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Share International magazine cover for 2016This is an abridged version of
Share International magazine.
Through these electronic files, the magazine Share International makes available a compilation of its contents.

The views expressed by authors other than Share International correspondents do not necessarily reflect those held by the editors of this magazine.
By the same token, interviewees, and authors other than our own correspondents, do not necessarily subscribe to or support the information and approach which form the basis and context of this publication.

The magazine is published monthly, except bimonthly in January/February and July/August of each year.

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Rallying call!

It has come to our notice that more and more people are receiving our information from the website alone, and thus forgoing the small cost of subscribing to Share International magazine.

Not everyone can, or does, use the internet, and it is essential to have an outer, physical expression, which can display with photographs, the events of which we speak. That means there has to be a magazine, which of course requires a lot of work from volunteers, and a lot of money to produce. There may be a notion that Hierarchy dishes out money for this work, but it is not the case. Subscriptions to Share International are an essential part of maintaining our work and reaching the public. The cost of the subscription is kept as low as possible, the magazine is not subsidised by advertisements and printing and postal charges are mounting all the time.

Surely we would all agree that all those who seriously believe in this work would want to support the magazine, whether or not they read the information on the internet.

Thank you for your support.

In the course of a recent editorial discussion with Benjamin Creme, his Master was asked if He would give His view on the current world crisis. We reproduce His comment here.

Comment by the Master —

through Benjamin Creme, 25 July 2016

The present situation will soon turn for the better. The storm is nearly over. It is losing its intensity, even if we do not, as yet, recognize it.

Turmoil is almost always the result of the change from one Cosmic state to another. Many people are still enmeshed in the old ways. Many people are too worried or too unaware to recognize the need for another way of acting and being.

It is also a question of how humanity responds to the new energies. Most of the response is based on greed or fear. The wealthy have become independent and very greedy. They are afraid they will not be able to take advantage of everything on offer; they are also afraid of losing their wealth. Men have to realize that the world is One – One humanity. The rich, who manage the resources based on greed and competition, deny this truth at their peril.

[This comment from Share International magazine, September 2016, is by a senior member of the Hierarchy of Masters of Wisdom. His name, well-known in esoteric circles, is not yet being revealed. Benjamin Creme, a principal spokesman about the emergence of Maitreya, is in constant telepathic contact with this Master who dictated his article to him.]

(Read more articles by this Master)

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Q. Will the world situation get worse before it gets better?

A. It will change. It is difficult to predict, even for the Masters, but it is changing even now, although people do not notice it. So affected are people by this “worst of times” that they do not see the changes subtly taking place.

Q. Will everything normalize, and the hatred and difficulty lessen rapidly?

A. It will be gradual, but it will not last long. It is already beginning to happen even though people do not feel it.

Q. Will it be long before real change is visible?

A. No, it will not be long. It depends, however, on people and it is always difficult to absolutely say what humanity will do, because we have free will. As for the energies which have been creating such circumstances, they will be ameliorated quite soon. It all depends on what humanity wants and does. After all, it is not the Masters who have gone awry, it is humanity.

Maitreya has forces in place already, for instance, this extraordinary Pope and the Dalai Lama. There are others we do not see or know about but who are also part of this group and contribute to it. There are some Masters who are unknown. In that group of “forces” there are a number of Masters who are working with the Pope and the Dalai Lama.

There are also groups which are themselves changing the world and lessening the tension.

Q. On 6 July 2016 and on 21 July 2016 at approximately 11.45am (UK time) it felt as if there was a special sort of blessing; it lasted between 15 and 30 minutes in each case. (1) Was it a blessing? And was it from Maitreya?

A. Yes, it was a blessing from Maitreya. It was a foretaste of what is to come. They are a rehearsal for what seems to be the start of the process of the Emergence – moving towards the Day of Declaration. Not everyone is able to respond consciously as yet to such an overshadowing, but that will come.

Q. It seems as if the public emergence of Maitreya has moved into a new stage now – is this the case?

A. Yes, Maitreya’s emergence has entered a new phase. It is interesting to note that on at least two recent occasions, Maitreya has appeared in two different guises simultaneously in the same place. He is drawing attention to this being a new phase in the process of His Emergence into full publicity.

Q. Are there now more Masters in the world than we have known about so far?

A. Yes.

Q. Has Maitreya ever advised about what we should eat?

A. Maitreya is not in the slightest interested in what we eat. Maitreya does not tell us what to eat or not eat. He tells us to love our brother, to be a brother and a friend of your neighbours – all your neighbours – the ones you like and the ones you don’t like.

In many parts of the world it is impossible to eat a vegetarian diet. If you are somewhat advanced you may like to follow a vegetarian diet but no one is forcing you to do so.

Q. Has the Shamballa energy been released at a much higher potency over the last one-and-a-half to two years?

A. Yes, but it is always a question of how humanity responds to the energies.

Q. Maitreya entered the modern world on 19 July 1977. Will that day become a special date to be marked by some sort of celebration in future?

A. Wait and see!

Q. I’ve read about the ‘Mystery Schools’; how soon do you think it will be before such schools are founded and recognized?

A. They are already founded, if not recognised.

Q. My partner and I will soon be in our 70s. Do you think we still stand a chance of going in a spacecraft and experiencing contact with space people?

A. Yes.

Q. Is Maitreya the Head of the Gathering of [the Forces of] Light?

A. Yes as far as we are concerned.

Q. Can someone who is linked to a television station via cell phone, iPad, laptop, or home monitor, tune in to Maitreya on the Day of Declaration?

A. Yes.

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The Pope and the Dalai Lama echo Maitreya’s priorities

Share International presents extracts below from recent talks by the Pope and the Dalai Lama.

