisdom Teaching aims at opening our eyes and awareness to the different laws governing our constitution.


We would not do justice to this monograph by considering it only a 'tool' for beginners, to distribute in fairs and lectures, although is indeed an invaluable work to introduce esoteric wisdom to newcomers. It contains information already included in longer books by Benjamin Creme. But nowhere else can you find the same powerful impact of truth, so fluently written, in so little space. Creme spares no effort in presenting the small and the bigger picture: the origin of man as a metaphor and its symbolic representation in the story of Adam and Eve (p.43), the meaning of the Christ and the Antichrist (p.38 & 41), a review of the fundamental events in Maitreya's emergence (p.51), the Prayer for the New Age (p.57), and a useful glossary of esoteric terms (p.59).

Even for the long-time student of esoteric writings and the books of Benjamin Creme, The Ageless Wisdom Teaching stands out as a basic reference, a rescue remedy in times of stress or doubt. Open it at any page, and let it enlighten your path.

Creme, Benjamin, The Ageless Wisdom Teaching: An Introduction to Humanity's Spiritual Legacy. Fourth Printing (2006). Amsterdam, London, Los Angeles: Share International Foundation, 1996.

The Master's article in this issue adds an extraordinary new impulse to the work of preparation for Maitreya's emergence and suggests clearly that there is a very short time indeed left for making known this information. So whatever people in the groups are doing they should remember that this is a time like never before; that they have information like never before; and that they have come into incarnation to make it known. This article alone should be a real fillip to anyone who wishes to work for the Reappearance of Maitreya the Christ. It is a huge opportunity to prepare humanity for the greatest event in history – the externalisation of our Spiritual Hierarchy.

Please click to read more about the book on the Share International website.

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We present a selection of quotations on the theme of “Seize the opportunity!” The quotations are taken from Maitreya (Messages from Maitreya the Christ , Benjamin Creme’s Master (A Master Speaks and Share International), and Benjamin Creme’s writings.


My plan is to show Myself to the world so soon now that there will remain but little doubt that the Lord of Love is here, that the Son of Man is among you, that the Prince of Peace has returned. (Maitreya, from Message No.28)


Will you be among those who pave the way? Will you take part now in this Great Work and fulfil the world's need? There is no higher call than that to serve the world. There is no greater commitment than to serve your brother. Hold fast to the purpose of your return and help My Plan. Many there are who hear Me and heed Me not, but the few have listened, and with Will and Love fulfil My Task. (Maitreya, from Message No.14)


The time is short before [Maitreya's] open appearance. Take heart from this and quicken your service on His behalf. Make known that He is among you and stir the hearts of those who know not yet these glad tidings. Fulfil your purpose and redeem the promise which you, long ago, have made. (Benjamin Creme's Master, from 'The wonder at the door', SI January/February 2006)


My intention is to reveal Myself soon and by the shortest route. All else failing, I shall emerge into a world ready but unprepared, a world which knows not yet that I am among you. But far better would it be for Me to come before you as the Expected One, the One sent by God to lead you into your future glory. Many know this, but many more by far are ignorant of the true happenings of the time. I do solemnly appeal to you, therefore, My dear friends, to make known the fact of My Presence among you and pave smooth My way.

My burdens are heavy indeed. These burdens may be lightened by your work. I trust you to act and follow. Together we shall complete the Plan. (Maitreya, from Message No.61)


While the world waits, expectantly, for Maitreya, and deliverance, there still remains much to do to secure the planet and mankind. Nevertheless, men have little time to wait for Maitreya to begin His open service. Short, indeed, therefore, is the time left to prepare His way, to tell men that help and hope are at hand, that the Teacher is here, eager to speak directly to the peoples of all the nations.