The Pope addresses youth in Poland

Pope Francis chose his Poland visit in July 2016 to call for the youth to work for the less privileged. At an international Catholic youth festival near Kraków on 30 July he said: “We didn’t come into the world to vegetate… We came for another reason: to leave a mark. The times we live in do not call for young couch potatoes...” He said that the constant watching of television where terrible events seemed just another story on the news numbed youngsters to the suffering of others. “For many people it is easier and better to have drowsy and dull kids who confuse happiness with a sofa.”

Share International September 2016 images, Pope Francis in Poland with youth
Pope Francis in Poland with youth

The Pope prayed for Syria and said the world was at war. “Our response to a world at war has a name: fraternity,” he said.

Earlier, on 28 July, when addressing hundreds of thousands of pilgrims in Kraków, he warned youngsters to stop wasting their lives instead of seeking fulfilment.

“It pains me to meet young people who seem to have opted for ‘early retirement’. I worry when I see young people who have ‘thrown in the towel’ before the game has even begun, who are defeated even before they begin to play, who walk around glumly as if life has no meaning. Deep down, young people like this are bored – and boring. But it is also hard, and troubling, to see young people who waste their lives looking for thrills or a feeling of being alive by taking dark paths, and in the end having to pay for it – and pay dearly. It is disturbing to see young people squandering some of the best years of their lives, wasting their energies running after pedlars of fond illusions … who rob you of what is best in you.

“So I ask you: Are you looking for empty thrills in life, or do you want to feel a power that can give you a lasting sense of life and fulfillment? Empty thrills or the power of grace?”

Merciful hearts were “ready to embrace everyone”, said the Pope. “A merciful heart is able to be a place of refuge for those who are without a home or have lost their home; it is able to build a home and a family for those forced to emigrate; it knows the meaning of tenderness and compassion. A merciful heart can share its bread with the hungry and welcome refugees and migrants.”


Terrorism grows when there are no other options, and when the center of the global economy is the god of money and not the person – men and women – this is already the first terrorism! You have cast out the wonder of creation – man and woman – and you have put money in its place. This is a basic terrorism against all of humanity! Think about it!” (Source: guardian.com; Catholicnewsagency.com)

The Dalai Lama

On 27 July 2016 His Holiness the Dalai Lama celebrated his birthday with the following message: “My dear brothers and sisters, I would like to thank you for your greetings and good wishes on the occasion of my 81st birthday. What would make me happier still would be if these good wishes were transformed into a wider sense of warm-heartedness; if people acted more out of a genuine concern for each other’s wellbeing. Simply put, this means: Be of help to others if you can. If you can’t, at least avoid causing harm to others.”


Share International September 2016 images, The Dalai Lama in Ladakh
HH The Dalai Lama in Ladakh photo: The Office of HH the Dalai Lama

Explaining the need for diversity of religions, the Dalai Lama said:

“Different philosophies are necessary. For well over two thousand years, different ways of life developed. Great teachers appeared and taught the message of love. But because of different environment, there were different ways of life. So there are different mental dispositions. Therefore it is necessary to have different philosophical views.”

Different philosophies were simply different methods to bring conviction about the importance of love. Each had their own powerful ways to practise love.

In discussing Islam, His Holiness expressed how he learned from his Muslim friends that the real practice of Islam is the practice of love. A genuine Muslim practitioner must extend his love to all creatures of Allah. Likewise, a genuine Buddhist must extend his love to all sentient beings. Despite different philosophical views, both had the same aim, the same goal.

Touching on conflict within the Muslim community, His Holiness said: “It is very unfortunate to see that in many Muslim countries there is conflict between Shias and Sunnis. This is very sad, especially since religion was the source of this conflict. It is important to remember that Shias and Sunnis are followers of the same Prophet Muhammad. Both study the Koran and pray five times a day. They should put aside their small differences and remember that they are practitioners of the same faith.”

His Holiness pointed out how unfortunate it was these days that many terrorist attacks were being blamed on the Muslim community. He emphasized the need for all of us to change this kind of attitude. There will always be mischievous people in every community, whether Buddhist, Jewish, Christian or Muslim.” (Source: dalailama.com)

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In 2015 Benjamin Creme’s Master wrote a series of articles, quite distinct in content and tone from His previous articles, repeatedly calling attention to the current rapid pace of change and pointing up the powerful forces shaping our world now and in the immediate future. He speaks of difficulties ahead which, ultimately, will be seen as harbingers of positive change.

A Message from Maitreya (31 March 2016) further emphasizes that “the pain will be short-lived” and that “There is aid in abundance to help … through these difficult times.”

Since these articles were first published, the world has entered a period of extremes and uncertainties. Readers may find comfort and insight in these collected articles describing our turbulent times while pointing to the transformation ahead and the establishment of a new dispensation.

Advent of the new

by the Master —, through Benjamin Creme, 8 February 2015

The time immediately ahead will puzzle many, so quick will be the changes, political, economic and social, which will manifest, and so frequently will these changes occur.

For many, anxiety and puzzlement will be the major response. Intrigued or alarmed by the nature and extent of these changes, many will see them as signs of a transforming society, while others will fear and resent the new manifestation. People everywhere will act warily, unsure of the right direction for them to take.

Not for long, however, will men act thus. They will find that it is a truly changing world in which they live, beset with greater challenges to their beliefs and values.

Thus will men begin to establish the new out of the old, and to demonstrate their growing ability to respond to the challenges of the time.

The justice of the law

by the Master —, through Benjamin Creme, 8 March 2015

Men live in a changing world and must accept it as the norm. For some, these changes will seem threatening and unwelcome while for others, especially the young, they will be welcomed with open arms. Be assured that they are for the best, whatever your stance, for they reflect the needs of the time, and are inevitable and just.

Men should realize that they themselves are creating the conditions whereby these changes impact their lives. When this realism bears fruit, a smoother transition into the new time will become the norm.

Our advice to men is this: hold not to blaming unseen forces but realize your own part in creating the transformations of our time. Be assured that out of these transformations will come an ecstatic joy.

Signs of the new

by the Master —, through Benjamin Creme, 11 April 2015

Soon it will become clear to men that signs they look for are appearing. For some these signs will seem inevitable and welcome. For others they will seem like the dissolution of all that they hold dear. In truth, they will be the signs that denote the new, and are but the outer expression of profound changes that are taking place. In time, most will agree that much was wrong in the old world, now quickly passing out, and had to be sacrificed for the better expression of man’s nature and accomplishments.

Soon, therefore, the changes heralded by these signs will alert the keen-eyed of men that we are entering a new dispensation, one of which all can be proud.

A gift from the Highest

by the Master —, through Benjamin Creme, 10 May 2015

Men stand at a point of revelation, which soon will sweep away discordant voices and attitudes. They will know more keenly the meaning and purpose of their existence, and the means by which that knowledge is brought into their awareness. Soon, very soon now men will grow, overnight as it were.

This new knowledge will chasten and surprise many but inspire and enlighten them into a complete adjustment of their understanding. This will give a new value to what they call the meaning and purpose of life. A greater seriousness and a greater joy will permeate their beliefs and actions, and gradually involve them all together in a new dispensation. That time is not far off. The Great Lord is eager to appear and to grace the world by His open, recognized presence.

Have no fear. A new world is in the making, which will restore men’s faith and courage in equal order.

The onslaught of the new

by the Master —, through Benjamin Creme, 16 June 2015

For some people the coming months will feel to be the most difficult they have known, causing them to search for even a glimmer of hope, of respite from forces with which they feel unable to cope.

At the same time, for others, there will be a heightened sense of their ingenuity and creativity, however unreal this may be. All is moving swiftly into the New Age and impress of Aquarius, whatever the ‘reading’ of this event. The impact of this will be powerful indeed.

How then should men respond? Know this as a further step towards the New Time and in doing so await the appearance of the Great Lord. Open the gates of heart and mind and be prepared for the onslaught of the new.

The world is ready

by the Master —, through Benjamin Creme, 7 September 2015

Soon, very soon now, men will realize the power that lies unused in their hands. They will see that they have the ability to change the quality of their lives. They are beginning to understand that freedom, justice and right relationship, one to another, are essential for man’s living. Many are calling for the structures which will ensure the creation of this blessed state.

This makes clear to Maitreya that the world is ready for the new dispensation. Men should, therefore, use the limited time available to make known His presence and so prepare His way.

Welcome to the New Time

by the Master —, through Benjamin Creme, 14 January 2016

Welcome, welcome to the New Time, the New Age of Oneness. Many today are frightened by the onset of the New Age, but let them look carefully at what is happening and they will see the coming together of some of the most gifted exponents of change.

Currently there is in the world a group of wise individuals showing humanity the new situation. Among others, Pope Francis is a unique expression of the people’s ideal, and close to his people. The Dalai Lama, too, is playing a powerful role on behalf of the people he represents.

Never before has such a group of gifted representatives been gathered together at one time to show humanity that all is well, and that men everywhere have little time to wait to see the fulfilment of their dreams. They bless each day that passes and brings their love close to the hearts of men everywhere.

Love them too in return and embrace them in the name of the Coming One. Turn your fears into loving expectation and await the new time in the bliss which is yours by right. It is not long, not long until you see the wonder of His face, until you know the joy of His presence and His love for all. Then you will know why you are in incarnation at this special time.

God bless you and forever banish your fears.

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Benjamin Creme received the following message from Maitreya on 31 March 2016, by a process of mental telepathy.

These days are difficult for many. Even the best and the closest feel the pains of doubt and reservation.

But when I say that I engage with you as one of you before the world, it is the truth.

Likewise when I say that the time is close indeed when all men will recognize My face and respond, it is the truth.

Only the Law bids Me wait a very little time, but within the Law I am verily with you daily, in constant rapport with your needs and the opportunities presented to Myself by you.

Soon humanity as a whole will awaken to My presence and will accept with all willingness the transformation of this, our world.

Remember that we are at the beginning and the end of a civilization, an epic period in the history of the world, and understand thereby that men feel the pain of change.

For some it is a release into freedom. For others it is a loss of surety and calm.

But, My brothers, pain will be short-lived, and already many know this to be so. There is aid in abundance to help you through these difficult times. Accept eagerly this Age and recognize the signs of the new.

Verily, verily, I am with you. Verily, I am among you in many ways.

Judge for yourselves, My brothers, how close you are to My expectations of a new world. This will be a world in which all men are one, in which all men fulfil the joy of creation, and fulfil with love their capacity to show the way to their brothers in simplicity and truth.

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Miracles worldwide

Share International September 2016 images, Benjamin Creme confirms that the object (UFO in Thenon, France) seen in the photograph is a spaceship from Mars.

The photograph was taken in Thenon, Dordogne, France, on 16 July 2016, and sent by T.L. and G.J., from Hilversum, the Netherlands.

(Benjamin Creme confirms that the object seen in the photograph is a spaceship from Mars.)

Share International September 2016 images, Benjamin Creme’s Master confirms that the object is Maitreya’s ‘star’.

Share International September 2016 images, Benjamin Creme’s Master confirms that the object is Maitreya’s ‘star’.

Photographs of Maitreya’s ‘star’ taken between 23 March and 14 April 2016 over Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Photographed and sent by L.S.

(Benjamin Creme’s Master confirms that the object is Maitreya’s ‘star’.)