Speed, then, your efforts. Make haste to inform all who will listen that the destined hour has arrived, that soon mankind will rejoice in the presence of the Teacher. (Benjamin Creme's Master, from 'Maitreya's priorities', SI October 2006)


This is the greatest story in the world. It is never soon enough to talk about important things like the Reappearance of the Christ, for the first time in His own full, physical presence in the world, not an overshadowing of a disciple. This has never happened before and will never happen again. It is the culmination of 98,000 years of experience and living behind the scenes, as the Masters have done all this time. This is a time without precedent in the whole history of the world. We have got the greatest story that has ever been given to any group to talk about. It is priceless, wonderful. It has so many ramifications and is so close to the needs of humanity.

(Benjamin Creme, The World Teacher for All Humanity)


Understand well that this is a time like none other, never to be repeated. It is a time heroic, valorous and sacred. Use this time to strengthen your links with each other and Maitreya. Work for Him as never before. Be not afraid, for the time is soon when you will see Him and know that you have not worked in vain. Thus it is, friends and workers in the Light. Cast far that light and awaken your brothers and sisters who know not yet the wonder which is afoot in this, our world. (Benjamin Creme's Master, from 'The wonder at the door', SI January/February 2006)


My Entreaty is this: make yourself responsible for the spreading of the news of My Presence and do for Me a great work. When your brothers know that I am with you, they will gladly accept your news. Do this for Me, My friends. Do this now. Share with your brothers and sisters everywhere this message of Hope, these tidings of Joy, and prepare them, too, for My Appearance. In this way can you serve your brothers beyond measure. (Maitreya, from Message No.48)


Be vigilant but not afraid; trust Maitreya to wisely guide the actions of men. Play your part in the task of educating your brothers and sisters and so make lighter His burden. Tell all who will listen that the Expected One is here, ready to begin, openly, His Mission. That He relies on the men and women of goodwill to work with Him for peace and justice, freedom and love. Tell them this. Tell them that Maitreya has the simple answer for the world's woes. That sharing will engender the trust that will open the door, and the hearts of men, to blessed peace. (Benjamin Creme's Master, from 'The ending of war', SI March 2006)


Make known to all that I am here, that I am returned and prepare men for the Day of Declaration, the day of God's Gift; for on that day, men will celebrate together the achievement of God's Will. My Coming is nothing less. (Maitreya, from Message No.25)


Maitreya, Himself, stands at the door, His hand uplifted to knock. His signs increase apace as He awaits recognition. Welcome Him to your heart and ease His entry; let Him work through you. Remember that your brothers, also, deserve to know the Great News; leave them, and your sisters, not in the dark. We have reached the eleventh hour. The destined time is upon us. The long wait is all but over. Harness now your strength for the great work ahead. The times are as never before. The angelic myriads tremble in expectation. Maitreya's warriors for Truth tighten Their girths and assemble behind Him. (Benjamin Creme's Master, from 'Maitreya at the door')


Those who read these words have, now, the choice: to aid the Christ in His work and help to awaken mankind to the needs of the time, thus serving the race in a most potent fashion, or to await events in passive inaction, so rejecting an opportunity for growth seldom given to any generation. (Benjamin Creme's Master, from 'The return of the Christ')


I am happy to be able to tell you that My Plans proceed smoothly and well. My Vanguard is preparing mankind and very little time now remains till My face is seen. I would have you know that I expect all My people, My devoted ones, to work for Me, to prepare somewhat My way.

Many there are now who would gladly know that I am here. Tell them. Tell them that the Son of Man has returned, that their Elder Brother is among them, that the long wait is over, and fresh and eager for the battle has come their Friend and Leader. Tell them this, and offer them too, the opportunity to serve the Plan. (Maitreya, from Message No.15)


Now, as never before, is the opportunity to serve a world in labour, a new world waiting to be born.
Maitreya seeks to lift man into his birthright.
He seeks to inspire the creation of a new and happier world.
The Great Lord seeks to invest each individual life with sanctity and worth.
He seeks to rid the world of violence and war.
Where will He find His helpers?
Who are ready to respond?
Who have the courage to aid the Lord of Love?
He knows already those on whom He can depend.
Make ready to see Him.
Burnish bright your resolve.
Be not dismayed by the immensity of the task.
Be simple and heartfelt in all you do.
Maitreya approaches, fast, on a shining white steed.
His mantram is: fear not!

(Benjamin Creme's Master, from 'The entry of Maitreya')



Become My workers; become My companions; become My heroes, and serve the Plan. Little time remains for this work of preparation. Take now the first steps into your glory. Serve the purpose of your return and the Plan of God: they are one and the same. My Masters will show you the first steps out of the quagmire. They will show you that a simpler life can be led in full happiness and manifested divinity, through Love and Service of our brothers. This is the Way of Old; it is the way of all time; nothing really changes with God. Make now your choice: to serve My Plan and see the Light which beckons you into the future, or to sound forever the knell of regret. (Maitreya, from Message No.16)


Many are the ways to serve but one among all today has priority: the Christ needs your willing help. Tell the world of His presence and His imminent emergence and aid Him more than you could know. Build together the thoughtform of this event and create a climate of hope. More than anything, this will ensure His smooth re-entry into a troubled and chaotic world.

(Benjamin Creme's Master, from 'The people's voice')


My dear friends, I am with you once more.

My Appearance among men is nigh. Soon, for yourselves, you will know that I am with you. Your brothers, already, know Me and trust Me and look to Me as Leader. In this fashion shall I speak for them and to the world, placing before mankind the choices.

Many hear Me even now, listen to My words and ponder, for I tell them what in their hearts they know. I tell them that Justice is a Law of God. I tell them that Love is the Way to the Source. I show them that without Love and Justice, mankind will perish. My brothers love Me for these Truths, for they recognise them to stand behind all life. Thus shall I speak and thus shall you know that I am among you. Make haste to follow Me, to create the New Time, the glorious future which shines ahead for mankind.

Let Me speak to you simply, My friends. Let Me trace for you the Plan of God for that future. Let Me show you the way to manifest that God which you are, and so complete that Plan. Perhaps you are surprised by the fact of My early Return, but men and women weep, children die, and others laugh in blind forgetfulness.

My Coming is not by chance but by Law and Love. That Law and that Love have brought Me here. When you see Me you will see a Friend and Brother, and I shall know My Coming has not been in vain. (Maitreya, from Message No.32)


Many there are who accept and believe that the Christ is in the world, who await impatiently His emergence into the open, yet who do no more than wait and wish, leaving the work of preparation to others. Sad it is that thus they waste the opportunity to serve uniquely at this unique time, a time like none before and none to follow.

My earnest wish for these is this: that they seize this opportunity to be of service to the Christ, and to their brothers and sisters who know not yet that He is among us. Tell them what you believe: that the Great Lord is here; that Maitreya knocks loudly upon the gate. Very little time remains to do this and prepare them for this precious experience. Seize the time and act. (Benjamin Creme's Master, from 'The requirements of the future')


My friends, I am with you today in such a way to remind you of My Presence, and also of your task in the weeks and months ahead. Many there are now in every corner of the world who sense that I am here; who study events and draw conclusions; who see the changes which daily mount in potency, and read the signs manifest in the world. But many still are blind to the reality of My Presence among you, and this state would I gladly have you remedy. Teach your brothers the truth of My Coming, the truth of My Departure so long ago, and the Promise which I now bring. Tell them that Maitreya, their Brother, the Eldest of such, is with them once more. Tell them that soon, for themselves, they will see Me and hear My words, and rejoice in My Presence. Tell them that I come to teach the simple Laws of God, to teach men to share, to lead them into the Light of Truth, and to establish among them a vast network of Divine Light.

You, My friends, can aid Me in this task. Take your place at My side. Lead your brothers into that Light, and show that for all men exists a future bedecked in the Glory of God, a future vouchsafed to all men.