UK crop circles 2016

Share International September 2016 images, Crop formation, Popham, Hampshire, 27 June 2016

Popham, Hampshire, 27 June 2016

Share International September 2016 images, Crop formation, Calstone Wellington, Wiltshire, 23 July 2016

Calstone Wellington, Wiltshire, 23 July 2016

These two stunning UK crop formations are confirmed by Benjamin Creme’s Master to have been made by spaceships from Mars. Photos © Steve Alexander Information: temporarytemples.co.uk

Statue of Jesus opens and closes its eyes

Share International September 2016 images, Benjamin Creme’s Master confirms that Maitreya has manifested this miracle.

A video taken in a Mexican church shows a statue of Jesus opening and closing its eyes. The video was taken in the Chapel of Saltillo in the Mexican state of Coahuila de Zaragoza in June 2016. It was released by the website Adimensional.com.mx, which researches paranormal phenomena. The website’s owner, Ivan Escamilla, said that over 20 paranormal specialists, as well as priests, sculptors, editors and special effects designers had thoroughly analyzed the video and found no evidence it had been altered. (Source: mirror.co.uk; YouTube: Catholic Online)

(Benjamin Creme’s Master confirms that Maitreya has manifested this miracle.)


Ivory Coast Madonna

Share International September 2016 images, Benjamin Creme’s Master confirms that the image was manifested by a disciple of the Master Jesus.

Share International September 2016 images, Benjamin Creme’s Master confirms that the image was manifested by a disciple of the Master Jesus.

In July 2016, an apparition of the Madonna appeared over the desk of a female employee at the tax office in Daloa, Ivory Coast. (Source: Pierre Saliba, Facebook)

(Benjamin Creme’s Master confirms that the image was manifested by a disciple of the Master Jesus.)


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A gift

Dear Editor,
Nearly 700 people attended the Michiko Ishikawa’s lecture on 28 May 2016 at Cleo Hall in Osaka, Japan.

Our usual advertising agent called two months before the lecture and again one month later saying, “We would like to create your ad from a different perspective that will describe the content of the talk itself... You really need to present your information NOW, so the readers will learn the story, even if they cannot come to the lecture!” he said. “You may think it is too soon. It will take time to create the ad, and I am sure you will realize later that it was good to have created the ad so soon! So let’s create it now!” We gave the agent some information materials such as an introductory pamphlet, Ms Ishikawa’s interview brochure and her 2015 lecture DVD.

The agent called me later to ask what I thought of the ad. He said this quietly and I somehow sensed a different feeling from him than before. “It is straight forward. We wrote everything we wanted to say…” He said this slowly and gently with a penetrating voice. The main title of the ad, Sharing Will Save the World. The power is concentrated here. Then the readers are drawn to read the rest.”

I was impressed that he chose to highlight The World Teacher for All Humanity and The Awakening of Humanity, given the large number of books by Benjamin Creme to choose from. He said, “These two are very timely books. These are the books to be presented at this time. They contain everything you want to communicate.”

The full page ad was accepted by the newspaper (Sankei Shimbun) and published on 30 April in the Osaka area. We used the same ad for the edition published in Tokyo and other areas, which would include Ms Ishikawa’s lecture information for Tokyo and Nagoya.

Share International co-workers in Japan requested copies of the ad and donations were received from all over Japan. A total of 700,000 copies were printed and distributed throughout Japan in addition to the newspapers themselves. At Ms Ishikawa’s lectures, she mentioned the availability of copies of the ad and audiences took so many copies that the local groups ran out quickly at every lecture site.

Did we receive help from a Master?

M.U., Shiga-ken, Japan

(Benjamin Creme’s Master confirms that the group in Japan was given a gift of Hierarchical help.)

Share International September 2016 images, Benjamin Creme’s Master confirms that the group in Japan was given a gift of Hierarchical help.

“SHARING WILL SAVE THE WORLD” is the headline of this wide-ranging advertisement (see letter by M.U.); it is followed by a section which emphasises that this is a message of hope: “Creme says that ‘the future of humanity is bright’”, as it introduces information about Maitreya’s emergence.

The section “Humanity must totally abolish war” deals with Maitreya’s priorities for a transformed world, while warning of the danger of nuclear weapons and radiation.

This comprehensive advert also highlights two of Benjamin Creme’s books: “These books will change you and the world –” (The World Teacher for all Humanity and The Awakening of Humanity).

Dear Editor,
At Michiko Ishikawa’s Lecture in Tokyo on 21 May 2016, I was working at the table for Maitreya’s ‘hand’ cards and Benjamin Creme’s lithograph display. Before the lecture an elderly gentleman wearing a white jacket, black trousers and glasses came to the table: he had attended Ms. Ishikawa’s lecture in Nakano, Tokyo last year. He said that he heard the story for the first time and could not understand it well, but it was good and that he was moved to tears. He said he was given Maitreya’s ‘hand’ card at that time, and since then he had been asking for a good health. There were other visitors and I had to take care of both of them. The lecture started and the old gentleman went back to the hall.

During the break after the lecture the gentleman came back to my table and said, “I am here again. I could understand the talk well listening again today. I didn’t shed tears, but it was really good. This is ‘Makoto (Truth)’, isn’t it? It is the truth”. I was impressed with the word ‘Makoto’(truth). Then, he said to me, “If you ask Maitreya’s hand card for help when will your request be fulfilled?” I replied that I didn’t know, but that help will certainly be given according to the karma of that person even if it isn’t exactly what he or she expects. The gentleman said, “Is that so? Your cheerfulness is good. Tell me just one of your wishes”. I had never been asked such a question so I was hesitant for a moment. Then I answered, “It is Maitreya’s Day of Declaration”. He asked again, “What do you do for that?” and I said, “I do activities like this”. Then he said, “You are a fortunate person”. Soon after that he left.

While I was talking with this gentleman, there were other visitors and I had to take care of them at the same time. So, didn’t think anything of my conversation with the gentleman but, as time went by, the exchange with him became more vivid in my mind. He was a gentle-mannered, noble person.