Tell your brothers this, My friends, and make way in their hearts for My Light and Love. Prepare the ground before My feet. Sustain My Task, and help yourselves to Bliss. (Maitreya, from Message No.56)


My plan is to come before the world so quickly now that nothing which prevents your participation in this work should be allowed to hinder. Make it your primary task to acquaint your brothers and sisters throughout the world with the fact of My Presence, and create in them the joy you know. My task will be to speak as the mouthpiece for all men everywhere; to voice for them their hopes and desires for a better and saner life, for the re-organisation of those structures which prevent the manifestation of the true divinity of man.

That is My Task, My dear friends, and that task lightly, and gladly, do I shoulder. With your help, it will be achieved. (Maitreya, from Message No.59)


Q. (1) Approximately how many people, as part of their soul purpose, have come into incarnation at this time to help prepare the way for Maitreya and the Hierarchy? (2) Of this number, what percentage have responded to this call and are actually involved in this process?

A. (1) 4,600. (2) 70 per cent.

Q. Can we tell anybody about your information and about Maitreya?

A. Anybody! Anybody who will listen to you! Even if you believe it only a tiny, little bit — tell it at that level. If you have complete conviction — make it known at that level. Tell others. In this way you create a climate of hope and expectation for His coming so that He can enter our lives without infringing our free will. That is the most important thing you could do today.

Q. What's the most important service we can do at this time in the world's history?

A. Make known the fact of Hierarchy's return to open work, and the presence and plans of Maitreya and the Masters. (Benjamin Creme, The Awakening of Humanity)

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A legal duty of care – protecting our planet

Interview with Polly Higgins

by Katy Olivia van Tergouw

"The crime of ecocide is a natural evolution of law: the Ecocide Act is not radical in its remit. On the contrary, it is part of an evolution of legislation dealing with the impact of pollution and the principle of superior responsibility. In the eyes of the law, creating the crime of ecocide is not about closing the door to evil. It is in fact about protecting a higher value: the sacredness of life, all life." – Polly Higgins

During her years as a barrister in London courts, where she represented both individuals and corporations on discrimination cases and corporate law, Polly Higgins became convinced that the Earth needed a good lawyer. The planet was also being treated unfairly and the tools of Ms Higgins' trade were not adequate. Quite simply, the laws to protect the interests of the Earth do not exist. 

In 2010 Polly Higgins proposed to the United Nations that Ecocide be made the Fifth Crime Against Peace. At present the Rome Statute sets out Four Crimes against Peace (genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes and the crime of aggression). Her book, Eradicating Ecocide: Laws and governance to prevent the destruction of our planet won the 2011 People's Book Prize for non-fiction, and has been followed by Earth is our Business – changing the rules of the game.

Katy Olivia van Tergouw interviewed Polly Higgins for Share International in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. (See also the interview with Polly Higgins in SI July/August 2010.)

Interview with Sandra Steingraber

Share International: Are people surprised or put off by your approach to protecting our planet? Is this something you recognise?

Polly Higgins: It's interesting. There's a whole world out there that doesn't find it strange. Buddhism understands it. The indigenous world understands it. When I first started talking about the Earth's rights and the Earth's right to life, I had a lot of lawyers saying, questioning my approach: "What are you talking about? The Earth does not have the right to life." And I would say: "The Earth is a living being; surely the Earth has the right to life?"

I ended up thinking there must be others who think like me. And I looked around and discovered there are 370 million Buddhists who really get this and there are 380 million indigenous people who think this is completely normal. That's the size of Europe; 750 million people think like me.

In London I was surrounded by conventional lawyers. And then I started to discover that there were lawyers who think like me. So you start going into that space more deeply and you end up in a spiritual engagement space. You begin to realise this is a spiritual journey. Whether you call it God or Buddha, or angels or our highest being, we're connecting with these energies, and we can choose whether or not to connect with the real source energy.

Once you know that, there's no going back. You can feel it, and you can engage with it. It's like exercising a muscle. You exercise by meditation or by conversations with your higher beings. Everything changes: life has purpose then and so much more understanding.

SI: Have you always thought this way or did this come at a certain age?

PH: I had a very Catholic upbringing. My experience was that Catholicism is a very 'command and control' religion, run by men and for men. Also my Catholic schooling was run on fear, violence and control. So I really rejected religion and anything that had to do with religion.

Until just under five years ago I had never really meditated. When I was looking round investigating who was thinking like me, I found the Schumacher College in Devon. I was there for a week's course on Earth Jurisprudence. There I came across a meditation led by Satish Kumar [author and environmental activist]. It changed my life overnight. I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing now if it wasn't for my meditation.

SI: Has meditation made you more creative?

PH: Oh, hugely. I think my purpose in life is to be creative. The Law of Ecocide is a part of that.

SI: And has meditation given you a stronger urge to serve?

PH: Yes, in fact for me, what I do is about being in service to something greater than the self. I think that something mentally shifts within us when we see ourselves in service. You're expanding your vision on what's possible. You're expanding your circle of concerns. It's not just me or me and my friends, you look to animals' welfare, you look to the Earth's welfare, you look to the welfare of all beings. And you understand that all living is sacred.

SI: Can you expand on the idea of ecocide and how you came up with that idea?

PH: I was speaking at the climate negotiation in Copenhagen in 2009. I was talking about Earth rights and the Earth's right to life. Someone in the audience said that we need a new language to deal with this mass damage and destruction. We need a new language to create a new world. I found myself thinking that this mass damage and destruction is like genocide, only its ecocide. Ecocide – it should definitely be a crime! And I didn't actually know that that word existed then. I rushed back to London and went down that rabbit hole of rigorous intellectual scrutiny, looking at it and going back to the first principles. What are the existing international crimes we have? How would this law stand with the rest? Could we add it to existing law? I remember walking up and down in my bedroom saying: Should we be creating a crime of ecocide? Surely we don't need to make a crime of it?

Actually, this is really about facing the shadow self and giving it a name. And only when we face the shadow self and give it a name can the healing begin. We have to see the problem, and we have to face it. It has to be seen, be visible and be named. And this is really important, because forgiveness and compassion comes from when we really do understand what is not working and we identify it.

We've identified that this ecocide must stop. By giving it a name, giving it definition in legal terms we can use law; law is a tool and can be a force against destruction.

Our laws have caused a host of problems, unwittingly I mean, not with intent.

We put in place laws that don't look at the consequences that allow us to have a kind of wilful blindness. Even if we do know at some level, we don't want to know. This wilful blindness is kept in place by existing laws. For instance, it is the law that a CEO and his or her directors put the interest of their shareholders first. This means that they put profit first. And when you do that without considering the consequences, you end up with our global economies making money out of mass damage and destruction. You end up with commercial tar extraction, fracking, genetically-modified foods, nuclear energy, storing up huge amounts of food which we don't know what to do with, the problem of waste, arctic drilling and so on. It all causes enormous harm to people and our planet and all those who live there. It's a system that doesn't work. We know it doesn't work. We just have to look at the animals. Species extinction is escalating at a terrible rate.

SI: If ecocide were to be accepted as a fact from now on, would all the environmental destruction immediately stop?

PH: What I propose is a five-year transition period, because every law needs a transition period. This is actually quite generous in legal terms. And what happens during the five-year transition period is that these companies that are causing mass destruction have to change their practices.

Essentially what happens is, for example, that dirty energy companies become clean energy companies. Their subsidies are withdrawn – phased out over the five years. And at the same time they're given subsidies for innovation and direction. That's very important. This way you're making the problem into the solution. And this is a real recognition that actually many of these companies have a lot of really good people working within them, but they are stuck in a system that doesn't work. So it's by giving the international legislation a framework for a new system to be put in place and to transition very fast into it. And to give all the help required to achieve it. It will need help: it will need government support, government policy, government funding and private investment. This is about sending out long-term investment signals into the international community. It will be life-affirming. And that changes what banks invest in, it changes everything. It turns off the flow of money into dangerous industrial activity and it turns on the flow for investments in the other directions. It creates a shift in consciousness on a collective level….