Was he simply one of the visitors?

M.M., Kesennuma, Japan.

(Benjamin Creme’s Master confirms that the gentleman was working for the Master Jesus.)


Caring is sharing

Dear Editor,
Early on 3 July we set up our annual stand at the Roots Festival.

We usually stand in front of the stall to read the material to attract people to the stand and while I was doing this a youngish middle-aged couple came to our stall. The clothes they wore were so old-fashioned and the woman wore a self-made “Paddington Bear” sort of paper hat of the most unusual shape.

And I thought, “It’s Them!”

The man said out loud “Maitreya”, and pointing to the reading material on the table said, “I follow closely everything He does.”

He focused particularly on our large banner “Sharing = Justice = Peace”, and said, “If you really care you share.” He went on to talk about people power and how it is a logical and natural next step – if you care you will get out onto the streets and demand change to bring about that justice and peace. We all agreed wholeheartedly about that. We said we would keep that saying.

Dwayne and the man had quite a formal conversation; they shook hands before the conversation and then they both looked at our display of miracles photos.

After a while, the couple left happily; the lady shook my hand and said that her name was Sophie. The feeling was that of instant joy! And her eyes were indescribable, as if to say in the gentlest way: “It is all very well what you are doing, but you could say more about the subject.” Subtle and extremely gentle. Were they the famous couple?

A.A. and D.A., Amsterdam Transmission Group, the Netherlands.

(Benjamin Creme’s Master confirms that the gentleman was Maitreya, and “Sophie” was also Maitreya.)


“Divine intervention”

Dear Editor,
As we stood waiting at a bus-stop in a very busy part of London on 5 August we saw a dishevelled alcoholic – an elderly woman wearing filthy clothes and only one shoe. She had a walking frame and seemed quite determined to cross the road, between the buses. She launched herself off the pavement into the traffic but as she did so a young man tried to persuade her to cross at the nearby traffic lights, to no avail. So he stepped out into road, stopped the traffic and helped her. As he came back he began talking to us, speaking with a slight London accent. “It’s not right. It’s not right; she needs care.”

So began our conversation with him. We all agreed that there’s enough money in the UK and in the world to help all the needy people out of such poverty, misery and neglect. All three of us spoke of the need for justice, for sharing, of the urgent need for change. “Change is coming, soon,” he said. We agreed. Then he said “Divine intervention, that’s the only thing that will save us now. Divine intervention, that’s what we need now we’re up against it.” We agreed again and said “It’s coming soon, we know. We’re sure of it.” He repeated it. He said he kept telling everyone, his friends, but they were too deeply involved in their mobile phones – not that he was against technology, it was good, but people are too busy, too distracted.

We said the way things are set up doesn’t work for most people, it only benefits the rich. He replied that even some rich people are beginning to see that things need to change.

“Yea, but Divine intervention is coming soon. Change is coming,” he repeated. Again, we echoed what he was saying, to which he replied, “I just hope we’re in the right place at the right time when it comes.”

Our bus arrived; just then he apparently received a call on his mobile phone! He said goodbye, “God bless you.” He was a lovely young man, light, joyful, “dancey”, he had an intelligent face and beautiful eyes.

Was he a spokesperson?

J.C. and F.E., Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

(Benjamin Creme’s Master confirms that He was Maitreya in a guise.)


“Hasta la vista, babe!”

Dear Editor,
After months of having to deal with health issues and other concerns, I was very glad when a few days ago, on 9 May 2016, the sun was shining brilliantly bright in the skies. I decided to take a short break from working at my desk, take advantage of the beautiful weather, go for a little walk, and do some grocery shopping. I was again not feeling so well, feeling low. While I was walking, a friend of mine called and told me of a recent encounter she had experienced, a day before her birthday. I felt deeply moved by this. After we had finished with our conversation, I realised that I had already passed the healthfood store where I was going to do my shopping; so I turned around. Now, about two, three steps ahead of me was an older gentleman who was carrying a rolled up plastic bag tucked under his right arm. He was dressed very simply, and while walking behind him, I kept looking at his black coloured jacket and light grey trousers.

All of a sudden, he turned around, looking directly at me and started talking to me. I had almost walked into him. He laughed, and with very soft, loving eyes, he said how beautiful the day was, pointing upward towards the sun, and the blue sky: all the people who were now enjoying themselves, in their free time in the nearby English Garden – and tomorrow, one could read about it in the newspaper. He carried on talking about a number of other things, which I no longer remember as he was talking quite fast, with an exuberant stream of words seeming to come out of him. He radiated such joy and cheerful light-heartedness, which was truly beautiful to experience. Perhaps, it was altogether not too relevant what exactly he was saying because it was the moment and experience of this easy and cheerful encounter which I so much enjoyed. I was saying something agreeable in response that we were very fortunate to be able to experience this beautiful day.

After saying goodbye to each other, we both left in different directions. After a few steps, I turned around to see him once more as this experience seemed rather peculiar to me. Just at that very moment, he also turned around, at the same time. Waving towards me, and with a playful-pretend voice, he was calling: “Hasta la vista, babe!” Then, elegantly, he bowed in front of me. And then, as if this was not enough, he was kneeling on the footpath and blew a kiss towards me.

Was this joyful, older gentleman someone special?

A.B., Munich, Germany.

(Benjamin Creme’s Master confirms that “the older gentleman” was Maitreya.)



Dear Editor,
It was a couple of years back in Berlin in a mall with my husband and son. We were just standing on a walkway bridge, looking around, when on the other end of the bridge a young man stood and smiled charmingly at me. The smile was directed perfectly to me and what a smile! I’ve never experienced something like that before.