Polly Higgins: Earth is our Business – changing the rules of the game. Shepheard-Walwyn (Publishers) Ltd. London, 2012.

(For further information, see www.endecocide.eu. for the European Citizens Initiative, to make ecocide a crime in the EU, and www.eradicatingecocide.com for the Wish20 Global Citizens Initiative in support of making ecocide an international crime. The closing date for signing the petition is 21 January 2014.)

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Signs and miracles worldwide

Auspicious sign

photo: taihainet.com/Lin Xiaoqi

photo: taihainet.com/Lin Xiaoqi

Visitors are flocking to witness a miracle taking place in a Buddhist convent in China's Nanjing county. Mushrooms have sprouted from the arms and chest of a statue of Guanyin, the Buddhist goddess of compassion. The mushrooms are referred to as "auspicious clouds" by those at the convent, who believe they are a good omen. (Source: Globaltimes.cn)

(Benjamin Creme's Master confirms that this is a miracle manifested by Maitreya.)

Colombia – A diamond-shaped UFO was filmed over Colombia on 1 August 2013. (Source: YouTube: jmhz71)

(Benjamin Creme's Master confirms that the UFO was a spacecraft from Mars.)

Crop Formations 2013

Cooks Plantation, near Beckhampton, Wiltshire, 23 August 2013. Copyright: Steve Alexander

Chute Causeway, near Tidcombe, Wiltshire, 10 August 2013. Copyright: Steve Alexander

Monument Hill, Etchilhampton, Wiltshire, 6 August 2013. Copyright: Steve Alexander

For more information: www.temporarytemples.co.uk

Maitreya's 'star'

Dear Editor,
On 26 July 2013 I saw a star that appeared to be changing colour, and so I grabbed my camera and took a number of images of the star. A number of exposures were taken over 15 minutes or so. The shape and colour of the star are exactly as photographed. Was it Maitreya's star?
K.M., Claremont, Ontario, Canada.

Maitreya's 'star' over Claremont, Ontario, Canada

(Benjamin Creme's Master confirms that it was Maitreya's 'star'.)

People power and the UFO phenomenon

Commenting on the large number of people-power protests in recent years, Arjun Walia from the website collective-evolution.com says: "This is something planet Earth has never seen before. The people are waking up and standing up for what no longer resonates with them on a mass scale. Right now, mass protests are happening in Brazil, to name one place. People coming together is what it's all about.

"The UFO phenomenon is no different, and seems to be coinciding with this mass awakening that's taking place. UFO sighting reports continue to increase exponentially every month as the consciousness of the human race continues to expand and grow."

Walia concludes: "In the end it is our choice which direction we choose to go. Either move forward, grow and thrive from a place of love, peace, co-operation and understanding, or not. If we choose the first, maybe we will continue to attract friends in 'high places' that feel the same way…. We are not alone. Maybe some others out there want to see us change the world, and live in a more harmonious way with each other, the planet and all of the beings that reside upon it." (Source:www.collective-evolution.com)

South Netherlands – A Transmission Meditation group member from South Netherlands writes: "I saw on the evening of 21 March 2013 at 11pm a fireball flying from the north to the south! Is it possible to tell me what this fireball really was?"

(Benjamin Creme's Master confirms that the "fireball" was a spacecraft from the Planet Mars.)

Mexico – In a video posted on YouTube on 12 August 2013, two glowing white UFOs are seen in the daytime sky over Amozoc de Mota, Mexico. Two smaller UFOs can then be seen emerging from the original two. (Source: YouTube: ParadigmNews)
(Benjamin Creme's Master confirms that the UFOs were spacecraft from the planet Mars.)

Paris, France – a UFO was recorded from an airplane window at Charles de Gaulle airport near Paris, and published on YouTube on 28 March 2013. (Source: YouTube: Mickael Mulder)
(Benjamin Creme's Master confirms that the UFO was a spacecraft from Mars.)