I turned my head away just for a second and then back at this young man, but he was nowhere to be seen. I couldn’t believe it, surely I would have seen him leave. I would be grateful if I might get an explanation through you.

A.P., Wuppertal, Germany.

(Benjamin Creme’s Master confirms that the young man was a Master – not one of the well-known Masters.)


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The Fertile Ground of Bewilderment

by Charles Eisenstein

A summary by Elisa Graf

Turn on the news today and one is faced with a seemingly endless spectacle of shocks and surprises, from the unexpected outcome of the UK’s Brexit referendum, to the meteoric rise of extremist politicians like Donald Trump around the globe. It might seem that we are heading in the wrong direction, one of increasing political divisiveness, social desperation and conflict. In his recent essay The Fertile Ground of Bewilderment, Charles Eisenstein suggests: “Something is different this time.” He writes: “The Brexit vote marks a rare moment of discontinuity, when the usual normalizing narratives falter and a society experiences a fertile and frightening moment of bewilderment.”

That moment, he suggests, “of stumbling, of humility, is precious”.

Eisenstein posits that Brexit and the greater collapses it foreshadows are so potent, because they show that perhaps our politicians and the established systems that we depend upon don’t have all the answers. Politics need to be enacted “from a different place”. Eisenstein writes: “Our political reflexes are conditioned by a story that is deeper than politics. If we want to produce something other than endless variations of the same result, we have to transcend the customary terms of discourse and examine the false truisms that become transparent only when things fall apart.”

In order to do this, we must examine the assumed narratives that underlie our conventional political discourse. At their root lies what Eisenstein calls “the Story of Separation, that holds us as discrete, separate individuals in a world of other, in opposition to random forces and arbitrary events of nature, and in competition with the rest of life”. Through the news and entertainment media, we’re immersed in this outlook, which he calls “fundamentally the mindset of war, in which progress consists in defeating the enemy”, whatever political party, religious belief, race, sex or social class is the identified target. This leads us to a dangerously oversimplified analysis of the issues we face. Eisenstein cautions that to blame “the Leave vote (and Trump, and all the xenophobic know-nothing parties) on ignorance and unenlightened attitudes … is to disregard the deep economic and social stressors that fuel both anti-EU sentiment and resentment toward immigrants.”

“In other words,” writes Eisenstein, “the middle-aged white Brexit or Trump supporter has legitimate grievances that cannot be dismissed as white entitlement just because things are even worse for people of color. If they feel betrayed by the system, it is because they have been. Look around at the world. We can do much better than this. Everybody knows it. We don’t agree on what to do, but more and more of us have lost faith in the system and its stewards. When right-wing populists blame our problems on dark-skinned people or immigrants, the response they arouse draws its power from real and justifiable dissatisfaction. Racism is its symptom, not its cause.”

According to Eisenstein, neoliberal capitalism also sources its power from this story, as “It depends on the idealization of competition, encoded in ‘free markets,’ as a law of nature and primary driver of progress; on the sanctity of private property (which is a primal form of domination) and, most of all, on exercising control over others through the creation and enforcement of debt…. [It] is, perhaps, Separation’s culminating expression, threatening as it does the ecological basis of human existence.” Most importantly, he notes that change in our selves and our institutions cannot come “without letting go of that story in all its dimensions”.

He encourages us to step “outside the usual polarizing discourses in which both sides play the game of find-the-enemy”, and instead engage, with sincerity, in a basic inquiry, what he calls “the essence of compassion”. Abiding in a state of “openness and curiosity” we must pursue the question of those we demonize: “What is it like to be you?”

Noting the bewilderment caused by the Brexit referendum results, which “has prompted many in Britain to ask, perhaps with some anguish, ‘Who are we?’” Eisenstein writes that now is the time to ask this in earnest. “What kind of England do you want? Is it one where the forces of racism are suppressed and politically defeated? Or is it one in which the source of racism has been healed? If we want the latter, we have to recognize the conditions that cause it.”

(To read the full essay, go to: charleseisenstein.net)


The Peace Troubadour

Interview with James Twyman

by Jason Francis

James Twyman is an American musician known around the world as the ‘Peace Troubadour’. He has recorded 18 musical albums, authored 15 books, and produced or directed six films. Twyman travels to countries in the midst of conflict to share prayers of peace from the world’s religions and take part in synchronized global meditations for peace, which he organizes. Jason Francis interviewed James Twyman for Share International.

Share International September 2016 images, James Twyman
James Twyman is the ‘Peace Troubadour’

A fateful decision

Share International: What started you on your journey of being an emissary for peace?

James Twyman: In March 1994 a friend gave me a sheet of paper that changed my life. This piece of paper had the Peace Prayers from the 12 major world religions on it. These prayers had been prayed in Assisi, Italy, a few years before when the leaders of the world’s religions, including the Pope and the Dalai Lama, went there to pray together. Each one prayed the Peace Prayer from their religion.

As I read each prayer, I had this amazing experience that I’ve never had since: I heard the music. I read the Hindu prayer and heard the music and played along. I began reading the Buddhist prayer and it was the same thing. One after another I would read the prayers and play them. Within an hour I had put all 12 of the prayers to music. I knew it was a gift I was meant to share. From that moment on I decided, “I am the Peace Troubadour”. At first I was this penniless troubadour traveling around and performing concerts where I would share the prayers.

In 1995 I had a sense that I should go to where peace is most needed. So I got myself invited to Croatia and Bosnia during the war and performed in refugee camps and other places. It was amazing. At one point I was invited up into the mountains along the border of Bosnia and Croatia. I was told there was a secret society or community of light workers there called the Emissaries of Light. They lived in a very reclusive place in the middle of the woods where I spent 12 days. I wrote about the experience in my book, Emissary of Light.

From that point on I started getting invited to countries including Iraq, Northern Ireland, South Africa and, most recently, Syria, and going to other countries where I continued doing the Peace Concert. At the very center of it all for me has always been a desire to share this message of peace and especially to bring people together. After a while that was the focus – to sponsor worldwide meditations where people would focus their prayers of peace on a situation while I was in that country. Now that is my only focus – doing the work of the Peace Troubadour.

Divine encounter

SI: In September 1999 Share International reprinted a published report about your encounters with the Madonna in Belgrade, Medjugorje and the Brazde refugee camp around that time. Could you talk about those encounters and the effect they had on your life?

JT: It was the third time I’d been back to the Balkans. I remember feeling this mystical call to go back because it was when the Serbian people were rising up against their government and demanding a peaceful solution to the conflict. I just wanted to be part of it.

While I was in Belgrade I met a young woman named Maria on the streets during the peace marches. I knew there was something remarkable about her. About a week later I traveled to a town called Medjugorje, which is a famous place where seven children had been having apparitions of the Blessed Mother for many years. I went there to plant a Peace Pole on a hill. While I was on this hill in a very secluded area, coming down the path, there was the woman I had seen on the streets of Belgrade. It was literally impossible that she could be the same person in an ordinary way because the woman I met in Belgrade was clearly, or at least I thought, Serbian. And a Serbian would not be welcome in the Bosnia and Herzegovina area where I was. So I knew something was happening. And I was already accustomed to having these fantastic experiences whenever I was in that area.

The conversation that I had with her was all about the importance of the Divine Feminine and the role of the Divine Feminine in bringing about peace on Earth. I realized that this young woman was not just an ordinary young woman, even though she looked very ordinary. She was very beautiful. She wore jeans and a blouse just like any other ordinary person, but there was something about her that made me realize that I was in the midst of one of those experiences again. I wrote about this experience in my book, The Secret of the Beloved Disciple. For me that was really the awakening of the Divine Feminine influence in my life, which has been a huge part of my life ever since.

People power

SI: Could you tell us about the World Synchronized Meditation?

JT: In 1998 I was on a book tour in London. At the time, the US and its allies were getting ready to begin a bombing campaign against the Iraqis, and Saddam Hussein was causing trouble. I received a note to come to Iraq at the personal invitation of Saddam Hussein. I was obviously very excited and a little nervous, but I knew this was something I had to do.

A friend of mine, actually my agent, happened to have about 300 people on her email list. We knew what time the concert was going to be in Baghdad. So she sent out an email to people we knew, asking them to pray or focus their positive intentions onto that situation. At that time, there didn’t seem to be any possibility of a peaceful solution. However, we sent out the email and it went viral, which I didn’t know at the time. It was one of the first examples of an email that’s widely passed around. By the time I did that concert there were millions of people who were aware of it and sending their energy and prayers. It really felt like it was raining positive energy.

As I said, there had been no possibility of a peaceful solution before this, but we felt like something had changed after the vigil. Kofi Annan, the UN Secretary-General, arrived the next day. Three days after the vigil a peace accord was signed. At least at that time no one died and no bombs fell. That was when I realized there is power in massive numbers of people joining together and focusing their intention on a situation. There have been studies done before and since that have demonstrated this power.

From that point on this became something I wanted to do more and more – inspire people to come together and share their positive intentions for a given situation. And there were many more vigils. The most recent was when I went to the border of Syria in February 2016 to do a major vigil. There were an enormous number of people who participated.*

Now I plan to go somewhere each month to focus a prayer vigil. I find that people are looking for something consistent, not just something that happens every six months or couple of years. People want to be consistently part of a solution, to feel empowered, that there is something they can be doing – like giving 15 minutes of their time once a month to focus on a world crisis or situation that needs our attention. I think next year is going to be a big year for these prayer vigils. It will demonstrate that it is not only a powerful force when people come together in massive numbers and focus their attention, but I believe, the most powerful force in the universe.

SI: Could you tell us about the miracles that have occurred as a result of the meditations?

JT: In almost every situation something has happened to show us this is a real phenomenon. In addition to Iraq, which I mentioned, the most recent example was in Syria. The tragedy of Syria’s civil war had been going on for three years at that point. Certainly there didn’t seem to be any hope of a shift. However, a week after millions of people joined their prayers of peace and meditation, focusing in that positive way, the peace negotiations started in Munich. I’m not taking responsibility for these things, but I do believe there is a tangible energy that is created when we focus in a positive way on a situation.

The choice before us

SI: What is your view on sharing the world’s food and resources equitably among all the world’s people to create the justice needed as a basis for world peace?

JT: Whenever we talk about sharing food and water or the cessation of violence, there is a consciousness shift that has to take place. We live in an interesting time when we have voices like Bernie Sanders in the US who is inspiring a positive shift, calling for greater economic equality. At the same time we also have the exact opposite. We have a voice like Donald Trump’s who is playing off the fear, prejudice and hatred that many people feel. The fact that we have both of these voices at the same time shows us that we are in the midst of an important opportunity. We have a clear choice in front of us. Ultimately, the choice is: do we want to choose love or fear? There is a mobilization in one direction or another, but we know love must win in the end. More and more of us have turned the corner and realize that love is the only clear choice because to choose fear means we really choose nothing at all.

This consciousness change taking place ultimately leads to a solution that we may not be able to imagine or understand but we can feel happening. Something is shifting at the very core of who we are individually and collectively. The problem is not food, water and wealth. The problem is how we think about these things. The fact that we have such a clear choice right now to decide whether we want to choose love or fear means that a new solution is around the corner. And when that consciousness changes, those problems take care of themselves.

For more information: worldpeacepulse.com

* In response to a question in the March 2016 issue of Share International, Benjamin Creme said the World Synchronized Meditation in Syria was supported by the Spiritual Hierarchy of Masters.