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March on Washington, DC

Tens of thousands of people gathered in Washington, DC on 24 August 2013 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the march on Washington where Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered his 'I Have a Dream' speech. The 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom was held to protest poverty, joblessness, racial discrimination and inequality. Speakers at the 2013 event emphasized that although progress has been made during the past 50 years, many aspects of Martin Luther King's dream of economic and social justice have yet to be fulfilled – including reducing economic disparity, preserving voting rights, decreasing gun violence, and achieving equal protection under the law. (Source: commondreams.org; USA Today, USA)

Social justice protests in the USA

Protests were held in 10 cities throughout the US in August 2013 against corporate greed and federal government cuts to social programmes. With the theme 'Outing Corporate Evil', rallies in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and other cities were organized by the economic and racial justice group National People's Action. Protesters demanded that Congress pass a "people's budget" based on maintaining vital public services, and that corporations pay their fair share of taxes. (Source: commondreams.org)

Nationwide protests in Colombia

Small farmers throughout Colombia went on strike beginning 19 August 2013 to protest against their government's free trade agreements with the US and European Union, which they say flood the market with low-price imported produce and dairy products. Farmers were also protesting against rising fuel, transport and production costs, as well as large mining projects that were approved in agricultural regions without consulting local communities as required by law.

Farmers created roadblocks, preventing supplies from reaching cities, and government security forces responded with force. The security crackdown led to widening protests and a general strike, with truck drivers, health workers, miners, teachers and students taking part across the country. The government entered negotiations with farmers' groups and on 7 September 2013 signed agreements with farm leaders in several provinces to reduce fertilizer prices and provide inexpensive credit to poor farmers, among other concessions. The government also announced an increase in funding for agriculture. (Source: IPS, Reuters)

Wave of protests across the Balkans

A wave of protests has swept across the Balkans in 2013. People have been taking to the streets denouncing the abuse of power, corruption, inadequate government policies and calling for new initiatives, policies, greater transparency and accountability by their governments.

In Bosnia for the first time in 20 years dissatisfied people began protesting about their government's lack of regulation for registration of births, causing difficulties in registering new-born babies. Armed with prams, drums and whistles it is being called the baby revolution, and has been continuing throughout the summer.

For over two months thousands of people have been protesting in Sofia, Bulgaria, blockading the streets around the parliament building, demanding new elections. This wave of protests was sparked by the controversial appointment of a media magnate as head of national security. People protested for five days at which point, Prime Minister Plamen Oresharski apologised to parliament for the appointment saying: "I made a political mistake, for which I apologise not only to you, but to the thousands of people who took to the streets to protest." Protests continue to call for his resignation and new elections.

In Romania protests have been taking place since January 2013 where people are on the streets calling for the resignation of the government due to incompetence and negligence.

In both Croatia and Macedonia there have been spontaneous demonstrations over local issues.

(Source: www.presseurop.eu; Reuters)

Chinese protests stop nuclear fuel plant

Following a protest by more than a thousand local residents, government officials in the southern Chinese city of Heshan announced they would cancel plans for a $6 billion uranium processing facility near the city. The facility would have provided fuel for existing and planned nuclear power plants in China.

The government's decision to cancel the project came after protesters marched through the streets of the nearby city of Jiangmen, carrying banners and chanting slogans such as "Give us back our rural homes. We are against nuclear radiation," according to the Associated Press.

Protesters were particularly concerned because the proposed site for the plant was less than 20 miles from the city's centre, China Daily reported. "We don't need such a project to boost the economy," a local resident told the newspaper. "Instead, we need a healthy living environment."

The halt of the uranium processing plant follows similar people power successes in China. Protests in Shanghai forced a battery-manufacturing company to cancel plans for a factory near the city in May 2013. After public demonstrations in October 2012, local officials in the eastern city of Ningbo stopped plans by a chemical company to produce a toxic chemical at its plant in the area. In July 2012, the government in Nantong city halted plans for a pipeline to discharge waste from a paper mill into the sea after a protest by thousands of local residents.

"Chinese civil society is getting stronger," Willy Wo-Lap Lam, a Chinese University of Hong Kong professor, told Bloomberg News. "People now realize if their numbers are big enough, if they are united and stand their ground, the government will back down."

According to a Bloomberg News report: "Opposition to the uranium facility underscores growing concern among China's expanding middle class that industrial plants damage the environment and people's health. Pollution has replaced land grabs as the primary cause of social unrest with many of the protests erupting in more prosperous coastal cities such as Shanghai and Ningbo where residents have deployed smart-phones and used social media to organize their campaigns." (Source: Associated Press; huffingtonpost.com; China Daily; Bloomberg News)

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Pope Francis calls for peace

Some 100,000 people rallied in St Peter's Square in the Vatican for a four-hour peace vigil late on Saturday 7 September 2013, to call on world leaders to choose a path of peace rather than war to resolve the conflict in Syria.

Pope Francis asked people everywhere to consider our responsibility for one another and to ask whether we are satisfied with our world now. "Is the world that we want really a world of harmony and peace, in ourselves, in our relations with others, in families… in and between nations? And does not true freedom mean choosing ways in this world that lead to the good of all and are guided by love?" the Pope asked.

"… our world, in the heart and mind of God, is the 'house of harmony and peace', and that it is the space in which everyone is able to find their proper place and feel 'at home', because it is 'good'. All of creation forms a harmonious and good unity, but above all humanity, made in the image and likeness of God, is one family, in which relationships are marked by a true fraternity not only in words: the other person is a brother or sister to love, and our relationship with God, who is love, fidelity and goodness, mirrors every human relationship and brings harmony to the whole of creation. God's world is a world where everyone feels responsible for the other, for the good of the other. This evening, in reflection, each of us should ask ourselves: Is this really the world that I desire? Is this really the world that we all carry in our hearts? …

"… it would be good for us to ask ourselves as well: Am I really my brother's keeper? Yes, you are your brother's keeper! To be human means to care for one another! But when harmony is broken, a metamorphosis occurs: the brother who is to be cared for and loved becomes an adversary to fight, to kill.… And even today we continue this history of conflict between brothers, even today we raise our hands against our brother. Even today, we let ourselves be guided by idols, by selfishness, by our own interests…. We have perfected our weapons, our conscience has fallen asleep, and we have sharpened our ideas to justify ourselves. As if it were normal, we continue to sow destruction, pain, death! Violence and war lead only to death, they speak of death! Violence and war are the language of death!"

Pope Francis asked those gathered in St Peter's Square whether it is possible to change direction. "Can we get out of this spiral of sorrow and death? Can we learn once again to walk and live in the ways of peace? …I say: Yes, it is possible for everyone! From every corner of the world tonight, I would like to hear us cry out: Yes, it is possible for everyone! Or even better, I would like for each one of us, from the least to the greatest, including those called to govern nations, to respond: Yes, we want it!…

"…Let everyone be moved to look into the depths of his or her conscience and listen to that word which says: Leave behind the self-interest that hardens your heart, overcome the indifference that makes your heart insensitive towards others, conquer your deadly reasoning, and open yourself to dialogue and reconciliation. Look upon your brother's sorrow and do not add to it, stay your hand, rebuild the harmony that has been shattered; and all this achieved not by conflict but by encounter! May the noise of weapons cease! War always marks the failure of peace, it is always a defeat for humanity….

"Forgiveness, dialogue, reconciliation – these are the words of peace, in beloved Syria, in the Middle East, in all the world! Let us pray for reconciliation and peace, let us work for reconciliation and peace, and let us all become, in every place, men and women of reconciliation and peace! Così sia – so be it."

(Source: www.news.va; whispersintheloggia.blogspot.com; CommonDreams.com)