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In the words of a Master of Wisdom: “Apart from war, nothing so profoundly affects the future of all men as much as pollution. Some countries have recognised this fact and have taken some steps to limit pollution and global warming. Others, sometimes the chief polluters, deny the reality of global warming despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Daily, now, the climatic changes prove beyond doubt that the planet is sick and needs immediate and skilful care to re-establish equilibrium. Time is running out for men to halt the transformation which is being daily wrought on planet Earth. Every man, woman and child must play their part in the task. Time is, verily, running out. S.O.P. Save Our Planet!” (Source: ‘S.O.P. — Save Our Planet!’ by the Master —, through Benjamin Creme, 8 September 2012)

Gleaning movement

Now in Spain the ‘gleaning movement’ has begun. Gleaning is that act of collecting left-over crops from farmers’ fields after they have been commercially harvested. Gleaning has a long tradition in rural Spain associated with dignity of the poor and communal food preparation, but the onset of austerity sparked a revival born of necessity. Advocates of the new gleaning movement say that its collection could reduce pressure on land use, improve diets, feed the hungry and provide work for the socially excluded.

For now, most of its recovered foods go to food banks, but the Espigoladors’ social enterprise has launched an “Es Imperfect” (it’s imperfect) brand of jams, soups and sauces made from recovered produce. Another outcome of the gleaning project has been “I’m imperfect too”, an advertising campaign which challenges conventional ideas of food and beauty, by using photos of ordinary people holding painted fruit. The idea was to change misconceptions about browned, soft or unusually-shaped fruit and vegetables being any less tasty.

Arnau Garcia, a council co-ordinator for the food bank said: “Espigoladors is so important to us because they take their vegetables directly from the field. The people who come here often don’t have very structured lives and do not put a value on vegetables. But we think that it is very important and put a high priority on it.” Food bank users who glean are allowed to take home a crate of whatever they have picked. The green bib uniformswere introduced after stealing by some food bank users caused problems with the local farmers.

Americans throw away almost as much food as they eat because of a “cult of perfection”, deepening hunger and poverty, and inflicting a heavy toll on the environment. Vast quantities of fresh produce grown in the US are left in the field to rot, fed to livestock or hauled directly from the field to landfill. “It’s all about blemish-free produce,” says Jay Johnson, who ships fresh fruit and vegetables from North Carolina and central Florida. “What happens in our business today is that it is either perfect, or it gets rejected. It is perfect to them, or they turn it down. And then you are stuck.” Produce is lost in fields, warehouses, packaging, distribution, supermarkets, restaurants and fridges. By one government tally, about 60 million tonnes of produce worth about $160 billion (£119 billion) is wasted by retailers and consumers every year – one third of all foodstuffs. (Source: theguardian.com; imdb.com; feedbackglobal.org)

Ozone layer is healing, scientists say

The ozone layer of Earth’s atmosphere is beginning to heal from the effects of man-made chemicals, scientists say, thanks to an international environmental treaty signed almost 30 years ago.

The ozone layer, which protects the planet’s surface from harmful radiation, is recovering from the effects of ozone-depleting chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). Authors of a study published in the journal Science attribute the recovery to the Montreal Protocol, an agreement signed by every member of the United Nations in 1987. The treaty phased out the use of CFCs, which were commonly utilized in aerosols and refrigerants.

The study found that the huge hole in the ozone layer above Antarctica appears to be healing. The size of the ozone hole has shrunk, on average, by about 1.5 million square miles since 2000.

Researchers said that the phase-out of CFCs means that the ozone layer is “expected to recover in response, albeit very slowly”. CFCs can remain in the atmosphere for over 50 years, so the ozone hole will not be considered completely healed until 2050 or 2060.

The Montreal Protocol was signed amidst concern among scientists that continued ozone depletion could cause serious health and environmental harm, including increasing skin cancer, eye damage and damage to crops. The UN estimates that 2 million cases of skin cancer per year have been avoided through the phase-out of CFCs.

Susan Solomon, professor of atmospheric chemistry and climate science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and a co-author of the study, said she was hopeful the eradication of CFCs would be followed by strong international action to prevent the worst consequences of climate change.

“Obviously the economics of global warming are different because the fossil fuel industry is worth a lot more in dollars than the companies making these chemicals,” she said. “But there are important parallels. It was amazing to see how quickly innovation solved the problem with CFCs so we got rid of them yet still have hair spray and air conditioning. We’re starting to see the same thing with global warming. We should look at the ozone problem and realize that nations can get together and come up with solutions.” (Source: theguardian.com; huffingtonpost.com)

Volunteers plant nearly 50 million trees in 24 hours

More than 800,000 volunteers throughout India’s state of Uttar Pradesh planted 49.3 million trees in a 24-hour period, breaking a world record. The Uttar Pradesh government distributed the tree saplings across the state to help increase forest cover and to break the Guinness World Record for the number of trees planted in 24 hours – which was set by Pakistan in 2013 with 847,275 trees.

Students, lawmakers, government officials, members of nonprofit groups and other volunteers planted trees at designated places along roads, rail tracks and in forested areas. The sites where the saplings have been planted will be checked regularly through aerial photography to monitor the status of the trees, according to a state forestry official.

Uttar Pradesh’s Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav said this record-breaking effort would help spread awareness and enthusiasm about afforestation and conservation. “The world has realized that serious efforts are needed to reduce carbon emissions to mitigate the effects of global climate change,” Yadav said. “Uttar Pradesh has made a beginning in this regard.”

The Indian government has set aside more than $6.2 billion for tree-planting efforts throughout the country, and is encouraging all states to follow in the footsteps of Uttar Pradesh. India has pledged to increase its forest cover to 235 million acres by the year 2030. (Source: ecowatch.com; huffingtonpost.com; popsci.com)

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